Chapter 137: Lover's Token (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 137: Lover's Token (2)

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One was most afraid of the darkly sinister look that sometimes graced his master's face, and it was this exact expression that he was wearing right now. One’s body trembled a little as he pulled out an exquisite piece of jade from his sleeve. He respectfully offered it up to his master with both hands. "Master, this subordinate found this in Sixth Miss Chu's private room."

Xiao Bojian reached out and took the jade amulet in hand. His slender fingers caressed the surface of the amulet. He recalled that this was the amulet that Chu Lian had been wearing today. It was a quality piece of jade, and the carving was finely detailed. He could tell that it was of great value at one glance.

The carving on this jade amulet was beyond compare. It was also perfectly sized so it could be worn by either gender. The embroidered string that it hung on was a bright pink, perhaps since Chu Lian had been wearing it. If it were changed to a dark blue or green string, it should be fine for a man.  

Xiao Bojian didn't think that Chu Lian would carelessly leave behind such a valuable piece of jade in the room. There was only one possibility... That she had done it on purpose...

As for who this jade amulet had been meant for, he was the only man who had visited that room today, so the conclusion was clear.

With a burst of emotion, Xiao Bojian’s clenched the amulet in his hands, a glint flashing through his eyes.

When he heard One's report, the longing he felt in his heart grew even stronger.

He never knew that his Lian'er could be so smart and calm. Even if it had been him in that situation, he might not necessarily have been able to make the same bold and brave decision that Chu Lian had.

Saving the Fourth Prince and building ties with Prince Wei's estate -- his Lian'er was truly one of a kind.

The light in Xiao Bojian's eyes shone even brighter. Every time he discovered another one of her merits, it was even harder for him to let go of her. Even though she was already married to someone else, his covetous heart had never loosened its claws on her; not once!

He was the only one fit for his Lian'er!

He had been planning on approaching Chu Lian slowly, creating more chances for the two of them to meet. However, that He Sanlang had wisely backed out and left for the northern border all by himself.

Heh! Then he didn't need to act recklessly. He had all the time in the world to come up with a plan, to make his beloved woman walk step by step into his carefully prepared trap, and finally become his.

Though he was still in the midst of building up his base of power, there wasn't any need to fear a small house like House Jing'an. Although the Jing'an Estate was full of military officials, the current emperor heavily favoured the literary officials. The only exceptions to this were the Dragon and Tiger Guards. Other than the border generals, there were hardly any military officials with some sort of influence in the court now.

Once this year's autumn examinations began, it would be his time to shine and display his ambition!

One was watching the changes in his master's eyes as he held onto the jade amulet. He coughed twice and carefully asked, "Master, when this subordinate investigated the assassins for a moment, this subordinate noticed that there were black imprints on their left forearms."

Black imprints? Xiao Bojian's eyes narrowed slightly.

When One noticed that Xiao Bojian wasn't speaking, he continued his report. "As far as this subordinate knows, black imprints were a secret imperial technique from the previous dynasty. There are venomous worms in the imprints. When these assassins fail their mission, the person controlling the main worm can activate those black imprints to force the assassins to commit suicide."

Xiao Bojian waved his hand and didn't say anything else, simply acknowledging the report.

Upon noticing his master's expression, One didn't continue speaking.

However, he did continue that line of thought in the safety of his own mind. Were the mysterious assassins sent to kill the Fourth Prince and Royal Princess Duanjia by someone supporting the previous dynasty?

They had changed to the Great Wu Dynasty for many years now. Even if there was a remaining trace of the old imperial bloodline, they should have slowly faded into nothing by now. How could they have had the power to send assassins after a prince and princess in broad daylight, let alone on one of the main streets of the capital?

The mystery of the assassins would require further investigation to resolve.

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