Chapter 122: Playing for the Deaf (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 122: Playing for the Deaf (3)

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While Xiao Bojian was immersed in his overwhelming joy, he couldn't have known that this method of confessing when used on Chu Lian was like playing to the deaf. She hadn't even known that a song like 'The Phoenix Seeks His Soulmate' existed until today, so how could she know what the song was trying to express?

In the private room next door, Prince Jin and Tang Yan had looks of understanding on their faces.

Prince Jin waved over one of his personal guards and instructed, "Go and find out the identity of the player."

His azure eyes narrowed together, and his gaze landed on the wall as if it could pierce through and observe the two ladies next door.

Which one of them was meant to be the recipient of this love song...?

It was just past 1pm. There weren't many young ladies in Defeng Teahouse right now. The only ones who had just arrived were House Jing'an's Third Young Madam and Royal Princess Duanjia.

After the song was done, Xiao Bojian wrapped up in style and switched with the teahouse's usual player. The guard One took this opportunity to return and quietly report to his master that he had successfully carried out his orders.

The corners of Xiao Bojian's lips curled up and he nodded.

He stood up quickly, striding out to a room where he wouldn't be noticed. Under his wide sleeves, he held tightly onto a plain brocade box.

As the music slowly faded, Royal Princess Duanjia nodded a few times. She couldn't help but praise the player. "Setting aside the player’s looks, there's nothing to criticise about his skills on the guqin. Anyone who can play the guqin to this extent can't possibly be someone unaccomplished. This humble listener has been blessed."

Chu Lian couldn't understand her words at all. She could only tell that the song had been played well. However, to someone from the modern world who had heard all sorts of music and even gone to concerts, these ancient guqin songs weren't much.

This was the problem of having too wide a world view. It couldn't be helped.

Royal Princess Duanjia shot a glance at the slightly dazed-looking Chu Lian, who was drinking some mead. How could she be so unmoved after listening to such brilliant guqin music? Curiosity welled up in the princess again as she asked, "Chu Liu, what do you think about that person's playing?"

How could Chu Lian possibly be able to critique that player's music skills? She coughed and tried to go along with what Royal Princess Duanjia had said. "It was not bad."

Royal Princess Duanjia gaped a little. She had been deceived by Chu Lian's culinary skills before, so she thought that Chu Lian must have hidden her skills in other areas too. However, that wonderful playing had only earned a 'not bad' from Chu Lian!? The stubborn princess inwardly decided that she had to play a song for Chu Lian the next time they met.

Chu Lian didn't know that her casual comment had inspired Royal Princess Duanjia to play for her. If she had known, she would have rather spoken the truth.

Then she wouldn't have to suffer through Royal Princess Duanjia's playing day after day.

The two of them were chatting casually when Royal Princess Duanjia suddenly frowned. Her expression contorted.

Chu Lian sensed the change and suffered a fright. She quickly asked, "Royal Princess, are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere?"

When questioned, Royal Princess Duanjia flushed red and hurriedly replied, "Chu Liu, wait here for me. I'm going to the ladies'."

Seeing Royal Princess Duanjia seemingly trying to hold back something with difficulty, Chu Lian nodded in quick succession and let her go.

Once Royal Princess Duanjia left, only Chu Lian and Xiyan were left in the room, while Wenlan was standing guard outside.

Wenlan was standing ramrod straight outside the room, but her expression suddenly changed. She hadn’t had the time to react when a burst of pain struck the back of her neck and she lost consciousness in the next second, collapsing bonelessly against the wall.

Xiao Bojian shot a look at the guard next to him, and One quickly hid into the shadows.

Xiao Bojian stared at the beautiful silhouette he could see from behind the screen at the entrance of the room, and his heart beat faster. The hand gripping his dagger under his sleeve tightened before he strode forward and passed through the screen.

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