Chapter 135: Lucky Jade Amulet (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 135: Lucky Jade Amulet (2)

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The carriage slowly made its way through the streets. Just as they were about to reach the Jing'an Estate, Chu Lian instructed Wenlan to rearrange her hair. Then, she would change back into the accessories she had been wearing when she left this morning.

Her hair had been arranged in a maiden girl’s hairstyle back at Prince Wei's estate, so she definitely had to change out of it before she returned to her husband's home. The phoenix tail hairpin that Royal Princess Duanjia had made her wear also had to be removed, otherwise it would be another cause for wagging tongues.

However, she couldn't change out of the dress that Royal Princess Duanjia had given to her.

The news that Chu Lian had returned to the Jing'an Estate quickly made its way to Matriarch He and Madam Zou’s ears.

Chu Lian knew that she couldn't possibly hide the day's events, so she didn't return to Songtao Court upon reaching the Jing'an Estate. Instead, she took Wenlan and Xiyan with her to Qingxi Hall.

The waiting Madam Zou also brought her servants with her as she headed to Qingxi Hall.

The two of them met in the corridor outside.

Chu Lian had already sensed the discontent that Madam Zou seemed to hold for her, so she made doubly sure that her every gesture and action was courteous and in line.

"My greetings to Eldest Sister-in-Law." Chu Lian bobbed in salute to Madam Zou.

Madam Zou moved forward a few steps to help her up; however, her gaze was looking Chu Lian up and down. When she recognised the fabric that Chu Lian was wearing, something shook in the depths of her eyes. Despite that, on the surface, she was full of smiles. "Sister-in-Law, you seem to be wearing a different dress than the one you were wearing this morning."

Soft silk!

An imperial tribute!

Even the imperial family didn't get much of this fabric. It was an imperial tribute from the small country of Xinan. Only titled noble wives were allowed to wear them.

Consort De had gotten two bolts of this fabric last year and had given half a bolt to Heir Dingyuan's wife, Madam Huang. Madam Huang had used all of it to make a dress. When she wore it to the orchid appreciation party amongst the titled noble wives, she had looked outstanding and garnered much admiration. However, Chu Lian was now wearing a dress made of that very same fabric.

Another headache started building in Chu Lian's head. She knew this was going to happen. She gathered up every shred of her patience to explain everything to Madam Zou.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law, something happened at Prince Wei's estate today. Let's enter Qingxi Hall first. I'll explain everything to you and Grandmother together. This dress I'm wearing belongs to Royal Princess Duanjia, and she's simply lending it to me temporarily."

Madam Zou was shocked! Royal Princess Duanjia's dress!

When had Chu Lian gotten so close to the princess? How could Royal Princess Duanjia have given her such an expensive dress just like that? Judging by how new and pristine it looked, it seemed like the princess had never even worn it after it had been made.

Madam Zou suppressed the shock in her heart and followed Chu Lian into Qingxi Hall.

It was only after explaining everything to Matriarch He and Madam Zou that Chu Lian could drag her exhausted body over to Songtao Court to rest, escorted by Senior Servant Liu.

When Madam Zou returned to her own courtyard, her mind was reeling. She hadn't expected such a windfall to have fallen into Chu Lian's lap after a simple trip outside. Not only had she built a connection to Prince Wei's estate, but even the normally unapproachable Prince Jin was now in her debt. With things as they stood, Chu Lian would definitely be making another visit to Prince Wei's estate. Madam Zou had already started making plans in her mind.

After Senior Servant Liu returned from sending Chu Lian back to Songtao Court, she saw that Matriarch He was still sitting in the parlour. The candles around her flickered, casting her face in alternating light and shadow. She seemed to be deep in thought.

Senior Servant Liu walked up to the matriarch's side and gently massaged her shoulders. "Matriarch, are you thinking about what happened to Third Young Madam today?"

The matriarch heaved a long sigh. "This old woman could have never expected that girl to bring about such change."

"Perhaps it's due to Third Young Madam's courage, intelligence, kindness, and how much she values friendship. Otherwise, she wouldn't have thought up a plan to save Royal Princess Duanjia under those circumstances. If this old servant is permitted to say more, then His Highness Prince Jin was also saved thanks to Third Young Madam today! If not for Third Young Madam sending Wenlan to get the city guards, how could they have caught the assassins so quickly?"

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