Chapter 269: The Great Doctor Shows His Skill (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 269: The Great Doctor Shows His Skill (2)

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There was a rolled up piece of paper inside the bamboo tube. She gently smoothed out the paper and read the two lines of words written in the shoujin style.

Xiao Bojian's writing was completely different from He Changdi's. He Changdi's words were usually written in bold and powerful strokes, lending a somewhat grand air to them. Xiao Bojian wrote with such force that his words could be seen from the back of the paper, but they were neat and almost mechanical. It was rare to see any words touching.

You could tell what a person was like through their handwriting. However, just looking at this meticulous handwriting, it was likely that no one would be able to discern the well-hidden greed and ambition within Xiao Bojian.

Anything could be faked. What the naked eye could see, what was shown on people's faces... all of it could be used to deceive others.

Xiyan's eyes were fixed on her master. When she saw that Chu Lian's brows were drawn together and her expression didn't seem too good, she tried asking, "Third Young Madam, is anything the matter?"

Chu Lian returned to reality and directly passed the note over to Xiyan without any intention of concealing its contents.

Xiyan took the note and glanced over it. There wasn’t much to read, but the gist of the message was that they were requesting to meet with her master half a month later. Xiao Bojian had successfully become the top scholar in the final imperial examination, and Old Duke Ying had been his mentor. He would hold a banquet of gratitude for his mentor in the Ying Estate then.

Xiao Bojian was hinting that Chu Lian should use this chance to return to her maiden house.

Xiyan looked at Chu Lian worriedly and bit her lip in unease. "Third Young Madam, do... do you want to go...?"

Chu Lian returned Xiyan's stare for a long while before asking, "Xiyan, do you think that I'll be going?"

Xiyan cast her gaze downwards, not daring to look at Chu Lian. Quite some time passed before she finally managed to squeeze out the words, "Mister Xiao's status is no longer as ordinary as before..."

Chu Lian sneered. No longer ordinary? He was just a measly top scholar. Even if he had a mysterious organisation in his hands, so what? She, Chu Lian, wasn't one to follow someone else's bidding.

Chu Lian took the paper note from Xiyan's hands and tore it to shreds before throwing it into her hand warmer and turning it into ashes. The specially carved bamboo tube was also thrown out of the carriage.

Xiyan's eyes widened as she watched Chu Lian's actions. "Third Young Madam, you're..."

"Not going. Even if he becomes a first-ranked official, that has nothing to do with me! I'm the Third Young Madam of House Jing'an now, and I'm no longer that helpless, powerless Sixth Miss of House Ying." There were plenty of people willing to protect her now!

Xiyan was struck into a daze. When she finally recovered, she smiled sweetly despite the tears in her eyes.

Chu Lian was helpless before this silly handmaid of hers. "What are you crying for, you little...!"

Xiyan quickly wiped at her eyes with her handkerchief, her smile still shining brightly underneath her tear-stained cheeks. "Third Young Madam, this servant isn't crying; this servant is happy!"

She was really happy! Compared to the past Sixth Miss Chu, she liked the current Third Young Madam of House Jing'an more. It was great that Third Young Madam could think so clearly!

When the carriage reached the Jing'an Estate, master and servant both treated that bamboo tube as if it had never existed. Chu Lian continued passing her days lazily. She didn't think that Xiao Bojian would send someone to kidnap her if she didn't go to the Ying Estate. Xiao Bojian wasn't that bold yet.

Seven days later, Great Doctor Miao was personally escorted to the Jing'an Estate by Manager Qin. Chu Lian had also notified Matriarch He of this visit beforehand.

Today, Chu Lian had invited Royal Princess Duanjia over. Since this matter involved Countess Jing'an's health, He Erlang had also rushed back to the estate despite his busy schedule.

The Dragon Guards had been given a mission and He Changjue was to be posted to the neighbouring city of Zhangzhou the day after tomorrow. He was also taking this chance to return to the estate and bid his farewells to his family. Three days later, he would be departing the estate to meet his commanding officer at the west gate of the capital and set off for Zhangzhou.

Chu Lian personally made roast duck for the foodie Great Doctor Miao.

When Great Doctor Miao came out from Countess Jing'an's bedroom, even the normally calm Chu Lian was so anxious that she quickly stood up to welcome him.

"Mr Miao, how is Mother's illness? Can it be treated?"

Great Doctor Miao nodded confidently. "Honoured Lady, please rest assured. Madam's condition isn't that severe, and I can cure it once and for all. However, there's something I have to tell Honoured Lady beforehand."

Matriarch He was seated at the head of the room. When she heard those words, it was as if a burden that she had carried for years had suddenly lifted. Her expression seemed relaxed as she said, "Mr Miao, please feel free to speak. We'll do anything as long as it's something within our ability."

Great Doctor Miao stroked his beard as he said, "Well, this matter could be easy or difficult, depending on the circumstances..."

Chu Lian earnestly listened, not willing to miss a single word he said.

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