Chapter 142: Jealousy (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 142: Jealousy (1)

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Xiyan was also happy that Third Young Madam was finally thinking about Third Young Master. In her excitement, she took out all of Chu Lian's snacks and packed them up, including a few pretty little blue cloth bags and the small jar of translucent shredded beef. Though it wasn't much, it was just enough for a small package.

On the other hand, when Senior Servant Gui looked at the package, she felt that it was too small. Wouldn't sending such a small amount reflect badly on their young madam? Thus, she took the initiative to take out the grape wine that Chu Lian had fermented a few days ago. After adding one bottle into the package, Senior Servant Gui was satisfied.

Poor Chu Lian didn't know that all of her snacks had been offered up by Xiyan. Not even her grape wine, which hadn’t been easy to make either, was left untouched by these two.

Once both the letter and package had been prepared, they were sent on their way to the outer court. By then, the entire estate knew that Chu Lian was going to send a giant letter to He Sanlang.

The main steward retold the story in front of the other stewards, boasting that he had personally made that huge envelope for Third Young Madam's letter!

The faces of Matriarch He, Countess Jing'an, and Heir Jing'an were filled with gratified smiles upon hearing this bit of news.

They praised Chu Lian, exclaiming that Sanlang had really married a good wife!

Thus, the letters that the other family members intended to send to He Changdi were full of praise for Chu Lian, noting that she was both sensible and filial. It was probably only Madam Zou's letter that didn't contain something nice about her.

All of House Jing'an's letters and packages were quickly sent to the northern border.

Within the study room of Prince Jin's estate, the usually cheerful Tang Yan had lost his smile. His expression was extremely grave. He glanced towards the seemingly relaxed Prince Jin, sitting at the head of the room with his eyes closed and resting.

"Your Highness, the city guards just sent some news over. The assassins we captured all died overnight."

Prince Jin's startlingly blue eyes instantly flickered open.

"Have you found any leads?"

"All of the assassins had a black imprint on their left arm. After examining the bodies, we suspect that the imprints are part of a secret technique from the previous dynasty to control kamikaze warriors."

"Send people to continue the investigation. Check on the background of Defeng Teahouse as well."

Tang Yan indicated that he had received his orders and left.

Prince Jin's long, elegant fingers tapped gently on the table before him.

His eyes seemed to have darkened, showing hidden depths.

Everything that happened in Defeng Teahouse played in Prince Jin's mind once again. He hadn't forgotten how Chu Lian had been able to recognise him at first glance back then.

Although he was part of the imperial family, and even held the status of fourth prince, he wasn’t as favoured as the other princes. His mother had passed away long ago, and his mother's maiden family was too weak. Thus, he had no support to speak of.

He was already eighteen this year, and had left the palace two years earlier to establish his own estate. After moving out, other than for the major court meetings held twice every month, he didn't enter the palace often. In their earlier years, he and He Changdi had regularly visited the military camp located in the outskirts of the city, so he was familiar with most of the military officials at court. Otherwise, he couldn't possibly have arranged a position for He Changdi at Liangzhou.

However, the Great Wu Dynasty favoured literary officials over the military. Thus, not many cared that he was making connections with the military officials.

Due to his uncommon eye colour, the emperor had already told him in private that a prince with mixed blood would never be accepted in the competition for the throne. Thus, Prince Jin had never sought to fight for it, even in his younger days. This was also the main reason he had been given an official title of Prince and sent out of the palace to establish his own estate much earlier than the rest.

Perhaps in two more years he would take a wife and be sent off to some other territory, but for now, he was allowed to spend his days in the capital mostly idle.

Prince Jin's abnormal eyes were one of the taboos in the imperial family. With his reclusiveness, not many people knew of this strange trait of his apart from some trusted officials at court.

Even if people found out about this fact, few of them would dare to discuss it openly. As much as Prince Jin wasn't favoured, he was still one of the imperial sons carrying the bloodline of the emperor.

Despite this, Chu Lian had been able to identify him at first glance.

Sixth Miss Chu had simply been a forgotten little miss of House Ying before her marriage. She had probably never attended any important feasts in her entire life. He Sanlang wouldn't have mentioned him to her either. And judging from He Sanlang's attitude towards her during the first few days, did he really seem like someone who would share intimate details of his life with Sixth Miss Chu? Not at all!

Prince Jin hadn't been dressed like a prince that day in Defeng Teahouse. However, Chu Lian had been able to tell who he was the moment she had met his gaze after coming out of her private compartment. She had clearly recognised him.

This was getting interesting.

He Sanlang, He Sanlang... You've been pretty fortunate to have picked up such an interesting wife. Not only was she in contact with some strange man, she seemed to be hiding a lot of secrets.

Prince Jin didn't dare to guess at what Sixth Miss Chu was thinking. However, it was a fact that Chu Lian had sent her servant to bring the city guards back, saving his life.

Prince Jin knew how to repay his debts.

He wouldn't refuse to acknowledge Chu Lian's efforts in saving him just because his good friend, He Changdi, happened to despise her.

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