Chapter 136: Lover's Token (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 136: Lover's Token (1)

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"Of course I know all that! I just didn't expect that the wife I happened to pick out for Sanlang would turn out to be such a lucky star."

"Isn't it so! If Third Young Madam continues her friendship with Prince Wei's estate, it’ll be tremendously beneficial for our estate."

Prince Wei was extremely close to the current emperor, yet he wasn't involved in politics. His house was also known for being morally upright. Having connections with Prince Wei's estate would only bring them benefits, and no harm at all.

"Matriarch, this old servant isn't sure whether to speak freely..."

Matriarch He glared at Senior Servant Liu. "You silly servant. There's nothing that you can't say freely in front of me."

Senior Servant Liu paused her massage and moved over to face the matriarch. "Matriarch, this old servant wonders if you noticed Eldest Young Madam's expression today. This old servant is afraid that Eldest Young Madam's thoughts may be straying towards the wrong path..."

Matriarch He sunk into silence.

Dalang's wife!

When Chu Lian returned to Songtao Court, she had a quick meal with some snacks before returning to her bedroom. It had been a physically and mentally taxing day for her, so she intended to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.

Regardless of the troubles currently plaguing her mind, Chu Lian determined that leaving the pondering to tomorrow was a better course of action than keeping herself up the entire night today.

Fuyan pushed aside the gauze curtains on the bedchamber. First, she glanced at Xiyan, who was standing ramrod straight as she guarded the chamber. Next, she peeped at Chu Lian, lying on the bed.

Although nothing showed on her expression, her curiosity was burning. She hated that she couldn't immediately question Xiyan about what had happened today.

She wanted to know if Third Young Madam had met Mister Xiao today while out of the estate. Was she secretly having an affair with Mister Xiao?

That high-quality dress that Third Young Madam had changed into was also suspicious. She couldn't possibly have changed into it after meeting Mister Xiao, right?

All sorts of scenarios played out in Fuyan's mind. When she thought of Third Young Master's cool and handsome face, she pinched her palm for courage.

Third Young Master was so good-looking. If Third Young Madam had betrayed Third Young Master, she... she wouldn't let it continue!

Though Fuyan was so hung up over He Changdi's looks now, if she could see what He Sanlang looked like as he roughed it out at the northern border, she probably wouldn't be using the word 'handsome' to describe him any time soon.

Xiao Bojian had already escaped Defend Teahouse long before the city guards’ arrival, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t close by.

Standing inside a fabric store opposite the teahouse, Xiao Bojian repeatedly clenched his hands into fists at his side. His eyes were murky, as if he were struggling inside. Finally, he turned and spoke to One in a low voice. "Why don't you go to Defeng Teahouse and see how Lian'er is doing?"

The expression on the bodyguard's average-looking, forgettable face seemed to flicker for a bit. However, in the end, he didn't disregard his master's request. He grunted in acknowledgement and merged back into the crowd on the street.

After an hour, One was back.

Xiao Bojian had already moved to a room on the second floor of the fabric store. He sat behind a desk, a calm expression on his face. However, his voice betrayed the anxiety he felt inside as he asked, "How was it?"

One cupped his fists. "Reporting to master. Sixth Miss Chu is already safe. Master can relax now. The city guards have already taken down all the assassins."

Xiao Bojian caught the thread of hesitation on One's face as he spoke. His expression darkened. "What are you trying to hide? Speak!"

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