Chapter 233: Promotion (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 233: Promotion (2)

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Duke Zheng paused for a moment before saying, "Father, why did you suddenly think of the He Family's third son? Even if Mother and Matriarch He are old friends, our houses have always maintained a distance. If Father wants to repay Honoured Lady Jinyi's favour, then there are still plenty of other opportunities to do so."

Old Duke Zheng shook his head. "It's a simple thing that doesn't require any effort from me. Just let that girl reap some benefit from this. Don't worry, Father won't interfere in any more of House Jing'an's matters."

After hearing such a promise from his father, Duke Zheng finally relaxed. Although his father had a distinguished reputation, he had already retired from the court. If he continued interfering in political matters, it would definitely draw protests from others.

It was nightfall at the northern border of Liangzhou. The setting sun dyed the brown grasses of the plains golden. Although it was a bitterly poor place, the breathtaking scenery still brought joy to the residents' hearts.

Not far off, this golden sunlight fell upon two men, drawing out long shadows on the dried grassy plains.

A cold wind blew past, lifting up the ends of their robes. Seen from afar, it seemed as if they were standing on the edge of the horizon, taking step after step towards the fading light of hope.

Laiyue rushed forward to catch up to his master. He hadn't followed He Changdi when he had gone to join the northern border troops; instead, he stayed behind in the city of Liangzhou to help his master handle other affairs.

It was a rest day for the whole camp today, so Laiyue brought some necessities for his master over to the entrance of the camp.

It was only when he reached the camp that he discovered that his master had been promoted.

He had gone from a lieutenant leading a hundred men to a captain leading five hundred men.

Although it was only an additional four hundred men under his command, it was still a huge transformation.

A lieutenant could be called an officer, but could also be considered a slightly more elite soldier, as they only commanded a mere hundred men. However, captains were different. They carried a rank with them.

Of course, He Changdi's position of commanding five hundred infantry couldn't be compared to Captain Guo's position as a commander of cavalry. However, he was still considered a mid-ranked officer now, with an official sixth-ranked title.

In peacetime, it would normally be hard for soldiers to get promoted to a higher rank. What’s more, it was under the command of the strict general of the northern border, Duke Lu. Luck like this was extremely hard to come by.

Laiyue was immersed in joy. His master's efforts hadn't been wasted, and he could finally hold up House Jing'an's name as a military official family.

If he reported this matter in his letters to home, Matriarch He would probably be overcome with joy!

If Third Young Master got promoted again, Third Young Madam might even be able to become a titled noble wife!

With these thoughts, the corners of Laiyue's mouth unconsciously curled into a smile. However, when he saw that his master's expression was as cold as usual, he was a little confused.

Laiyue came over to his master's side. "Third Young Master, where are we going? It's a rare break for you; aren't we going back to our courtyard in the city for a good rest?"

He Changdi looked up at the old tent fluttering in the wind up ahead. He didn't reply Laiyue, but asked instead, "Have you received any letters from the capital?"

Laiyue had been serving He Changdi for years. He understood that his master didn't want to answer his question, so he dropped the issue. "Judging by the time that has passed, we should be receiving letters from the capital in the next two days."

He Changdi nodded and sunk back into his silence.

As they continued on their way, he didn't say anything more. Laiyue's thoughts were a jumbled mess as they tumbled around in his mind. What was wrong with his master? Hadn't he gotten promoted? Why was his expression still so dark, as if everyone owed him a few thousand taels?

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Author's Note:

Mini theater:

In a small dark room.

He Sanlang: Let me out, let me out!!

Snow Mountain Mists (wielding a whip): What are you shouting for?!

He Sanlang: Snow Mountain Mists, if you don't let me out, I'm going to kill you! Don't you know I'm a reincarnator?!

Snow Mountain Mists: What are you so anxious for? I'm your mother, I know everything! I’ve only kept you locked up for a few chapters and you're already this impatient. How are you going to bear greater responsibilities in the future?

He Sanlang (drawing his sword): What greater responsibilities?! My wife is about to run off with someone else; how are you going to make this up to me?!

Snow Mountain Mists (carefully avoiding the sword): Fine, I'm going to grant you some mercy and let you out to play for a while.

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