Chapter 217: Taken Advantage Of (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 217: Taken Advantage Of (2)

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The girl's eyes were closed, her thick eyelashes like two small fans against her skin. There was a slight flush on her cheeks, emphasizing her tiny nose and her fair complexion. Her pink lips were parted slightly in her sleep.

Chu Lian wasn't an unmatched beauty by any means, but she looked lovely and innocent when she was deep asleep like this, like a little creature that needed protection.

As Xiao Bojian greedily devoured the enchanting scene with his eyes, he slowly bent down and reached out with his elegant fingers to touch the beauty before him.

Right before his fingers were about to touch Chu Lian's soft cheeks, he curled his fingers back and retreated. In the end, he had to muster up all the reason he had to restrain from touching her face. However, he didn't pull his hand back entirely; his fingers twitched before he reached forward again and traced the curve of Chu Lian's profile.

His finger glided over her lovely raised nose and passed over her parted petal-like lips, sliding along the distinguished line of her chin before finally reaching her collarbones.

His eyes followed the lines of her collarbones and went even further down, seemingly out of his control.

The collar of her dress was made up of two lotus flowers, and there was a light yellow piece of fabric peeking out from in between. The fabric below her collar was held up by the curves of her figure underneath... And even further down was her light green skirt. A cute little pair of shoes were exposed from beneath it.

Xiao Bojian's eyes turned a little bloodshot as his breathing grew heavier.

He forced himself to pull his hand back and shifted his eyes back to Chu Lian's pretty little face instead.

Chu Lian had been in the middle of a very comfortable nap. However, she suddenly felt a slight chill at her side, as if there was some sort of danger lurking. Her brows unconsciously drew together, and her mouth moved in her sleep. The tip of her tongue reached out a little from her mouth and glided along her pink lips.

The originally innocent-looking girl had suddenly turned a little more seductive and charming thanks to this unconscious action.

Chu Lian shifted in her sleep and pulled out the arm that had been under her head, turning to one side instead and gathering her arms together.

Xiao Bojian had frozen once more when he noticed Chu Lian shift in her sleep. When he realised that she hadn't woken up, he relaxed and let out a small sigh of relief. However, as he watched her change poses, the primal urges that he had been barely suppressing surged up again, until they were about to overwhelm his rational sense any moment now.

Due to her movement, Chu Lian's collar had parted, and the light yellow fabric underneath was now even more visible. Furthermore, her new sideways pose meant that more of the fair white skin underneath her collar was now exposed.

Xiao Bojian's mind had been blown apart by this scene. His restraint and reason vanished in the span of a second and he suddenly bent down, hands grabbing onto the armrests of the sandalwood chair.

To hell with patience and self-control! Lian'er should have been his! If not for that Empress Dowager's decree, how could he have lost Lian'er to House Jing'an? How could she have become He Changdi's wife?

He Changdi was at the northern border now, so who knew if he would even be able to return? Once he gathered enough power, he was going to erase He Changdi from the face of the Earth, without even a grave to mark his existence!

While these hateful and painful thoughts passed through his mind, Xiao Bojian was already face to face with Chu Lian.

Up close, Chu Lian's skin looked even more tender and soft, like the skin of a fresh peach.

The warmth of her breath tickled his face. With eyes as deep as the ocean, he took in every little expression of hers with greedy eyes. Finally, he lowered his head and met the moist, pink lips before him with his own.

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