Chapter 273: Preparations (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 273: Preparations (2)

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A moment later, Wenlan had actually changed into appropriate clothing and began to follow her on her jog.

Chu Lian couldn't understand what she was doing. She shot a questioning look at the silly girl.

Wenlan pursed her lips before replying, "Third Young Madam, this servant will accompany you."

Chu Lian smiled and nodded.

When she felt that she had reached her limit, Chu Lian gradually slowed down and let Wenlan help her into the gym.

Eventually, Wenlan’s curiosity got the best of her. "Third Young Madam, why did you suddenly think of jogging? Are you thinking of learning kungfu?"

Chu Lian was taken aback. She took a moist towel from Xiyan to wipe the sweat on her forehead before turning to Wenlan. Initially, Chu Lian shook her head, but then she changed her mind and nodded instead. In the end, she could only verbally explain, "I'm only thinking of learning some basic moves to keep my body healthy and defend myself."

Chu Lian's thoughts were usually out of the norm anyway, so Wenlan didn't think much of it. She paused before offering, "Since Third Young Madam has such intentions, would Third Young Madam like this servant to teach you a few self-defence moves?"

Chu Lian wanted to slap her leg in realisation. Aiyah, how could she have forgotten that Wenqing and Wenlan knew martial arts? Although she had learned a few self-defence moves in the modern world, how could that compare to Wenqing and Wenlan's actual skills? With them as her teachers, although she might not be able to take on five people at once, she might at least have some ability to defend herself against some ruffians if needed.

Thus, the period when Chu Lian normally went to visit Matriarch He was converted into morning practice.

This continued on for quite a few days. Chu Lian would get up early in the morning before dawn and eat something light before jogging around her courtyard. Next, she would learn some basic moves from Wenqing and Wenlan in the gym. An hour later, she would have her breakfast before going to visit Matriarch He at Qingxi Hall.

Every day, a guard from Prince Jin's Estate would come to the Jing'an Estate to report some news about the northern border.

As Matriarch He's expression turned ever more serious, He Changqi was out from dawn till dusk, listening for more information about the war.

The court was still at a loss for what to do.

Finally, the day came when Matriarch He could no longer sit still and do nothing. She patted Chu Lian's hand and ordered Senior Servant Zhou to summon He Changqi.

Chu Lian observed her expression. Her eyes darted about in thought before she finally said, "Grandmother, are you thinking of sending Eldest Brother to the northern border?"

Matriarch He turned to look at Chu Lian in surprise. She hesitated for a moment before showing a bitter smile. "So Lian'er has come to the same conclusion as Grandmother. The court hasn't been able to think of a solution, but our He Family can't just sit back and do nothing. As long as there's still a shred of hope, I won't give up. Sanlang... Sanlang's still so young! He's only twenty!"

There were already far too few descendants of House Jing'an. They had been succeeded by a single son generation after generation, and it wasn't until He Changdi's generation that they had finally gotten three male descendants. It was already a huge regret that Old Count Jing'an had died on the battlefield.

Now, other than Dalang, the other sons were all in the military somehow. Sanlang had just gotten married not too long ago and he didn't have any sons to carry on his branch! How could Matriarch He bear to see that child sacrifice himself just like that?

Matriarch He's old eyes turned red and teary. Chu Lian gulped before saying, "Grandmother, let me go to the northern border!"

The matriarch's tears hadn't even dripped out of her eyes yet; she was instantly frightened by Chu Lian's words. As she stared at Chu Lian in shock, she said, "Sanlang's wife, what are you saying?"

Chu Lian looked at Matriarch He earnestly. Her almond-shaped eyes were shining brightly like the stars in the sky, filled with an indomitable spirit. She repeated her words once more. "Grandmother, let me go to the northern border. There's no better choice. Eldest Brother has to take care of the estate and he can't leave the capital. Furthermore, he has a job at court to do. My two nieces are still young, too. The men of our house are all out, so Eldest Brother can't leave now."

It was only now that Matriarch He realised that Chu Lian was serious. She couldn't react for a moment before she reached out to grasp Chu Lian's hand, and in a heavy tone, she said, "You can't! How can we let a young girl like you go off to a wasteland like the northern border?"

Chu Lian had already expected Matriarch He's protest. She replied with as gentle a tone as she could muster. "Grandmother, you're an exceptional woman yourself. Didn't you follow Grandfather to Xinjiang when you were younger? You're the one who knows the best how we women aren't any less capable than the men! When the time comes, we can hold up our half of the sky! Furthermore, we're not the ones who can decide whether Eldest Brother can leave the capital or not; it's the Emperor!"

Although Matriarch He hadn't been born into a military family, after getting married to Old Count Jing'an, she had followed him to the border at Xinjiang.

Chu Lian had heard her mother-in-law Countess Jing'an mention that Matriarch He had been extremely clever when she was younger and that she had been Old Count Jing'an's little strategist. Many times, when they had been fighting to death with the Xinjiang people, it was thanks to Matriarch He's schemes that Old Count Jing'an had achieved victory by the skin of his teeth.

Chu Lian's words reminded Matriarch He of one thing.

The sons of the He Family were all stationed out of the estate. He Dalang hadn't taken a post in the capital purely out of consideration for the He Family's next generation; it was mostly due to the Emperor's wishes.

Count Jing'an was a general defending one of the country's borders and there was a law that stated that father and son couldn't be in the same army. If He Dalang wanted to succeed the family title and responsibilities, he would have to wait for Count Jing'an to retire from Mingzhou. Furthermore, as the eldest son, the main reason that He Changqi had stayed behind in the capital was to act as a hostage to keep the Emperor reassured of their family's loyalty.

Since He Dalang had such a status, how could he leave the capital?

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