Chapter 227: Keeping Her Behind (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 227: Keeping Her Behind (3)

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The ladies of the Zheng Estate were overjoyed. Matriarch He was also happy for her old sister upon hearing the news.

Since Old Duke Zheng was fine now, it wouldn't be appropriate for them to continue disturbing his rest. Thus, Matriarch He wanted to bid her goodbyes for today.

Old Duchess Zheng had just agreed to send them off when her daughter-in-law, the younger Duchess Zheng, tugged at her sleeve and shot a look at her.

She then whispered a little into Old Duchess Zheng's ear.

The old woman stiffened for a bit. Her expression turned a little troubled and she turned to Matriarch He with some degree of embarrassment. She then looked again at the bright-eyed Chu Lian standing behind Matriarch He.

"Old Sister, I have a request..."

The slight smile on Matriarch He's face disappeared as she said, "Although we're not sisters by blood, our friendship is no less closer than a pair of real sisters! What is there that you can't speak of in front of me?"

After hearing such a generous reassurance from Matriarch He, Old Duchess Zheng finally set down her pride to plead, "Could you let Honoured Lady Jinyi stay in the Zheng Estate for a few more days? Old Sister, you know that my Duke has a picky appetite. I'm afraid that he won't want to eat anything again after waking up..."

Old Duchess Zheng knew that her request was a little too much. Chu Lian wasn't married to House Zheng, and she didn't have any close connections with House Zheng, either. Furthermore, she was already married to someone else. It would be very improper for her to stay at the Zheng Estate.

Also, this request did make it seem like the old duchess was treating Chu Lian like a mere cook. Even if Chu Lian didn't hold a ranked noble title like she did now, this was a rather degrading request.

If this matter didn't concern Old Duke Zheng's health, Matriarch He would have flown into a rage at her old sister.

When Chu Lian heard this request, her brows furrowed together. She really wanted to reject it outright, but this was Old Duchess Zheng and Matriarch He's conversation. It wasn't her place to speak here, let alone interrupt.

Thus, Chu Lian's expectant eyes turned to Matriarch He's face. If the matriarch decided to 'hand' her out without any hesitation, then Chu Lian would be utterly disappointed at the 'He Family'.

Any trace of a smile had been completely wiped from Matriarch He's face. A stern expression took its place instead. She looked at her old sister and, after a moment of thought, shook her head. Then, she firmly said, "I know you're anxious, but this request is too unreasonable. Sanlang's wife is still young. I won't be able to rest easy if she's staying somewhere outside of the Jing'an Estate."

On top of that, Chu Lian could only help with the pressing matter at hand; she couldn't take care of Old Duke Zheng forever. She wasn't a servant. She was House Jing'an's Third Young Madam, Sanlang's lawfully wedded wife.

Chu Lian hadn't expected Matriarch He to have refused the request so resolutely. Not only was she not disappointed, she could also feel herself grow a little fonder and warmer towards the He Family.

Due to this fondness, her eyes shone brightly with the warmth of her feelings.

Old Duchess Zheng also hadn't expected such a curt refusal from her old sister. She didn't know how to repair the current situation. She opened her mouth, but was at a loss of what to say. Old Duchess Zheng also knew that her request had been too overboard, but she was still unhappy that she had been refused so directly.

The younger Duchess Zheng didn't know what to say either, so the air around them turned awkward.

Chu Lian noticed that the situation was taking a turn for the worse, so after a quick turn of wits, she said, "Grandmother, Old Duchess Zheng is just worried for the old duke. Old Duke Zheng is simply craving good food. As long as he has something new to eat, he should be fine. Actually, this can be solved even without Granddaughter-in-Law around!"

At Chu Lian’s proposal, everyone looked at her with surprise.

She really had a solution to this problem?

As long as Matriarch He supported her, Chu Lian would give her best to help them out. If it was just having to make new dishes for Old Duke Zheng, then Chu Lian had plenty of ideas that could work even without her there.

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