Chapter 178: Gifting a Jade Bangle (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 178: Gifting a Jade Bangle (2)

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Chu Lian had already looked around at the other accessories in Jinshi Pavilion. Although their workmanship and material were high quality, their designs were old and simple. There weren't many fresh designs in the lot either. It would be much better if she made a design herself and gave it to a master craftsman at Jinshi Pavilion to craft for her.

The manager had thought that she couldn't afford a single accessory at all. Who could have expected that she would be so generous when the time came? She actually bought the set of rings she had taken a liking to, as well as all the accessories the three ladies had picked.

Altogether, that was a purchase of six hundred taels of silver; this was a huge sale.

The manager smiled widely from ear to ear and said, "Since Madam is buying all these accessories, this one will take the initiative to round off the final figure to six hundred taels. Of course, the pair of jade earrings this one offered for free earlier will be counted in."

Hearing this, Wenqing took out six hundred taels' worth of banknotes from her purse and passed it over to the manager. After the manager checked the banknotes, she took care to pack up the accessories properly in their wooden boxes, and passed these over to Wenqing and Wenlan.

Chu Lian smiled until her almond-shaped eyes turned into upturned crescents as she looked at the three ladies.

The three sisters from House Ying couldn't hide the shock on their faces. However, there were different nuances to their shock. Miss Su's face carried a trace of concern, while Miss Yuan's smile was full of the secret delight taken in an unexpected windfall. Meanwhile, Miss Fu was showing resentment and dissatisfaction from not seeing her plots come to fruition.

Miss Fu sourly remarked, "Sixth Sister has really changed her fortunes since getting that noble title! I've really broadened my horizons today!"

This time, Chu Lian didn't remain quiet and looked right at Miss Fu with a broad smile. "Thank you for your praise, Ninth Sister."

Miss Fu was so choked by those words that she couldn't even maintain the fake expression on her face. A hint of her unhappiness shone through.

Miss Yuan's gaze darted to the boxes that Wenlan was carrying. She hated that she couldn't take that emerald hairpin she wanted immediately.

Only Miss Su followed behind Chu Lian and watched her with concern, worried that she had spent too much of her money after getting provoked just now.

After buying the accessories, Chu Lian didn't want to stay in Jinshi Pavilion any longer. The four ladies of House Ying were escorted to Jinshi Pavilion's entrance by the manager.

When they reached the place where Chu Lian's carriage had stopped, she paused and turned. She took one of the boxes from Wenlan and gave it to Miss Su, who was right behind her.

"Fifth Sister, this is the jade bangle you wanted. Take it."

Miss Su rejected it and shook her head. "Sixth Sister, this bangle is too expensive, I can't take it. You should bring it home with you to wear!"

Miss Su had never expected nor wanted Chu Lian to give her that jade bangle at all.

Chu Lian glared at her playfully and shoved the jade bangle into her hands. "Fifth Sister, this jade bangle doesn't suit me at all. It'll be useless if I bring it home with me." She even showed her wrists to Miss Su.

Chu Lian’s wrists were much more slender than Miss Su's, so the jade bangle really didn't suit her.

Miss Yuan's eyes were wide open and her heart was filled with anxiety as she watched the two of them politely passing the box here and there. She really wanted to help Miss Su accept the gift, so that Miss Su's rejection wouldn't affect the likelihood of Chu Lian giving her the golden hairpin. When Miss Su finally accepted that jade bangle, she heaved a sigh of relief. Miss Yuan’s gaze immediately locked onto Chu Lian next.

Miss Su had no other choice but to accept the bangle. She felt guilty and happy at the same time. Chu Lian's willingness to give her something meant that the relationship between them could still be repaired. "Then I'll thank Sixth Sister here. The next time I have something good in my hands, I'll definitely think of Sixth Sister first."

Chu Lian smiled at her and patted the back of her hand. Next, she set her eyes on Miss Yuan and Miss Fu.

Miss Yuan was staring at her with an almost frenzied gaze, while Miss Fu had been going around with an ugly expression since getting slapped in the face by her actions in Jinshi Pavilion. She couldn't even be bothered to fake a pleasant smile, and instead, pursed her lips without speaking.

Chu Lian inwardly rolled her eyes. Miss Fu was still expecting a gift from her even in this state? Did Miss Fu really think that she was a saint or something?

Chu Lian looked away from them and looked to Miss Su instead. With a warm expression, she said, "Fifth Sister, it's getting late now. It's about time for me to head home. Let's say our goodbyes here. I'll send you an invite for a flower appreciation party at the Jing'an Estate some other time."

Miss Su smiled and nodded. Goodbyes done, Chu Lian immediately turned to her carriage, leaving a slender silhouette for Miss Fu and the others to gaze upon.

Miss Yuan was momentarily stunned. Without even thinking, she reached out her hand towards Chu Lian as if she wanted to bring her back. When Miss Yuan recovered her wits, she couldn't help but chase after her.

"Sixth Sister, wait!"

Chu Lian stopped and turned around. She blinked innocently and tilted her head to one side in mock confusion. "Eighth Sister, is there something the matter?"

Miss Yuan pressed her lips together, her eyes full of disbelief. She... she... she actually forgot her golden hairpin! How could she do that! She had picked that golden hairpin first! It should be hers!

Miss Yuan exercised the last of her restraint to hold back the unhappiness and frustration in her heart and managed to squeeze out a slightly strained smile. She tried to remind Chu Lian by saying, "Sixth Sister, have you forgotten something?"

Chu Lian looked upwards, as if she was giving a serious amount of thought to this question. After a moment, she smiled as she met Miss Yuan's expectant gaze and shook her head. "My memory's still good! I remembered everything important, and didn't forget anything."


Miss Yuan's eyes widened and her hands curled into fists under her sleeves. She angrily said, "Since Sixth Sister can't remember, then I'll remind Sixth Sister. That golden hairpin!"

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