Chapter 140: Reply (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 140: Reply (2)

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Xiyan hurried out with a smile on her face to look for another envelope. She bumped into Senior Servant Gui outside the bedroom. Senior Servant Gui found it strange that the normally calm maidservant had a bright smile on.

Xiyan chuckled. "Momo, you should have seen it! The size of the reply that Third Young Madam has written for Third Young Master's letter! It can't fit in a normal envelope, so this servant is going to find a much bigger envelope to fit it in."

As Xiyan was speaking, she even gestured with her fingers to show how thick the stack was... with some exaggeration, of course.

Senior Servant Gui chuckled along with her. She recalled that Third Young Master had sent back a letter for their Third Young Madam. It must have been something he’d written that had made her so happy. Why else would Third Young Madam have so many things to say? Her reply couldn’t even fit in a normal envelope!

"Good, that's good. This old servant will help search for one as well."

In the end, they had to make a request to the steward of the outer court for one!

The fact was that such big envelopes were rarely used, so they didn't have any in the estate. In the end, it was the steward who used leather to fashion one in a stroke of genius. There was a special feeling to it when Chu Lian held it in her hands, almost like the file holders back in the modern era.

Senior Servant Gui and Xiyan happily watched as Chu Lian personally put the thick stack of papers into the envelope and sealed it. She even wrote the words 'To my dear Sanlang' on the front. The two servants imagined their Third Young Madam stuffing the entirety of her sweet little heart into that large envelope.

Remembering Senior Servant Liu's special reminder, Chu Lian had Senior Servant Gui find a cloth for wrapping up a package. She packed up a few of He Changdi's inner clothes, cloaks, winter clothing, shoes, and so on. These had already been made for He Changdi anyway, so Chu Lian didn’t need to do a single thing.

Senior Servant Zhong was also present in the room. A corner of her lips lifted in appreciation. In her heart, she nodded. Third Young Madam really did have Third Young Master in her heart. She even knew to pack up some clothes for her husband.

The courier had already told them that he could help bring some things over, but not too much, or it wouldn't be very convenient for him.

Matriarch He also knew how strict the army camps at the northern border were, so she didn't try to make things difficult for the courier. She even specially told Chu Lian of the package limit.

After preparing a small bundle of things, Senior Servant Zhong had already brought the younger maidservants out to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Senior Servant Gui thought for a while before deciding to stay behind. She helped Chu Lian tidy up the bundle before commenting, "Third Young Madam, this old servant heard that the northern border is extremely barren; there's not much to have there. Third Young Master must be used to a comfortable life here in the capital. He might not be able to get used to the northern border… It’s possible that his appetite is suffering as well. He must surely miss the fine cuisine back here in the capital."

Chu Lian couldn't understand what Senior Servant Gui was trying to say. She tilted her head in confusion as she looked at Senior Servant Gui. Her eyes were bright and moist, and she even made a cute 'mm?' sound in questioning.

"Didn't he decide to go there by himself? He didn't even tell me beforehand. It's none of my business, even if he suffers there!"

Senior Servant Gui sighed inwardly. "That's not what this old servant meant. This old servant was simply saying that Third Young Master is most likely not sleeping or eating well. Didn't you have Xiyan and the other girls make some snacks a few days ago?"

Only those who were fortunate enough to taste the splendors of Chu Lian's 'secret recipes' would know the temptation of food. As the saying went, ‘the primary necessity of the people is food.’ In the ranking of all of life’s pleasures, food was number one!

Just take Senior Servant Gui for example. After getting used to eating the dishes made from Third Young Madam's recipes, she would probably look down on even the most famous restaurant in the whole entire capital now. Those 'fine cuisines' were complete garbage when compared to the food here at Songtao Court!

Their Third Young Madam wasn't good at much. In the past, she had some skill in brewing sencha, but since she refused to even touch the tea now, this was the last remaining skill that she could show off.

Who didn't like to eat in this world? Especially good food. No one could possibly dislike it!

There was nothing good to eat over at the northern border. If Third Young Madam were to send something nice along, wouldn't Third Young Master be tremendously happy?

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