Chapter 127: Sudden Change (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 127: Sudden Change (2)

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Chu Lian and Xiyan were both women, and their strength was limited. There was no way they would be able to carry the unconscious Wenlan with them.

Xiyan tried her best to suppress her building anxiety, but she couldn't hold back the tremor in her voice as she asked, "Third... Third Young Madam, what should we do now?"

Chu Lian looked at the unconscious Wenlan and then back at Xiyan, who was clearly frightened out of her mind. Her hands clenched into little fists, hidden under her wide sleeves. When she felt her nails dig into the palm of her hands, she forced herself to calm down.

Chu Lian didn't reply Xiyan immediately. Her clear, determined eyes made a sweep of the area outside the private room. When she noticed a rack of basins nearby, she hurried over to it and took up one of the bronze basins. Then, in a single quick movement, she upended the basin, pouring cold water all over Wenlan’s face.

Chu Lian had no idea if this would work. If they couldn't wake Wenlan up, she and Xiyan would have to leave first.

Perhaps Wenlan's senses were more developed than most due to her martial arts training, because right after the cold water hit her, Wenlan quickly woke up. Her eyelids trembled as she fought to open her eyes. The first thing she saw upon regaining consciousness was Chu Lian squatting in front of her with a solemn expression. Afterwards, it didn’t take long to recall what had happened before she had been hit.

Wenlan's pupils abruptly shrunk and her eyes turned clear. Worried, she asked, "Third Young Madam, did anything happen to you? Someone ambushed me!"

Chu Lian let out a sigh of relief and helped Wenlan up with Xiyan's support. "There's no time to explain. Wenlan, we have to leave this place right now!"

The sounds of combat from the next room hadn't ceased while they were talking. Conversely, it sounded like the fighting was actually getting worse. Chu Lian wasn't sure when the fight would spill over into their room, so it was best to leave right at this moment.

With her experience, Chu Lian's words, and the fact that she had been ambushed by someone, Wenlan's reacted quickly after the fuzziness in her mind cleared up. She noticed the situation they were in and understood that Third Young Madam was right. Wenlan's expression turned serious. "Third Young Madam, this servant will head out first in a moment. Please follow behind this servant together with Xiyan."

Chu Lian nodded in acknowledgement. After Wenlan finished speaking, she wiped off the water on her face and took out a whip from where it had been hidden in her belt. She kept it in her hands as she moved. First, she leaned against the door to the room and listened for some time. Then, when she believed it was clear, she signalled over to Chu Lian and Xiyan.

Wenlan carefully opened the door and led them out slowly. It was just after 1pm, so there weren't many people occupying the private boxes in Defeng Teahouse. They didn't see anyone else at all upon leaving their room.

"Third Young Madam, let's leave quickly. House Jing'an's carriage is at the back of this building!" Wenlan whispered a reminder.

Chu Lian forcefully nodded. Her heart was beating furiously.

Just as she and Xiyan were about to move, the door behind them burst open with a huge bang. An assassin dressed in black had been kicked out of the room; he took down the doors with him as he landed. Right after, a few men in black appeared suddenly, and the sounds of clashing swords rang out.

All of this happened right before their eyes. The assassin who had broken the door was only two to three meters away from Chu Lian.

Her heart thumped even faster. The participants in the fight that had spilled out of the room and into the corridor all glanced in Chu Lian's direction. Cold sweat broke out on the girls' backs as time seemed to freeze.

In the next second, two masked men in grey and two richly dressed men dashed out from the room in pursuit. One of them was wearing a jade crown, protected in the center of the three other men.

That man's gaze couldn't help but turn towards Chu Lian; Chu Lian's gaze also coincidentally met with his.

Azure eyes! A sharp look!

Chu Lian's entire body shivered.

Tons of details rushed into her mind like a flood. So it was him!

Chu Lian stomped her foot fiercely. How could she be this unlucky! She managed to bump into such an important figure while out for a simple cup of tea. No wonder they had suddenly been dumped into the middle of this once-in-a-blue-moon assassination attempt.

As much as Chu Lian hated the situation, the more anxious she got, the clearer her mind became. She ordered the two maidservants to leave right now.

She turned and left; in her peripheral vision, she noticed that the azure-eyed man simply glanced at her before continuing his fight with the men in black. Another seven or eight more assassins rushed out from the room, each of them highly skilled in martial arts.

Chu Lian was absolutely frightened. She hadn't expected to bump into an assassination, let alone one with so many assassins.

And there were only three guards around that azure-eyed man!

Chu Lian shut her eyes tightly. Although she wanted to help him, she knew her own limits. If she were to try to help him, she would only be a burden. There was no way she would be able to assist him.

Chu Lian ran even faster. Luckily, the assassins were fixed on their target. Although they noticed her running away, they didn't send anyone to chase after her. Thus, she was able to heave a great sigh of relief.

Just as Chu Lian thought that the three of them were finally clear of danger, she heard heavy footsteps coming from the stairway to the second floor of Defeng Teahouse. When Chu Lian looked up, she met with Royal Princess Duanjia's eyes.

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