Chapter 166: Teaching a Lesson (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 166: Teaching a Lesson (3)

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Upon recalling the insults he had thrown at Chu Lian earlier, Ah Cai started to tremble. The face that had been full of fighting spirit earlier was now completely ashen pale in fear.

Two bailiffs took the bound Mrs Wang and Ah Cai off the hands of the manservants.

Suddenly, a puddle appeared on the cyan floor tiles, followed by a terrible fishy stink. When Wenqing looked down, she realised that the crotch of Ah Cai’s pants were soaked…

He had actually peed himself in fright.

When Manager Wang saw Ah Cai’s state, shame flooded his being. He glared at Ah Cai angrily; this was all that idiot’s fault!

Manager Wang had just gone to the gambling dens and lost some money. Afraid that Mrs Wang would find out, he had entered sneakily through the back door and bumped into Ah Cai when he was bringing out the dishes to the main hall. Ah Cai had cooked up this plan to get Manager Wang to bring over some bailiffs they were familiar with to scare Chu Lian and have her cough up more money.

Who would have thought that they would shoot themselves in their own foot!

Of course Manager Wang was filled with hatred!

The bearded bailiff came over to Chu Lian eagerly and bowed at the waist, “Does Honoured One have any other orders?”

Chu Lian didn’t bother speaking with the leader. Instead, she turned to Wenqing and said, “Bring me the account books from the counter.”

Despite feeling the embarrassment of getting ignored, the bailiff didn’t dare to voice any complaints. The gap in their statuses was too great. Furthermore, judging by the ability that the maidservant had showed just now, he didn’t dare to underestimate them. Even if this young madam hadn’t shown off her imperial identity, the five of them wouldn’t have been a match for that one maidservant.

When he thought of that, the curly bearded leader appeared even more respectful and humble.

Manager Wang startled when he heard Chu Lian’s command.

What? The accounts?

Someone who was affiliated with the imperial family actually wanted to see the accounts of his little restaurant? There had to be something wrong with that, or he had misheard.

Manager Wang gulped in fright. Somehow, he managed to say a few words. “Hon… Honoured One, what’s there to see in our little restaurant’s books? They are merely a bunch of insignificant numbers; please do not tire yourself.”

Chu Lian looked down at Manager Wang. “Manager Wang, I forgot to mention this to you. Guilin Restaurant has been given to me by my grandmother. This place will not require your services any longer.”

It was like Manager Wang had been struck by lightning!

The shock factor from this simple sentence of Chu Lian’s was worlds above the time she brought out the jade token carrying the insignia of the imperial family!

Manager Wang’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. Chu Lian’s words echoed in his mind, and when he finally processed what they meant, he immediately knew her true identity.

A young madam from House Jing’an? Who else could she be other than the third young madam, the most recent addition to the Jing’an household? Furthermore, this third young madam had only just received a personal title of Honoured Lady two days ago, conferred to her by the Emperor.

They had just tried to bully their own masters!

Had this young madam simply been a member of the imperial family, then their punishment for offending her would’ve only been spending a few nights in a jail cell. With their connection to House Jing’an, they wouldn’t have even experienced any hardship.

However, things were totally different now. Third Young Madam was not only a member of the imperial family, but she was also a member of House Jing’an. For mere servants of House Jing’an, like them, Third Young Madam’s words were law. To make matters worse, she was also the new master of Guilin Restaurant! Even if she wanted their lives taken, all she had to do was say the word!

A moment after, a wet patch appeared under Manager Wang’s crotch as well...

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Both uncle and nephew had peed their pants; what an impressive ability!

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