Chapter 133: Twins (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 133: Twins (3)

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Princess Wei took in a deep breath. By the time she set down her teacup and raised her head, she had already calmed the turbulent emotions in her heart. She cast a careful, measuring gaze over the two young girls in front of her, before reaching out to pull them closer. She stroked Royal Princess Duanjia's forehead and patted Chu Lian's little hand gently. When she caught sight of the phoenix tail hairpin in Chu Lian's hair, her eyes narrowed and she sent an admonishing glare to Royal Princess Duanjia.

"Good, good. This princess ordered these two bolts of fabric a few days ago, it looks like the dresses turned out well. Look at these two girls; they look like sisters dressed in the same outfit."

Royal Princess Duanjia’s reply was a bright smile, like her mother’s reaction was only to be expected. On the other hand, Chu Lian was shocked. But she managed to hide it well, not forgetting to issue a standard polite reply as she said, "It's Royal Princess Duanjia who has good taste."

"Alright, the two of you must have suffered much shock today. This princess has arranged for some guards to send Chu Liu home. On another day, this princess will personally send an invite for Chu Liu to come and spend time with this princess and Royal Princess Duanjia."

She hadn't realised that time had passed so quickly that it was already evening. Royal Princess Duanjia knew that it wasn't appropriate to keep Chu Lian any longer, so she could only agree to sending Chu Lian home with the estate's guards. Royal Princess Duanjia even escorted her all the way to the entrance. Even when Chu Lian was boarding the carriage, she still seemed reluctant to let her go. "Chu Liu, don't forget, you promised to cook roast duck with me."

Chu Lian patted Royal Princess Duanjia's hand in comfort. "Princess, you should return quickly. Don't let Princess Wei worry. I won't forget about our promise. I'll even bring cat head shaped cookies with me the next time I come, too."

It was only after Chu Lian's carriage had departed that Royal Princess Duanjia returned to her estate, accompanied by her maidservants.

One of Royal Princess Duanjia's handmaids, Jinxiu, had already explained the whole course of events today to Princess Wei.

Senior Servant Lan shared her thoughts. "It really was all thanks to House Jing'an's Third Young Madam that our young princess made it back safely today. No wonder the young princess is unusually close to her and treats her like a sister." Even to the point of reliance, went unsaid.

Princess Wei's gaze was a little darkened. She suddenly stood up and entered her bedroom deeper within the building. When she pressed a certain spot behind a table, a small door appeared on one of the walls of the bedroom with some calligraphy hanging on it. Princess Wei passed through the door and walked right up to the incense table filled with offerings. She took up the small memorial tablet on the table and wiped it gently with her handkerchief.

When she heard the soft footsteps behind her, Princess Wei could no longer hold back her tears.

She asked, "Momo, do you think it's Little Ni'er who has come back? Back then, that lady doctor told me, Little Ni'er passed on the moment she was born because she wanted to protect her little sister. She gave all the nutrients she had in her mother's womb to her little sister, so she couldn't survive. Now Duanjia has been saved by her again..."

Senior Servant Lan's heart ached for Princess Wei, but she noticed that the princess looked a little off. Princess Wei's body had been injured during the birth of the twins, and she could never have any more children. The firstborn young princess hadn't taken her first breath after leaving her mother's womb. Thus, Royal Princess Duanjia became even more precious to Princess Wei, and she showered her with all the affection meant for two children.

That lost little princess became a sore spot in Princess Wei's heart. Although she had never mentioned it before, she had prepared this altar for the lost princess. However, it was clear that Princess Wei's heart had never recovered from the loss, and it seemed like her mental state was deteriorating.

Senior Servant Lan had also taken a good look at House Jing'an's Third Young Madam today. If that Third Young Madam had been someone with impure motives, she would have definitely persuaded Princess Wei out of her dangerous mindset. However, Sixth Miss Chu had saved Royal Princess Duanjia without caring for her own life.

Senior Servant Lan sighed with emotion and went along with Princess Wei's belief. "Perhaps that Sixth Miss Chu really does share some fate with her! Although she's already married, she's the same age as our young princess. Even her figure and looks are somewhat similar. If they had gone out in those dresses today, perhaps they might have been mistaken for sisters! Since she saved the young princess, it's perfectly normal for Princess to treat her well."

Princess Wei seemed to be reassured by Senior Servant Lan's words. She caressed the small tablet in her hands and placed it back onto the altar, her eyes a little misty. "Momo, you're right. That child deserves better. Furthermore, she saved my Duanjia today."

Senior Servant Lan saw that Princess Wei had recovered her usual calm, so she finally relaxed.

Meanwhile, Chu Lian had gone through a roller coaster of emotions today. It wasn't until she boarded the carriage that she could truly relax.

As Wenlan fanned her from the side, Chu Lian leaned against the carriage window and shut her eyes to rest. After a short moment, she asked, "Where are the clothes and accessories I changed out of?"

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