Chapter 124: Meeting (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 124: Meeting (2)

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"Lian'er, I'm so glad you came today. You must have heard my song, 'The Phoenix Seeks His Soulmate', just now. What do you think?"

Xiao Bojian's tone was full of tenderness, and his eyes were soft with affection.

However, his words stirred up a wave of emotion in the heart of the woman sitting opposite him.

What was going on!

Why... Why was Xiao Bojian talking as if the two of them had made plans to meet here at this teahouse? She hadn't received any sort of communication from him though!

Was Xiao Bojian pulling a bluff on her, or had something happened without her knowing?

Also, he had been the one playing the song that almost put her to sleep?!

Bro, you played it well, but I don't even know how to appreciate music like that!

Chu Lian wanted to cry. If she had known that something like this would happen, she wouldn't have agreed to go out with Royal Princess Duanjia.

Chu Lian's head lowered even further. Her voice was as tiny as a mosquito’s as she said, "It was passable."

Upon receiving an evaluation like this, Xiao Bojian’s disappointment was clearly reflected in his eyes. However, he immediately put on a warm smile again and placed a small brocade box he had been carrying onto the table. Pushing it towards Chu Lian, he said, "Lian'er, it's your birthday today. This is a birthday present that I've prepared for you. Open it and see if you like it."

Chu Lian shot a glance at the plain brocade box on the table. She tried her hardest to hold back the twitching of her face. What was going on here? Her legitimate husband didn't mention her birthday at all, and had probably completely forgotten about it. However, this outsider came all the way up to her just to give her a present... Chu Lian wanted to roll her eyes at the heavens.

She took a deep breath and tried her best to let him down gently. "Thank you for your kind thoughts, Mister Xiao, but I can't accept this gift."

Xiao Bojian's breathing slowed. There was a storm whirling in his eyes as he furrowed his brows. "Lian'er, Brother Xiao has spent a lot of effort to prepare this especially for you."

Xiao Bojian stared tensely at the woman sitting across from him; with her head lowered, he couldn't read her expression at all. He fisted his hands under his wide sleeves, feeling his fingernails pierce into the skin of his palms.

"Lian'er, why are you so afraid? Why haven’t you looked at me yet?"

For the second time already, Chu Lian felt like crying. Who wanted to look at this darn pervert! If she could, she would have escaped already!

The pressure of facing the book's original male lead, Xiao Bojian, was too much for her. It was much easier to face her crazy husband!

"Lian'er, since you've come here today, aren't you implying that you still have me, your Brother Xiao, in your heart? I know you were forced into these circumstances. Don't worry, leave it all to Brother Xiao. Someday, Brother Xiao will get you out of this." Near the end, Xiao Bojian's voice held a hint of ferocity.

The way the vicious expression contorted his handsome features could send chills down anyone's spine.

Xiyan had only caught a glimpse of it; she was so frightened that she ducked down and didn't dare to move again.

Chu Lian wanted to knock herself out with a block of tofu. Her heart was full of frustration from her suffering. If she had known that this idiot would be here at Defeng Teahouse, she wouldn't have come here even if they beat her to death!

Bro, don't be like this. Could you be a little more normal? I'm already married. Although my husband isn't really all that sane and even likes to act out, I have no intention of cheating at all! What's up with you, coming over here all sneaky and silent? Why are you so obsessed with trying to make me commit adultery?

Chu Lian pursed her lips and decided not to say anything in the end. She had a hunch that if Xiao Bojian discovered that she wasn't the real 'Chu Lian', he might go even crazier. Her life could very well be in danger. Thus, it was better to keep a low profile...

What kind of mess had the original 'Chu Lian' left for her to clean up?!

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