Chapter 218: A Close Shave (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 218: A Close Shave (1)

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The soft feeling of his lips on hers was like the headiest wine, leaving him drunk with emotion. He parted his lips a little more and even brought his tongue out to play. With his restraint long lost, he slid a hand further downwards...

While trapped in deep sleep, Chu Lian suddenly felt a chill all over her body. When she felt something cold touch her lips, she abruptly opened her eyes and was immediately met with that graceful, handsome face up close. Rage burst forth like a volcano in her mind, manifesting outwardly as a furious glare. Her first reaction was to bite down hard while her hands pushed with all her might at the person holding her down.

Xiao Bojian was still immersed in his emotions and was caught off-guard when Chu Lian pushed him away; he couldn't catch his balance and retreated a few steps.

It was only after that that he felt the pain on his lips.

His gaze darkened and he reached out to wipe his lower lip before bringing his fingers up to his eyes.

His head was bent down as he looked at the streak of bright red blood on his hand. He then raised his head to stare at Chu Lian.

"Lian'er, it's me!"

It was him, it wasn't some stranger! How could Lian'er treat him like that?

Chu Lian was nauseous with disgust. She had already climbed off the lounge chair in her panic and retreated as far back as she could, all the way to the other side of the pavilion. Her brows were drawn tightly together as she glared at Xiao Bojian.

She hadn't expected Xiao Bojian to be so shameless! How could he have taken advantage of her while she was asleep!

Calling him a beast would be an insult to all animals! She was already married! How could he do something so immoral!

In comparison, although her husband He Sanlang was a little crazy, he was still a proper gentleman.

And how had he come to the inner court of the Jing'an Estate in the first place?

In just a short moment, Chu Lian's mind was already filled with hundreds of thoughts and doubts.

She realised that the main events in the original story hadn't changed their course despite her interference. However, many of the smaller details and events were already different.

It seemed that she wouldn't be able to depend on the events she had read in the book to avoid disasters in the future.

She had to make more thorough backup plans and preparations.

Chu Lian furrowed her brows, eyes full of caution. "Mister Xiao, why are you here?"

If Chu Lian hadn't just checked the surroundings and realized that there was no one else around, she would have started shouting a long time ago. She didn't want to stay around this dangerous man a second longer.

When Xiao Bojian noticed the caution in Chu Lian's eyes, a pang of pain pierced his heart. He quickly tried to explain, "Lian'er, we haven't met in so long. I just wanted to see you."

Only ghosts would believe that!

If you just wanted to see me, then why did you have to attack me? Chu Lian didn't believe in Xiao Bojian's excuse one bit.

Chu Lian pressed her lips together. She had caught sight of the unconscious Xiyan, who had somehow fainted against a pillar, in the zither room not too far away. When she connected it back to how Wenlan had fainted back in Defeng Teahouse, she became even more vigilant.

This was the inner court of the Jing'an Estate. Although it was already after 1pm and there weren't many servants about, if anyone happened across this situation, she would never be able to clear her name, no matter what she did.

Although the Great Wu Dynasty was more open-minded, women would always be on the losing end of things. Furthermore, she was a newlywed wife whose husband wasn't at home. It would be hard for anyone not to suspect her of consorting with another man.

"Since you've already seen me, it's about time for you to leave, Mister Xiao!" Chu Lian tried her best to use a level tone to speak.

Although Xiao Bojian wasn't very strong himself, he had a skilled bodyguard. This was something that the original novel had mentioned. Thus, despite how frustrated Chu Lian was, she did her best to control her rage. She was afraid that Xiao Bojian would lose his rationality and call out his bodyguard to attack her if she provoked and angered him.

Her few paltry self-defense skills were nothing in front of a skilled martial artist like that.

Xiao Bojian's long and narrow gaze was focused solely on the frightened girl before him. His arms were placed behind his back, hiding the fists that were clenched from exerting every bit of his self-control.

"Lian'er, didn't you miss me at all? I know I was in the wrong for leaving you behind that day... I'm a bastard! I've been drowning in my guilt ever since. Lian'er, you have to believe me. Can you believe me just this once? If something like that happens again, I won't ever abandon you again, even if my life is in danger. I'll keep you by my side and always protect you. You'll never suffer a single bit of hurt ever again."

Xiao Bojian's voice was brimming with emotion as he spoke. Coupled together with that beautiful metrosexual face of his, it was enough to convince any naive, sheltered young lady in seconds.

If she were the original 'Chu Lian', perhaps she would have been touched enough to run into his embrace. However, what a pity for him! Chu Lian was no longer the original 'Chu Lian'.

She wasn't the slightest bit touched. His speech actually had the opposite effect on her: she was disgusted beyond belief.

Chu Lian didn't even try to discern if Xiao Bojian had any bit of sincerity in his words. She only thought it laughable. She finally realised why she didn't have any feelings for Xiao Bojian, even though she had taken over the body of the female lead, his supposed lover.

This man was full of ambition and had the silver tongue to match. Before actual danger approached, he could promise anything he wanted. However, if he were really sincere about protecting her, he should have shown it with his actions before making the promise!

Since he had already 'abandoned' her once, he shouldn't have come back so shamelessly, much less try to make up for it.

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