Chapter 279: The Passing of A Woman (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 279: The Passing of A Woman (2)

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On the day that Chu Lian had departed for the north, the Ying Estate was bustling with noise and excitement. Early in the morning, the Ying Estate had opened its doors and begun welcoming guests at the main entrance. Even the manservants and retainers guarding the doors were all wearing new uniforms.

By holding his appreciation banquet at the Ying Estate, Xiao Bojian had lifted the declining House Ying into a position of fame once more.

House Ying had never been so lively, even during weddings.

When it was close to 11am and most of the guests had arrived, everyone gathered in the main hall to greet Old Duke Ying and present their gifts.

Within a study in the outer court of the Ying Estate, Xiao Bojian had already changed into a brocade robe. He was wearing a white jade crown on his head. There was no trace of his usual gloom in his narrow, slanted eyes. Instead, they appeared energetic and full of life.

He was currently standing at the top position amongst his peers, looking down upon them from a metaphorical mountain. No wonder he seemed to be in a great mood and in high spirits.

Xiao Bojian straightened a ribbon tied to his belt. He placed that lucky jade amulet with great care into the purse tied around his waist. Before he slipped it in, he even rubbed it affectionately.

By the time he had finished preparing himself, One had entered the study after knocking on the door.

One stood right next to him with his head lowered, silent and not daring to meet his eyes.

In his happiness, Xiao Bojian didn't notice One's mood and immediately asked, "Has she come?"

One stiffened. He hesitated before gritting his teeth and pretending to be muddled as he asked, "Who does Master mean by 'she'?"

Xiao Bojian's originally high mood sunk into a gloomy low. His gaze was as sharp as a knife as he turned it on One. "One, don't play stupid with me. Where's Lian'er!"

One knew he couldn't hide the truth any longer. In the face of his master’s dissatisfaction, he could only reply, "Honoured Lady Jinyi didn't come today. The matriarch of House Jing'an only sent a servant carrying gifts."


The air around Xiao Bojian turned frighteningly stiff and cold. "How could that be? I even got Second Master to send an invite. Why wouldn't Lian'er come?" It was his appreciation banquet today, and it was even being held at the Ying Estate!

One didn't dare to hide anything from Xiao Bojian in his current state. "Master, it's not that Honoured Lady Jinyi wasn't willing to come. Honoured Lady Jinyi has gone off to the northern border!"

The northern border!

It was as if a bolt had struck Xiao Bojian's head out of the blue.

Right after getting the top rank out of all the scholars this year, the Emperor had summoned him for a meeting. Following that, he had to attend a banquet held in celebration of the top few scholars, and that involved socialising with the others... He hadn't been able to pay attention to Chu Lian's activities for the past few days. Who could have known that she had gone off to the north while he was still waiting to meet her again!

Xiao Bojian knew that war had broken out in the northern border. However, he had just been recognised as one of the literati; he couldn't interfere with politics yet. After getting an official post, he still had to stay in the Imperial Academy and continue studying. These weren't things within his control. Actually, he had even been a little happy over the news of the war in the north. He Changdi was in the north. If the war didn't go well and He Changdi just dropped dead, then no one would fight him for Lian'er!

He completely hadn't expected Chu Lian to go to the north herself!

She would rather risk her life to search for a heartless husband than come and see a lover completely besotted with her!

Xiao Bojian's earlier good mood had dissipated by now. His hands curled into fists. "Tell me! When did Lian'er leave?"

One kept his head lowered as he replied, "Replying to Master, Honoured Lady Jinyi left early this morning."

Xiao Bojian could no longer hold back his rage. He slammed the table with his hand, turning his fair palm red. However, that was already beyond his caring. "Send some men to chase after her! Even if you have to kidnap her, you have to bring Lian'er back for me!"

One immediately sucked in his breath in surprise. He quickly tried to stop his master. "Master, you can't! Honoured Lady Jinyi has Prince Jin's men with her. She's going to the north to support the northern border troops with the Empress Dowager's imperial edict. If we stick our hands in this and get discovered, then all our previous efforts will be wasted!"

Xiao Bojian bit his lip forcefully. Finally, he swept all the things on the table to the floor. In a short instant, the study had turned into a mess.

One stood in the corner, not daring to move, trying his best to reduce his presence. After a long moment of silence, Xiao Bojian ordered, "Send some men to follow her, and don't alert the enemy..."

When One heard this order, he made a cupped fist salute and quickly left the messy scene.

Xiao Bojian collapsed dejectedly into a chair behind the desk. His originally effeminate face was twisted into a ruthless yet pained expression. He looked like a blood-sucking demon who had crawled out of the depths of hell.

A voice was screaming in his heart, 'Lian'er! How could you abandon me and choose him instead?!'

Were all those feelings that they had shared... just lies?!

When he thought of how Chu Lian would be reunited with He Changdi like a pair of lovebirds in the north, the pain in Xiao Bojian's heart was indescribable.

One of his hands was still tightly curled around the purse containing the lucky jade amulet.

He swore secretly in his heart that one day, he would make Chu Lian regret her choice and beg for the chance to return to his side!

If Chu Lian were to find out what Xiao Bojian was thinking right now, she would surely roll her eyes and lament at how the men around her were all crazy lunatics.

The team headed to the north travelled as quickly as they could, in order to reach the northern border at the earliest possible moment to find out as much as they could about the situation.

This time, the commander of the private soldiers who had come along with Chu Lian was an old subordinate of Old Count Jing’an. He was over forty years old now and skilled in martial arts. When he was younger, he had trained in the army for over twenty years. It was only after Old Count Jing'an's death on the battlefields that he had finally returned to the capital to become one of House Jing'an's private soldiers.

This old subordinate was called Mo Chenggui. Even in front of Count Jing'an, he was someone who enjoyed a fair amount of prestige.

For this mission, he would be the one to take over the command at critical moments.

House Jing'an's private soldiers didn't normally live in the Jing'an Estate. They would take shifts to guard the estate, but most of them lived in a village on the outskirts of the capital.

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