Chapter 190: Venturing into the Palace (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 190: Venturing into the Palace (3)

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Matriarch He sighed. She had expected this to happen, so she had given Chu Lian all the instructions she could in the carriage. Now, she could only pat Chu Lian's small, fair hand in comfort and hope that Chu Lian's heart was big enough to face what was ahead.

Since Matriarch He couldn't even meet the Emperor, servants like Xiyan and Senior Servant Gui were held back in a side hall. Only Chu Lian was led by a young inner palace eunuch towards the great palace hall ahead.

The golden tiles beneath her feet had been shined until they reflected her image like mirrors. Chu Lian didn't dare to walk too quickly, afraid that she would fall. Thus, this became a long and arduous walk for her.

She was about to meet the leader of the entire Great Wu Dynasty, the emperor of a whole country who held power over life and death here. She would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous.

She hadn't been born in this dynasty, so although she respected the imperial family, she didn't really fear them.

"Eunuch Sun, where are you taking Honoured Lady Jinyi?"

Suddenly, a thin, clear voice called out from behind them. Chu Lian turned around at the same time as the eunuch guiding her, and was met with the sight of a tall and slender man standing at the top of some white stone stairs. The man's azure eyes were too outstanding; how could she possibly forget them so easily?

Eunuch Sun bowed towards Prince Jin. "Replying to Prince Jin, this servant is taking Honoured Lady to meet the Emperor."

Prince Jin's light gaze landed upon Chu Lian. His clearly measuring gaze made Chu Lian feel uncomfortable. "At least you're dressed better today."

Chu Lian froze for a bit, her almond-shaped eyes widening in surprise. What? Was Prince Jin criticising her outfit?

When had she become so familiar with Prince Jin?

Chu Lian didn't want to get involved with any of the imperial family at all, especially the children of the Emperor. They were the center of imperial power. She definitely didn't want to be stuck in between any imperial power struggles.

Although she did help him out a bit the last time they met, Chu Lian intended to keep her distance from him, as much as she could.

Chu Lian bobbed towards Prince Jin, as thanks for his... compliment.

"If Prince Jin doesn't have any business with this one, this one will continue guiding Honoured Lady Jinyi," Eunuch Sun said respectfully.

Chu Lian was about to turn and leave, when Prince Jin suddenly drew closer and shot Eunuch Sun a look. Eunuch Sun quickly lowered his head and retreated a few steps, waiting at the side.

Prince Jin was about as tall as He Changdi, so when he stood in front of Chu Lian, it was as if there was a huge ominous cloud before her.

Prince Jin looked down at her without any sort of expression of his face. Although his tone was calm, his words made Chu Lian stiffen up for a brief moment.

"Jinyi, since you helped this prince, you're likely a smart one inside. This prince advises you not to act beyond your means. Even if you have the desire to, you should think twice and measure the consequences in your heart first. Think thrice before you decide to do anything."

Chu Lian's slender brows drew together. "Prince Jin, I can't understand what you're saying."

"If you don't understand, then think more on it!" Prince Jin's light yet murky eyes shot a warning look at Chu Lian.

Although Chu Lian didn't show any of her emotions on the surface, she was already hitting her head against a wall on the inside. What was this?! What kind of ruthless, preposterous thing had she done to make Prince Jin suspicious of her? Was he going crazy, too?

Chu Lian felt that she hadn't done anything harmful since coming to the Great Wu Dynasty. However, the fact of the matter was she had just been accused, and by someone like Prince Jin whom she had only met once before! Even the nicest person had a limit to their temper! Chu Lian didn't want to pretend to be polite to Prince Jin any longer. Her cheeks were puffed up as she glared at him. "I'll think over Prince Jin's words carefully when I get home. There's no need for Prince Jin to trouble yourself over me!"

When she was done, she turned and ran, stunning Prince Jin for a moment.

Eunuch Sun found the whole situation a little awkward. After bowing in farewell to Prince Jin, he chased after her, shouting, "Honoured Lady, please walk a little slower. That's the wrong way, the hall isn't that way!"

Chu Lian could only turn to run in the right direction- however, who could have expected the floor to be so slippery? She was moving too fast, and the court dress had way too many layers. She accidentally stepped on the hem of her dress and fell to the floor...

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