Chapter 132: Twins (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 132: Twins (2)

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Princess Wei was still waiting in the parlour outside. When the two young ladies were done dressing up, they walked into the parlour holding hands. Princess Wei was stunned for a moment.

In her eyes, two young ladies, around the age of fourteen or fifteen and about the same height, had just entered the room. The girl on the left was wearing a light pink dress made out of soft silk with wide sleeves and a translucent overcoat. The girl on the right was dressed in the same style, but with a different colour: light purple.

The two of them had similar figures and had adorned themselves with the same hairstyle; even the hairpins and accessories on their heads were exactly the same. Only their expressions and features were different. However, they were both tender young ladies in the bloom of their youth; no one could shift their gazes away.

In an instant, everyone in the room was dazed from the sight.

Royal Princess Duanjia tugged Chu Lian forward with her a few steps. She tilted her head to one side and asked, "Mother, what do you think? Do we look pretty?"

It was only then that Princess Wei came to her senses. Her gaze still seemed misty, and she hurriedly tried to hide the trace of pain in the depths of her eyes. One of her senior servants noticed that something wasn't right and quickly poured a cup of tea for Princess Wei to help her hide her sorrow. The senior servant then smiled happily and replied, "Royal Princess and Third Young Madam, you both look beautiful dressed like this. This old servant is almost blinded by how pretty you look!"

"Senior Servant Lan usually has high standards. Since she thinks that we're pretty, then we definitely must be! Chu Liu, see, this princess made a good choice, right?"

Chu Lian's heart was almost in her throat. How was this good in any way? Royal Princess Duanjia was way too oblivious. If she were to dress in the same clothes as her host in any other estate, it would be considered very disrespectful towards her hosts. In this case, that would be the two princesses before her. Luckily, it seemed like Princess Wei hadn't taken it badly, so Chu Lian heaved an inner sigh of relief.

Senior Servant Lan didn't have the time to care about what the two young ladies were thinking. She glanced at Princess Wei's expression from time to time, her hands had also travelled to Princess Wei's back at some point and were patting the princess's back gently, as if comforting her.

Senior Servant Lan sighed in her heart. Who would have expected Royal Princess Duanjia's careless gesture to have pierced right into Princess Wei's most painful spot?

No one knew of this other than Prince Wei and the old servants who had served at Princess Wei's side back then, not even the two young princes. At the birth of Royal Princess Duanjia, Princess Wei had given birth to twins.

Both of the twins were daughters, but only one survived. They weren't able to save the other. To prevent others from using this event to claim that Prince Wei's estate was unlucky, Prince Wei made the decision to cover it all up.

Even now, Royal Princess Duanjia didn't have the slightest idea that she had a twin sister who had passed away.

Other than their looks, Chu Lian was similar to Royal Princess Duanjia in age and figure. Now that she was dressed in the same set of clothes as Royal Princess Duanjia and standing in front of Princess Wei, didn't they seem like a lovely pair of sisters? To Princess Wei, it was like she was looking upon the daughter who had passed away so early in life; how could her heart have possibly remained unmoved?

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