Chapter 266: Found Him (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 266: Found Him (1)

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One of the more quick-witted maidservants quietly retreated upon seeing this turn of events and rushed off to report to the matriarch.

Not too far off, the waiting Miaozhen had suffered a fright. Eldest... Eldest Young Madam had actually hit the heir!

By the time she regained her senses, she quickly ran over to He Changqi's side and pulled out a handkerchief to cover the wound on his forehead.

Her voice was choked up with anxiety as she said, "Heir Jing'an, you've been hurt! Quick, we have to call the imperial physicians!"

Madam Zou froze upon seeing the blood on He Changqi’s face, her wits completely gone. However, upon seeing that slut Miaozhen still trying to spoil the relationship between her and her husband at a time like this, her quelled rage reignited once again. She lost all semblance of rationality as her eyes reddened due to her anger and fury within.

"You little bitch! How dare you speak in front of me?!" Right after Madam Zou shouted, she bent down and picked up one of the porcelain shards on the ground, intending to throw it at Miaozhen.

Having seen what had happened to He Changqi, Madam Zou's maidservants reacted much faster this time and quickly ran up to stop her.

Madam Zou's trusted senior servant cried out, "My Eldest Young Madam, please stop acting so rashly!"

He Changqi stared Madam Zou straight in the eyes with a cold glare as icy as the tundra. He reached out and pulled Miaozhen behind him, shielding her. His tone was colder than ever as he told his wife, "Madam Zou. I want to see how far you're going to take this madness today!"

After the maidservants took the porcelain shard from Madam Zou's hands, she looked up only to see her normally loving husband staring at her with cold eyes. When she saw that He Changqi was actually protecting another woman behind him, the final string in her mind snapped.

She screamed shrilly like a mad harpy and charged towards He Changqi recklessly, already beyond caring.

He Changqi ignored the fresh blood flowing down from his forehead and continued watching Madam Zou descend into madness with half of his stony face covered in blood.

He couldn't get his mind around how his warm and caring wife had suddenly turned into this... this person he didn't recognise at all!

For so many years, he could swear on his conscience that he hadn't mistreated Madam Zou in any manner. The He Family's rules were strict and he hadn't taken any concubines. Furthermore, he hadn't fooled around with other women outside the estate, either. Even when out with his friends, he always drew the line.

Although he and Madam Zou still hadn't been able to get a son, they had everything else together. He had never pushed Madam Zou on the matter of carrying on the next generation.

He had also secretly considered what to do if he never had any sons in his life. Since he still had two brothers down the line, it wasn't necessarily just up to him to carry on the family line. As long as he and his wife remained harmonious, Grandmother wouldn't say anything more.

However, before he had been able to tell all this to Madam Zou, she had somehow changed.

He Dalang's heart instantly turned as desolate as the wild plains of Liangzhou. The image of his brilliant and virtuous wife seemed to have abruptly shattered and vanished into nothing.

Madam Zou put up a wild struggle against the people holding her back. Upon managing to break free, she pushed the maidservants aside and charged towards He Changqi with a deranged look on her face, shouting, "You little slut! How dare you seduce the heir! I'll teach you a lesson right now!"

However, before Madam Zou could even touch the corner of Miaozhen's dress-

A clear smack echoed throughout the room.

Madam Zou felt an intense pain in her cheek. In the next second, her body fell to the ground against her will.

When Chu Lian helped Matriarch He in, it was just in time to see He Dalang slap Madam Zou on the face without any bit of mercy.

Chu Lian's almond-shaped eyes widened in absolute shock.

In the next moment, she caught sight of He Changqi's half-bloody face and suffered another shock once again.

What was going on? How had things gotten to this state in less than an hour?!

Madam Zou had also been stunned by He Changqi's merciless slap. She was sprawled on the ground, one hand held up to her swollen left cheek, while she looked up in disbelief at He Changqi. As if her heart was about to break, she cried, "He Changqi! You actually hit me!"

By this time, Matriarch He's sharp old eyes were lit up with rage, especially after she spotted Senior Servant Liu still paralysed and lying on the ground. She paused where she stood, only to tighten her grip around her vermillion bird head cane and slam the end of it down onto the marble tiles with a clear thunk.

"All of you, stop right now! Are you trying to start a rebellion here?!" Matriarch He's tone was full of dignity.

Right after she spoke, the family guards that the main steward had sent from the outer court separated Madam Zou and He Changqi. On the other side, some maidservants carried the injured Senior Servant Liu off to a side room.

There were also servants who immediately started tidying up the mess in the parlour.

Perhaps Matriarch He's angry shout had come to some use, as Madam Zou finally regained some of her rationality.

Her eyes were fixed on that slut Miaozhen as she helped He Changqi to a chair and then helped the doctor with cleaning up the wound on his forehead. The corner of Madam Zou's lips tugged downwards, but in the end, she wasn't able to say a word.

Now that the situation was under control, Chu Lian helped Matriarch He to the main seat in the parlour.

Once the matriarch was seated with her hands on her cane, she shouted once again with a stony expression, "All of you in the main branch! Kneel down right now!"

Chu Lian glanced at the enraged Matriarch He next to her before secretly glancing at her brother-in-law and sister-in-law in front of her, about to kneel down with the support of the servants around them. She quickly whispered into Matriarch He's ear.

Following that, Chu Lian led the servants she had brought with her out of the parlour to check on Senior Servant Liu, who was being treated by a doctor in one of the side rooms.

Matriarch He was about to reprimand the main branch. As the most junior family member present, she would have only earned her brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s ire if she were to witness such a humiliating scene.

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