Chapter 155: Letters From Home (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 155: Letters From Home (3)

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Since there was a shortage of goods, when Laiyue had gone shopping earlier today, he had only been able to buy some millet, sorghum, and wheat bran.

He couldn't even find any fresh vegetables, fruits, or even wild-caught meat.

There was only a single place selling alcohol in this bleak and desolate place. The alcohol was simply some watered down low quality wine.

Laiyue had never needed to cook while serving his young master before. His culinary skills were close to non-existent. Making something edible was already a commendable feat for him.

There were monthly raids by the Tuhun soldiers here and the whole city was almost empty. They were indeed in dire straits.

He Changdi glared fiercely at Laiyue. This manservant was way too useless; how could he be even more pampered than his own master?

Laiyue's legs turned to jelly under that intense stare. He had to summon up enough courage to say, "Young Master, if you think that my cooking is bad, then why don't I buy back a maidservant for you tomorrow?"

There were plenty of poor families forced to sell their sons and daughters to survive in this city. It was quite cheap to buy a girl to cook and clean for you.

He Changdi took up the wooden chopsticks at the side and harrumphed. "Buying a maidservant? Are you going to raise her then?"

After hearing He Changdi's words, Laiyue immediately shut up. Although it was only a single maidservant, he couldn't afford to keep her. He had to eat and drink! The money they brought was barely enough for the two of them as it was.

Too lazy to continue talking to this useless manservant of his, He Changdi held his bowl in hand and took a sip with his brows furrowed.

As expected, this 'porridge' tasted as bad as it smelled. Even the Chinese olive porridge made by the barbarians was better...

For the sake of keeping his body fueled, He Changdi forced himself to drink down the entire bowl. It wasn't the time to be picky. After the morning market in Liangzhou closed, there were barely any street stalls or shops open. Even if they wanted to eat something better, they didn't have the money for it.

Laiyue drank down a bowl of 'porridge' with a bitter expression. When he was done, he stared at the empty bowl before him with a blank expression and began talking to himself. "If only Third Young Madam were here... Even the lousiest ingredients become heavenly dishes in her hands..."

As he daydreamed about a heaping bowl of braised meat, Laiyue felt that he had become even more of a glutton after these few months...

"What did you say?" When He Changdi heard Laiyue's mumbling, he abruptly turned his fearsome gaze onto his dazed manservant.

Laiyue shrunk back and quickly kept silent.

He Sanlang glared at him again before standing up and leaving for his room. He had been out the whole day and was really tired by now.

Lying on the simple bed made of mud, He Changdi rested with one arm behind his head and one arm on his chest. Perhaps due to Laiyue's words, what flashed through his mind wasn't the anger, regret, and hatred from his previous life, but the memory of Chu Lian having breakfast in the parlour of Songtao Court.

Shrouded by the steam from the food, her face seemed to lack the perverse ruthlessness and eccentricity he had seen before, and she seemed like a totally different person from that wicked woman of his previous life.

Even though their faces were exactly the same, he felt that they were completely different people.

What in the world was going on?

Could the allure of food be that great? So much so that it could change his mind towards someone so sinister and venomous?

With an unsettled heart, he shut his eyes before opening again. His thoughts returned to those few meals he had had in Songtao Court.

He realised that that wicked woman could use even the most simplest of ingredients to cook up a tasty meal.

Those wontons and scallion pancakes he had the other day were just made of flour, vegetables, and some meat.

If Chu Lian were here by his side now, what culinary delights could she make with the millet, sorghum, and wheat bran?

No matter what, it would surely be delicious.

When he realised where his thoughts had led him, He Changdi's slender body abruptly froze up. His expression turned ugly and gloomy.

He rubbed his temples in frustration. It must have been his fatigue, coupled with Laiyue's words. Otherwise, how could he be missing that wicked woman who had condemned him to a life not worth living!

Sometimes, it wasn't good to keep talking about others. While He Sanlang was regretting his thoughts and trying to force himself to sleep, a series of furious knocks at the door interrupted him.

"Young Master, Young Master! The estate sent some letters for you!" Laiyue excitedly exclaimed.

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