Chapter 167: Disbelief (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 167: Disbelief (1)

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The bearded bailiff’s eyes darted about as he thought. Although the capital was large, there was a great number of people occupying the space. As long as someone intentionally tried to spread some news, even the most boring gossip would spread like wildfire.

The House of Count Jing'an was also a noble house. When ordinary folk had nothing better to do, they enjoyed discussing interesting tidbits like the private affairs of the noble houses during their meals.

A few days ago, when Chu Lian had received an imperial edict and been conferred the title of Honoured Lady Jinyi, House Jing’an hadn’t hidden the news at all. Chu Lian usually stayed inside the Jing'an Estate without paying attention to what went on outside, so she had no idea that this matter had already spread throughout the capital.

Although there were many members of the imperial family who were conferred titles, House Jing’an’s Third Young Madam was the first non-imperial family member to receive a personal title in decades, so it was normal for everyone to be surprised.

In fact, there were also plenty of noble ladies who were looking for an opportunity to meet this Honoured Lady Jinyi as well!

Due to a mere fifth-ranked Honoured Lady title, Chu Lian had been pushed to the height of gossip. She had practically become famous overnight among the capital’s people.

These bailiffs weren’t stupid; the leader immediately realised what Chu Lian’s identity was! He glared at Manager Wang, wishing he could split that man’s head open!

What the hell! And he even called himself a servant of the Jing'an Estate! If he couldn’t even recognize his own master, he deserved whatever punishment came to him!

The leader’s attitude became even more deferential. He even seemed to be trying to curry favour with the flattering lilt of his tone. “Honoured one, please let this humble one deal with these bad servants who don’t know any better for you, so they don’t spoil your mood.”

Chu Lian’s brows furrowed together. She really didn’t like how this head bailiff had changed his attitude towards her so quickly, like he was merely flipping the pages of a book. She indifferently said, “There’s no need for that. I’ll send someone to bring them back to the estate, and have the steward personally punish them.”

No matter how terrible this Wang family’s actions had been, they were owned by the matriarch. It wouldn’t be proper to use her title and order the bailiffs to deal with them -- certain things should stay within the family, especially as the matriarch was her elder.

The leader was rather embarrassed by the rejection, but he had no choice but to keep quiet.

When they heard what Chu Lian had said, the three servants were all scared out of their wits and knelt on the floor, begging for forgiveness.

Chu Lian didn’t want to deal with this annoying family, so she ordered the manservants who had come along with her to stuff their mouths and send them to the steward of the estate.

Wenqing politely sent the bailiffs off.

Guilin Restaurant’s main hall finally settled into silence again. Only Chu Lian and her party were left.

It was at this moment that she heard footsteps coming from the back. Chu Lian raised her brows. She hadn’t thought that there were still other people inside Guilin Restaurant.

The curtains in front of the door shifted, revealing a white-haired old man dressed in a rough tunic.

When the old man lifted his gaze, he was met with Chu Lian’s appraising eyes. He was slightly stunned, but immediately followed with an amiable smile.

“May this old servant ask if you’re the master of this place?”

Wenqing and Wenlan exchanged glances, both wearing identically puzzled expressions on their faces.

Wenqing walked up to him and supported him as they walked over to Chu Lian. “Old sir, this is House Jing’an’s Third Young Madam. The matriarch has already handed over this restaurant to Third Young Madam.”

The old man’s eyes immediately lit up, causing his wrinkled face to look like peels of dried tangerines.

“There’s finally hope for Guilin Restaurant! It can be saved!” The old man began to laugh and cry with joy. He used his sleeves to wipe away his tears.

Chu Lian was confused. “Old sir, may I ask your identity?”

The old man quickly calmed himself down and said, “My apologies, Third Young Madam, this old servant has been inconsiderate. I am the bookkeeper of Guilin Restaurant…”

The old man’s surname was also Wang, but he wasn’t related to Manager Wang and his family at all. However, the old man was also a servant originally from the Jing’an Estate.

TL Note: A bookkeeper takes care of the account books.

Chu Lian and Wenqing are literally calling him 'old man', but using a very polite term in Chinese. It's used in deference to his greater life experience and knowledge. To give the same context, I tried using 'old sir' to show that they are giving him respect due to his age. :3

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