Chapter 126: Sudden Change (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 126: Sudden Change (1)

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It seemed like the man in grey had finally convinced him; Xiao Bojian pressed his lips together tightly and followed the man out.

As he passed by the entrance screen, he couldn't resist turning back to look at Chu Lian, who was still standing by the table. At the same time, Chu Lian just happened to direct her gaze towards him. Their eyes met.

In his mind, Xiao Bojian felt like he would never forget Chu Lian's current expression.

It was an expression that conjured a piercing pain inside his heart, numbing him to all other feelings.

Chu Lian's almond-shaped eyes were opened wide, a trace of confusion in their depths. Her eyes were bright and crystal-clear, like sunlight shining through glass. There was also a tiny little bit of contempt that she was trying hard to conceal. That's right, contempt! Contempt towards Xiao Bojian!

Xiao Bojian felt as if he had been stabbed directly through the chest. His brows furrowed in pain.

A layer of frost glazed over his eyes. It froze even his strong, beating heart, turning it into a sculpture so fragile it would shatter at a single touch. He would’ve rather not understood that look in Chu Lian’s eyes then.

However, there was still the looming risk of pursuers urging him on. He gritted his teeth and mouthed something to her; then, in the span of a second, he left without turning back.

'Lian'er, I've disappointed you this time. Wait for me. I'll definitely make it up to you and give you the best in the whole world!'

Xiao Bojian disappeared just as quickly as he had appeared.

When Xiao Bojian left, a bunch of thoughts ran through Chu Lian's mind.

That smidge of contempt in her eyes had not been faked; she really looked down on him.

She could surmise from the sudden appearance of Xiao Bojian’s subordinate that something bad must have happened in Defeng Teahouse, something that would affect even the lives of bystanders!

However, at such a dangerous time, Xiao Bojian had followed his subordinate and left all by himself, leaving his 'beloved' Chu Lian behind in Defeng Teahouse. Heh! Someone who only cared for himself in the face of danger wasn't qualified to be spouting romantic words like that! Chu Lian suddenly pitied the original female lead.

By falling in love with and following a man like that, the original female lead would’ve surely been backstabbed by him someday.

After this whole event, Chu Lian felt even more disgusted by Xiao Bojian. She decided that she had to be more careful next time and avoid meeting such a terrifying man in the future.

The most important thing right now was to protect herself!

Chu Lian didn't want to be someone who could only helplessly await her fate.

Luckily, the soul that resided in the original female lead's body was now Chu Lian. Otherwise, how would she have calmly considered all this? It would’ve been good enough if she didn't lose her wits over that man.

Xiao Bojian didn't know that his shameless, lone escape had earned him the label of a self-centred rat, something that he would never be able to remove for the rest of his life.

Chu Lian tugged at Xiyan, who had almost lost her soul from the tension just now. "Xiyan, what are you blanking out for? We have to leave now! Didn't you hear what that man in grey said!"

Xiyan was only a maidservant in the end. No matter how loyal she was, with everything that had just happened, her spirit had already been completely shattered since Xiao Bojian's mysterious appearance in the private room. After Chu Lian pulled her into motion, she became completely flustered. However, upon seeing how calm Third Young Madam was, she seemed to have found her backbone. She watched Chu Lian closely and forcefully nodded.

Chu Lian patted her arm and led her towards the exit. The fighting sounds from next door had become even louder, accompanied by the sounds of porcelain shattering on the floor.

Since Chu Lian was in such a rush, the jade amulet she had at her waist got hooked onto the screen and fell to the carpet silently. Chu Lian and Xiyan didn't notice it at all.

When she reached the door, she found the unconscious Wenlan. Chu Lian's expression turned solemn. No wonder Wenlan hadn't even warned her about Xiao Bojian’s visit. She had already been taken care of.

When Xiyan saw Wenlan collapsed against the wall, she almost shouted in fright. However, upon receiving Chu Lian's warning glare, she hurriedly covered her mouth and silenced herself.

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