Chapter 270: War at the Northern Border (1

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 270: War at the Northern Border (1)

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"If you want to cure Madam's illness once and for all, you need a single medicinal ingredient. However, this ingredient only grows in the high mountains of the extreme north..."

The medicinal ingredient that Great Doctor Miao needed was a type of alpine flower. It was also one of the rarest alpine flowers and was called 'Snow Mountain Mists'. It grew only on the peaks of snow-capped mountains and would only bloom at the coldest times of the year. After blooming, it would wither away in just two to three days. To be able to use it in medicine, the flower had to be picked right before it withered, otherwise it would lose all its worth as a medicinal ingredient.

It was known to grow in the border between the Great Wu Dynasty and the Tuhuns' territory- Mount Ah-Ming.

In another three months, it would be time for the 'Snow Mountain Mists' on Mount Ah-Ming to bloom.

This rare ingredient was hard to preserve and there weren't many fields that required the use of it. Most doctors didn't even know of the medicinal uses of this flower, so it was impossible to find it on the market.

Even Great Doctor Miao had only incidentally found out about its uses during his younger days when he had wandered all over the land.

Great Doctor Miao spoke bluntly to the various members of the He Family gathered in the parlour. The treatment for Countess Jing'an's body couldn't be delayed for too long. Even if he personally helped stabilise her condition, she could only go on like that for another two years. If they couldn't find this 'Snow Mountain Mists' flower within two years, then there would be nothing he could do.

After Great Doctor Miao finished explaining the situation, he left the parlour to write a prescription for Countess Jing'an.

Only Matriarch He, the eldest son He Changqi, the second son He Changjue, and the newlywed wife of the third son, Chu Lian, were left in the parlour.

The joy that had been present on their faces earlier had disappeared. The matriarch's expression was so serious that the wrinkles on her face creased further.

When Chu Lian noticed this, her heart ached for the matriarch. She tried to reassured the old lady by saying, "Grandmother, at least there's some hope for Mother now. And it's not as if this type of flower is completely unheard of. Having some hope is better than having none at all, isn't it?"

Matriarch He took in a deep breath and patted Chu Lian's hand. "You're right, Lian'er. At least there's some hope for your mother's illness now. I should be happy instead."

Silence reigned in the parlour for a while more before He Erlang abruptly stepped forward and knelt before Matriarch He. In a firm voice, he said, "Grandmother, let me go to the north to search for this flower for Mother!"

Right after He Erlang spoke, He Dalang also knelt down in front of Matriarch He. "Grandmother, don't let Erlang go! Erlang hasn't even gotten married yet. I'm the eldest son of this family. When Father left to protect the border, he instructed me to take care of Grandmother, Mother, and my two younger brothers. It's obviously me who should go on this trip to the north!"

"No, Eldest Brother, I'll go!"

"Second Brother, are you going to disobey your older brother? Let me go!"


The normally harmonious brothers were actually fighting to be the one to go to the northern border. Matriarch He was starting to get a headache from their quarrelling. She slapped the table next to her with a loud bang and said, "Enough! What are you fighting for?!"

It was only then that the two brothers stopped and quieted down. However, none of them stood up and they simply waited for Matriarch He's final verdict.

Matriarch He massaged her forehead. After a short pause, she heaved a sigh and said, "This old woman knows that you're all filial children. However, Dalang, you hold a position at court. Without the Emperor's permission, you can't abandon your post without a proper reason. Our estate needs you here as well. We can't do without a male master here to hold the fort in such a big estate. And Erlang has just gotten a mission in Zhangzhou. I heard this mission was ordered by the Emperor himself. You can't disobey imperial orders. If you go to the northern border at this time, are you going to willingly deceive the Emperor? So neither of you are allowed to go!"


Neither of them were allowed to go?! But they were the only male members of House Jing'an left in the capital. If neither of them were to go, how could they stop worrying? It was their very own mother who was severely ill!

"Grandmother, you can't! If we don't go, what's going to happen to Mother?" He Dalang and He Erlang asked in unison.

Matriarch He opened her mouth to speak. She had a troubled expression on her face. Count Jing'an was deeply in love with his wife. If he were to find out about this piece of good news, he would never let the chance go. She also felt very guilty towards this daughter-in-law of hers, and wished for her speedy recovery.

Chu Lian pressed her lips before reminding all of them, "Grandmother, have you all forgotten about Husband? Why don't you ask Husband to send someone to Mount Ah-Ming to investigate? With Husband around, he'll surely get the job done."

Matriarch He froze for an instant. She looked at Chu Lian before turning to the two grandsons kneeling before her. She felt that Chu Lian had brought up a good suggestion. After thinking it over, she declared, "Even if you want to go to the northern border, you won't be able to set out in just one or two days. There are too many things to prepare for in the estate. I have to think about it carefully. Lian'er is right, we still have Sanlang at the northern border, so the two of you shouldn't worry too much. Especially you, Erlang. You can't fool around with an imperial mission on your shoulders! Pack up and go back to the Left Military Guards today!"

He Changjue wanted to protest, but after getting glared at by He Dalang, he could only lower his head and agree to it.

Chu Lian escorted Matriarch He back to Qingxi Hall before returning to her own courtyard.

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