Chapter 157: Reading Letters From Home (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 157: Reading Letters From Home (2)

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After using a bag of pork jerky to keep that gluttonous Laiyue away, He Changdi was finally able to enjoy some peace and quiet in his room.

He gently placed the bag of snacks off to the side before sitting down by his desk and taking out his letters.

He read the letters from Matriarch He and his eldest brother He Changqi first, then those from Countess Jing'an and his best friend Prince Jin.

When he noticed that every family member had sung praises of Chu Lian, for the first time, He Changdi wasn’t filled with contempt. He gripped the letters in hand, lowered his gaze, and pursed his lips, seemingly lost in thought.

After being distracted for a good while, He Changdi put the letters from his family aside and opened the letter from Prince Jin.

However, the moment he read Prince Jin’s two-page letter, the hard-won sliver of guilt and bafflement from before vanished into thin air, without leaving a single speck behind!

Chu Lian! That wicked woman! How dare she!

So it was true -- it was easier to move mountains and rivers than change a person’s nature!

He had truly been too naive, thinking that she had actually turned over a new leaf just because she was a bit different from the previous lifetime. Who would have thought that... Hmph! So a leopard really couldn’t change its spots!

Xiao Bojian, Chu Lian... One day... He’ll make that cheating couple pay!

By the time He Sanlang recovered from his episode of overwhelming hatred, Prince Jin’s letter was all crumpled up into a ball. When he released his grip on it, the bits of torn paper slipped between his fingertips and scattered, just like snow.

He Sanlang leaned back against the chair and closed his grudge-filled eyes, only to open them a few moments later. His eyes had darkened, and his aura also changed, becoming colder and stern.

He Sanlang’s gaze lowered, locking onto the huge leather envelope on the table. The sight of it now conjured a sense of ridicule instead of warmth.

An icy, mocking snort slipped out from between his lips.

He Sanlang reached out and tore open the massive envelope with his long, nimble fingers.

Although his face was still cold and stern, his slightly trembling fingers exposed his true feelings.

His heart was filled with hatred, but his fingers still moved to open the envelope, almost against his own will. He pulled out a thick stack of papers from inside.

In his past life, that wicked woman had never written a single letter to him, so he rarely got to see her handwriting.

With that, it could be assumed that he, her legal husband, didn’t even have a place in her wicked heart.

When he opened the letter and saw the simple drawings on the very first page, He Sanlang was stunned.

His almond-shaped eyes flickered with uncertainty, and he quickly flipped through the next few pages.

Damn it! Just like the first page, they were all drawings! Every single one of them! There wasn’t a single written word!

Despite the simplicity of the artwork, a vivid, lively scene was presented with just a few brush strokes. But no matter how innocent the picture, He Sanlang still wasn’t able to contain the rage swirling inside his chest.

He slammed his fist against the table, causing the paperweight on the table to flip over twice.

He Sanlang felt that all the letters he sent to provoke Chu Lian had been completely ignored. His anger was all pent up in his chest, and it was obviously a difficult thing to bear.

He got up and paced around the room to try and suppress the raging anger and frustration he felt inside.

A long while later, He Sanlang gradually calmed down.

He once again returned to his desk. When his gaze landed on the stack of drawings, He Sanlang sneered.

It had been months since they last met, and that wicked woman was getting better and better at acting. A mere stack of drawings had given the whole family a favourable impression of her. They probably thought that the envelope contained thousands upon thousands of words of longing as deep as an endless sea, as if by writing them she wanted to send the entirety of herself over to him. If he hadn’t opened it himself, perhaps he would have been fooled by that wicked woman as well.

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