Chapter 18: Visiting the Bride's Family (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 18: Visiting the Bride's Family (2)

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At night, He Changdi and Chu Lian attended a family dinner at the outer court’s parlour room. After the dinner, the eldest son of the family requested a meeting with them.

From the head of the table, He Changqi gave his brother strict instructions. "Sanlang, your wife is going to return to her maiden home tomorrow. [1]Promise me that you'll take care of everything, and don't let our He Family lose face. Understand?"

He Changdi agreed expressionlessly.

Chu Lian secretly gave her eldest brother-in-law a thumbs up. He Changqi was just like the novel had described. Although he looked a little rough, he was actually a careful person who treated his sister-in-law with consideration. As the saying 'an elder brother is like a father' goes, He Changqi was a good brother, without a doubt.

He must have seen how they weren't getting along, so he had gotten them to stay back just to give a reminder to He Sanlang.

"Sister-in-Law, my brother was spoiled rotten by my grandmother and mother. Please be more understanding with him."

Chu Lian hurriedly gave a greeting and replied, "Yes, Older Brother."

He Changqi only spoke a few more words to them before letting them go.

By this time, the entire Jing'an Household was already covered in the darkness of night. Only the corridors and pathways were lit up by lanterns.

The lantern light was dim, so Chu Lian couldn't see He Changdi's expression clearly. She could only feel that he was in a bad mood, like a caged beast.

What had happened to the cheerful and famous He Sanlang of House Jing'an from the novel? He had just gotten married; this should have been the happiest time of his life. Why was he acting this way?

Chu Lian tossed a few glances at him. She had interacted with many people in her career. Although she didn't understand why this He Sanlang was different from the original character in the book, or why he seemed to hate her, she knew that he wouldn't tell her anything if she asked him right now.

The two newlyweds should have been happily in love, but they were more like two cold porcupines, unwilling to get close to each other.

Once they returned to their courtyard, He Changdi went straight to the study. Chu Lian couldn't be bothered with him and simply went to wash up and get ready for bed.

It wasn't until late that night that He Sanlang entered the bedroom. When he pushed aside the drapes of the bedchamber, he saw a rosy-cheeked Chu Lian sleeping in the center of the bed. A soundless sneer appeared on his lips.

This was probably what had happened in his previous life. This wicked woman slept like a baby when he wasn't around. After this, she would probably turn around and run into another man's arms. Ha! How shameless!

Tomorrow, at the Ying Household, he was going to expose this wicked woman's true face to everyone!

Didn't she like Xiao Wujing? Then he would grant their wish to be together!

He Sanlang let the drapes fall. He turned around, hands behind his back, and left to sleep in the study.

The next day was the day of Chu Lian's visit to her maiden home.

The entire He Family sent the newlyweds to the entrance of the estate. Under the watchful gaze of Matriarch He, the frosty He Changdi walked over to Chu Lian's side and helped her up the carriage.

He then mounted his horse and led a party of their family's private soldiers and servants, together with Chu Lian in the carriage, as they headed towards the Ying Estate.

By the time they reached the Ying Estate’s main gate, only an hour had passed.

Old Duke Ying was waiting with a huge group of people by the entrance. He Changdi first glanced at the group before purposely letting his expression warm up a little, acting as if he was surprised as he dismounted from his horse.

This was what he had done in his previous life. The He Family was small; even when everyone was there, they couldn't even fill a single banquet table. The first time he had accompanied his wife back to her maiden home, there were twenty or thirty Chu Family members standing at the entrance to welcome them. Back then, he had an expression of surprise.

However, the second time around, He Changdi no longer felt any joy. Instead, what filled him was intense agony and hatred!

He Changdi lifted the curtains of the carriage and personally supported Chu Lian off the carriage.

Chu Lian's hands were small and soft, but tender enough to feel comfortable to the touch. He Changdi couldn't help but remember how his heart had almost leaped out of his chest the first time he had touched this pair of hands in his previous life. The memory left him feeling stifled. Once Chu Lian's feet had touched the ground, He Changdi immediately took back his callused hands.

Chu Lian turned to look at the people gathered by the entrance. Although she had tried her best to reassure herself last night before she had fallen asleep, upon seeing this huge group of people from the Ying Household in person, her heart still fluttered with anxiety.

She didn't recognise a single one of them!

Chu Lian inwardly wailed in anguish. She could only guess at some of their identities from the descriptions she had read.

She lowered her head, feeling a little guilty. In the eyes of the people from House Ying, she seemed like a shy, blushing bride.

Old Duke Ying came up to welcome them in himself. Although He Changdi wasn't happy with the Chu Family, Old Duke Ying still carried some power in court, so he couldn't dispense with courtesies in public.

The newlyweds were led to Juxian Hall in the outer court by the whole group.

Old Duke Ying had a generous, kind and friendly personality. He was actually rather caring towards the younger generation as well. It was just that there were too many children in the Ying Household, so he couldn't care for all of them.

Chu Lian was the legitimate daughter of the second branch of the family, born from the deceased wife of the Second Master. However, her father had taken another wife, Second Madam, half a year after her mother had passed away. Thus, even though Chu Lian was a legitimate daughter, she wasn't looked upon too well by the second branch.

Even her own father didn't care about her, let alone this grandfather of hers, the old duke who had a pile of matters to handle every day.

It was the family of the eldest son who was managing the estate right now. If not for the lackluster younger generation, the old duke would have retired by now since he was over seventy years of age. However, he was still working hard in court for the sake of House Ying. It was enough to make people shake their heads in pity.

The younger generation of House Jing'an stood out amongst the young men in the capital. When Old Duke Ying saw He Sanlang, he immediately took a liking to him, and even Chu Lian got a few glances from him as a result.

Since Chu Lian had been born, and until she had left the household as a bride, she had probably only met Old Duke Ying a handful of times.

Her cousins from the first branch of the family, the ones who were currently managing the estate, could see that their grandfather had taken a shine to He Sanlang, so they treated Chu Lian a little better.

Chu Lian simply stood in the middle of all the older ladies of the Ying Estate, her head lowered and her body stiff, answering their questions from time to time. Luckily, Xiyan was there by her side to give her hints, or Chu Lian would probably have been exposed on the spot.

Her eldest sister-in-law from the first branch, Madam Rong, noticed that Chu Lian seemed a little awkward in the midst of all the ladies. Thus, Madam Rong smiled and walked into the circle to help Chu Lian out.

  1. As part of Chinese customs, on the third day of marriage, brides return to their maiden families for a visit with the new groom to pay their respects to the bride's family.

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