Chapter 25: He Sanlang Saves the Day (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 25: He Sanlang Saves the Day (1)

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Chu Lian really wanted to refute him like this: "I really don't want to see you anymore. Please don't try to arrange a meeting with me ever again. I'm not interested in you at all!"

However, Chu Lian couldn't say something like that. Instead, she leaned close and whispered into Xiyan's ear. "Help me block him."

Xiyan was a smart one. She immediately shielded Chu Lian behind her and drummed up the courage to speak to Xiao Bojian. "Mister Xiao, please leave. Our madam doesn't want to see you. If you're still going to continue forcing the issue, this servant... this servant will call the guards!"

Xiao Bojian didn't bother with Xiyan. He only stared dead-on at Chu Lian, who was still hiding behind Xiyan. He pushed closer step by step until the girls were forced into a corner of the pavilion. Behind them was a stand of flowering trees; it looked like they couldn't escape anymore.

"Lian'er, please talk to me. Are you really not even going to look at me anymore? Have you forgotten about the promise we had?" Xiao Bojian's eyes reddened, and he looked like he was struggling with some inner pain.

Chu Lian had been observing Xiao Bojian in secret from behind Xiyan. When she realised his emotions seemed to be getting out of hand, her brows furrowed with tension.

Xiao Bojian was only one of Old Duke Ying's students right now. He was born in poverty, and was twenty years old now. Last autumn, he had gotten first place in the provincial imperial examinations and had become the top scholar of Jiaqing Hall. Right now, he was living in the Ying Estate to await the last two stages of examinations to become a court official: the metropolitan examination and the final imperial exam.

Chu Lian knew that once the final imperial examination was over this year, Xiao Bojian would get the achievement of ranking first in three consecutive imperial examinations, displaying his extraordinary talent in the capital. It was around that time that the original female lead had really started to 'hook up' with Xiao Bojian.

Although Xiao Bojian was handsome and full of potential, Chu Lian didn't really like him. If she had to choose, she would pick He Changdi. At least He Changdi had a kind heart somewhere deep inside of him; he knew where to draw the line with his actions and wouldn’t go too far.

Those who didn't have any limits were the scariest. Xiao Bojian was undoubtedly that kind of person.

Constantly trying to avoid him wasn't a solution. It was clear that Xiao Bojian had currently lost control of his emotions. Chu Lian gulped and managed to gather enough courage to raise her head, meeting Xiao Bojian's reddened, upturned eyes bravely.

"Xiao Bojian, no matter what we were in the past, I'm already a married woman. The past is in the past. You should go your own way, and I'll go mine." Chu Lian spoke resolutely. She was so nervous that the palms of her tightly clenched fists were soaked in sweat.

Xiao Bojian could never have imagined that his long period of waiting would yield such a heartless response from Chu Lian. His face contorted with the force of his emotions and he abruptly took a step forward.

"Lian'er, you're joking with me, aren't you? That's not what we agreed on before you left to get married. You said that even if you were married to He Changdi, that you would find a way to leave him! You even said that I was the only one you had in your heart!"

As Xiao Bojian continued speaking, the trembling of his body became even more intense.

The lady before him was so pretty and delicate, like a blooming peony flower. Her elegant beauty and that subtle fragrance gave him the urge to pull her into his embrace and protect her from the world; he couldn't bear to see her suffer the slightest bit of pain.

He had accompanied this flower on her journey of growth; he had nurtured her, watched her grow and slowly bloom.

However, this flower had just used her thorns against him, leaving bleeding wounds all over his body.

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