Chapter 229: A Test (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 229: A Test (2)

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Matriarch He hadn't expected such a solution from Chu Lian. Her smile was full of hidden meaning as she also looked at Xiyan and Mingyan.

After hearing Chu Lian's additional explanation, Xiyan had obviously relaxed, but Mingyan suddenly tensed.

Chu Lian continued staring at the two handmaids. There was no small amount of pressure on them, facing down those piercing eyes. Xiyan and Mingyan's hearts were beating like drums.

"Tell me honestly what you think about this. No matter what your choice is, I won't blame you."

In an instant, Xiyan took in a deep breath and found the courage to look up. In a trembling voice, she said, "Third Young Madam, this servant doesn't want to stay behind. This servant... only wants to serve by your side."

Chu Lian was only startled for a moment. She smiled. "Then just stay by my side. Mingyan, what about you?"

Chu Lian’s answer lifted the great burden in Xiyan’s heart. She looked at her master with slightly misty eyes before moving to one side.

When Mingyan heard Xiyan's response, she clearly became even more nervous. After a fierce battle with herself, Mingyan still chose the path that was the most beneficial to herself. She looked up into Chu Lian's eyes and said, "Third Young Madam, this servant is willing to stay behind to look after Old Duke Zheng."

Mingyan had a pair of large eyes with double eyelids. Compared to Fuyan's liveliness, she was much more taciturn. The original novel hadn't described Mingyan much. Chu Lian also hadn't noticed any shortcomings in her personality after observing her for a few days. However, as she was someone serving her so closely, Chu Lian would always find a way to test her personality. Today's problem was one such chance. Unfortunately, Mingyan had clearly disappointed her.

However, this was her own choice, so Chu Lian wasn't going to blame her.

Chu Lian's expression didn't reveal any trace of her inner thoughts. She smiled sweetly and said, "Alright, then you'll stay and take care of Old Duke Zheng. Since you're my handmaid, don't disgrace my name. Don't be stingy with the secret recipes you've learned from me and use them generously for Old Duke Zheng's meals. As for the rest of the arrangements, leave it to me and Grandmother."

Mingyan hadn't expected Chu Lian to have agreed so quickly; her sudden happiness showed on her face. She secretly glanced at Chu Lian before looking carefully at Matriarch He. It was only after observing their expressions that Mingyan finally relaxed.

She began to look forward to her new life in the Zheng Estate.

In the end, as smart as Mingyan was, she was only a young maidservant who hadn't seen much of the world. As ambitious as she might be, there was a limit to her vision.

Since they had already finished their discussion and there wasn't any need for the other ideas she had prepared, Chu Lian instructed Mingyan on a few other things before helping Matriarch He out of the room.

Old Duchess Zheng hadn't thought that a simple handmaid serving Chu Lian could know so many secret recipes. She was full of shock and surprise, as well as disbelief. A single secret recipe was already rare enough. Even if Chu Lian could cook well, she couldn't possibly be so generous as to teach all of her recipes to her handmaids!

Taking in their disbelief, Chu Lian smiled and asked someone to prepare some ingredients. She then told Mingyan to show off her skills for the old duchess.

Mingyan prepared some dragon beard noodles. Rolling out the dough and cooking the noodles were not skills that normal people would know.

It wasn't until the finished dish was placed before Old Duchess Zheng that she finally believed that Chu Lian's handmaid was actually a skilled cook.

Since she had proven her skill, Mingyan was left behind to take care of Old Duke Zheng's meals. Old Duchess Zheng also knew that this was Matriarch He's largest concession to her request, so she personally escorted Matriarch He and Chu Lian all the way to the outer court together with her daughter-in-law.

Just as they were preparing to board their carriage, Heir Zheng rushed over.

Heir Zheng was young, and good at flattery. The moment he arrived, he greeted Matriarch He and thanked Chu Lian for the feast the other day. Finally, he asked about the opening of Guilin Restaurant.

Chu Lian was a little surprised. "Heir Zheng, how did you know that I'm about to open up a restaurant?"

Heir Zheng grinned. "I heard Brother He talking about it a few days ago. When the time comes, please don't forget to send me an invite, Honoured Lady Jinyi!"

"Of course."

So that was what had happened. Chu Lian smiled. Heir Zheng was so straightforward that it was hard to be annoyed by him.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Chu Lian followed Matriarch He back to the Jing'an Estate.

After he watched House Jing'an's carriage leaving the Zheng estate, Heir Zheng turned to his grandmother and mother curiously. "I heard that Honoured Lady Jinyi left her handmaid behind in our estate. What happened?"

When Duchess Zheng heard his question, she glared at him. "You keep playing around and skiving off on your work just to pry into small matters like this? Why do you want to know all these things?"

Heir Zheng had always had a sweet tongue around others, especially senior members like his mother and grandmother.

He hugged Duchess Zheng's arm. "Mother, like you said, it's just a small matter. Since it's something small, just tell me~ Then I won't have to go and ask other people."

Duchess Zheng only had one son, so she normally pampered him a lot. She looked at her son helplessly before poking him in the forehead. "The handmaid that Honoured Lady Jinyi left behind is good at cooking. She's here to take care of your grandfather, so don't go around making trouble for her."

Heir Zheng was surprised by this answer. "Good at cooking? Then how is she compared to Honoured Lady Jinyi?"

Old Duchess Zheng glared at her grandson. "How could she be compared to Honoured Lady Jinyi? She was taught by the Honoured Lady herself. Didn't you say that you've tasted the Honoured Lady's skills? If you try that handmaid's cooking in the future, then you'll know for yourself."

When Heir Zheng heard this, he couldn’t help but grow excited. With the meal he’d had back at the Jing’an Estate, it was no surprise that he had some high expectations.

It was already late afternoon by the time Matriarch He and Chu Lian finally returned to the Jing'an Estate.

Chu Lian escorted Matriarch He back to Qingxi Hall first. Right before she left, Matriarch He sent all the servants out of the room. She held Chu Lian's hand and spoke intimately with her.

"You silly child. How could you send your handmaid off just like that? Now there's one less person serving you. How about having Grandmother's Muxiang serve you?"

TL Note: Mingyan was able to prove herself to Old Duchess Zheng because dragon beard noodles aren't easy to make!

Here's a video of someone making dragon beard noodles:

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On a side note, the method of making those noodles is similar to dragon's beard candy, which is one of my favourite snacks~ I just bought some on my holiday too! :3

Fine cotton candy strands wrapped around ground peanut stuffing yumyum~

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