Chapter 125: Meeting (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 125: Meeting (3)

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Xiao Bojian suppressed the sourness in his heart and forced his face into a gentle, kind expression. Since Chu Lian didn't even want to reach over and accept the gift, he pulled it back towards himself, opened it up, and placed it in front of her again.

He put on his warmest, most persuasive tone of voice and said, "Lian'er, take a look. It's the golden hairpin with jade inlays that you were eyeing for so long back then. Do you like it?"

Chu Lian swept her gaze over it. The hairpin was covered in exquisitely engraved flower patterns. Both the hearts of the flowers and their petals were decorated in high quality jade. On the head of the hairpin were five small sapphires glimmering in the light, forming the largest flower of them all. This accessory was indeed of high value, and it was certainly beautiful; no wonder the previous 'Chu Lian' had yearned over it.

Xiao Bojian's expression softened a little, perhaps due to sensing Chu Lian's admiration of his gift.

Since his Lian'er didn't want to speak, then he could be the one to fill the silence. He had to let Lian'er understand the true depths of his sincerity. That damn He Changdi wasn't good enough for her!

"Lian'er, it's Brother Xiao who was wrong. I should have bought this hairpin for you earlier. After making you wait for so long, why don't you let Brother Xiao put it on for you now?"

Chu Lian: ......

She was already at her limit just trying to keep up her calm facade! What was this guy trying to do now?!

What the two of them didn't know, was that their whole conversation had been heard by Prince Jin in the private room next door.

Waves of emotion rippled across the calm lakes of Prince Jin's azure eyes.

Xiao Bojian?

He hadn't expected Miss Chu to be so daring. Prince Jin instantly felt gratified that he had chosen to follow Miss Chu here. He was also starting to understand why He Sanlang had asked him to keep a watch on this newlywed wife of his.

His azure eyes glimmered and the corner of his mouth raised; all this was going to be even more fun now.

Chu Lian hurriedly waved away the offer. For the sake of placating Xiao Bojian's anger, she could only say in a small voice, "There's no need for that. I'll just bring it back."

After saying so, she picked up the plain brocade box from the table and passed it to Xiyan, who was waiting behind her.

Seeing Chu Lian accept the gift, Xiao Bojian seemed to finally relax and stopped trying to put it on for her.

"Lian'er, wait a little longer for Brother Xiao, won't you? Trust Brother Xiao. It won't take too long."

Xiao Bojian stared at the tender, fair little hands that Chu Lian had placed on her knees. He had the urge to take them and cover them with his own large palms so that he could massage them. The more he thought about it, the more tempting it was. He unconsciously kneaded his palms with his fingers.

Chu Lian had to resist the urge to glare back at him with all her might. Could this damned Xiao Bojian stop pushing his one-sided feelings on her? Had he ever considered her feelings in the matter? As expected, he was extremely hateful, and even more annoying than He Changdi!

Xiao Bojian was about to continue speaking when a loud bang resounded from next door. Chu Lian suffered a fright-- what followed was the clanging sound of a fight.

Chu Lian's expression immediately turned serious as she looked at the wall separating her room from the one next door.

Xiao Bojian sat up in his seat, clearly startled by the noise as well. He was more sensitive than Chu Lian.

At that exact moment, a man dressed in grey came out from the shadows and walked up to Xiao Bojian. He whispered into Xiao Bojian's ears, seemingly reporting something.

The furrow between Xiao Bojian's brows grew more pronounced. He reached out to grab Chu Lian, who was just a short distance away, but the man dressed in grey held him back.

The man said, "Master, there's no time, we have to leave quickly. If those people discover us, the consequences will be dire."

"But, Lian'er..."

"Miss Chu is not their target; she'll be fine! Come with me, quickly! If you don't leave now, all the years of preparation will be ruined in an instant!"

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