Chapter 164 Green Vines: Failing To Draw A Tiger

Chapter 164 Green Vines: Failing To Draw A Tiger

The civilians of Ding Tao felt that something was amiss. Don’t the people from Jianghu like to settle their grudges themselves and not bring it to court? Why are they still running to the yamen every few days?

The people from the Demonic Sect that went to the Yamen were heartless and vicious. They killed officials. Luckily, the Demonic Sect had ceased to exist.

But today, they came to Yamen because Governor Tian’s concubine was killed. The people from the Jianghu felt that she was killed by the leader of the Xiaoyao Sect and wanted to get justice for Governor Tian. The civilians were confused. Governor Tian was an official; he would be able to investigate the case by himself. Why would he need the people from Jianghu to get justice for him? Does he have any relationship with these people?

As for Xiaoyao Sect, it was a sect that only did good deeds. Can they let their leader be taken to yamen just because those people from the Righteous Path said that he killed the concubine? A lot of civilians were gathered around yamen, watching as the members of the Righteous Path argued with the officers of the yamen.

After the members of the Righteous Path finished shouting, Situ brought his people out and stood outside the gate, questioning the people of the JIanghu.

“Governor Tian’s concubine just caught the flu. The governor had already sent someone to visit her. Who gave you all the courage to spout such nonsense over here!” The assistant magistrate had no choice but to say, his words instructed by Situ. Don’t blame me, Governor; why did you disappear at such a crucial moment?

The people from Jianghu looked at each other. Normally, they would just gather together and get ready for action whenever they hear any news. They didn’t go and analyze the truth behind this piece of news. After a long while, the chief disciple from E Mei Sect opened her mouth under the gaze of their sect leader.

“You have no evidence. How do we know if you are hiding something?”

Feng Luodi felt that these people were really unreasonable. They said whatever they felt like saying and judged others by their own standards. Just like what Situ said, the people that came were all sects of the Righteous Part but they couldn’t be compared to martial arts sanctuaries like Shao Lin Monastery and Wu Dang Sect. They were the tower of strength for the martial arts world.

Only those without the ability would jump around causing a ruckus. This was what Situ summarised. Feng Luodi understood this sentence now.

Situ gave a sneer and looked past the pleading gaze by the assistant magistrate. He stared right at those noisy people of the Jianghu and said in a cold voice, “Who are you? What right do you have to bother about the yamen’s business?”

The chief disciple choked on his words. The jeering from the civilians made him felt ashamed.

As things were getting awkward, the sect leaders that were present finally stood up and used their neigong to spread their words far away.

“Duke of Anping, the Jianghu and the imperial court don’t interfere with one another. However, our sect is within the territory of Ding Tao. Since there are sects creating havoc and killing the families of officials, we just wanted to spare a thought for the civilians of Ding Tao. Why are you stopping us? Are you colluding with them?”

Feng Luodi exchanged glances with Xue Yiqi. They both thought that these people spoke really daringly.

Situ looked at them coldly. The oppressive aura he had made many Jianghu people uncomfortable. After a long time, Situ said, “What do you mean by not interfering with each other?”

“The Jianghu is just a small portion within the entire ocean, it should be governed by the imperial court too. As someone who learns martial arts, you need to have a righteous and pure heart. Firstly, you practice martial arts to strengthen your body. Secondly, you practice it punish evil. As for those murders and grudges, they should be reported to Yamen according to the rules of the Xuan dynasty.

This speech provoked the people of the Jianghu at the scene. They always viewed the Jianghu as a separate entity with its own order and the imperial court had no rights to govern them. Now, this obscurity was brought out under broad daylight. The civilians that had much displeasure against the people from Jianghu were furious as well.

Those that couldn’t control themselves furiously unsheathed their weapons. However, they were stopped by the shouts from the civilians.

“What the duke said is correct. Stop creating troubles however you want to in the future.”

“And don’t accuse the Xiaoyao Sect anymore. At least they didn’t fight everywhere and disturbed our lives these past few days.”

These gossips made the people from Jianghu understand how the civilians felt towards them. The civilians were the foundation of everything, whether it was a kingdom or the Jianghu.

After all the shouting, an embarrassed silence followed. After a long time, the leader of Kun Lun Sect asked, “I heard that the leader of the Xiaoyao Sect is living in yamen. Is it true?”

Feng Luodi and Xue Yiqi gritted their teeth when they heard this. These people still didn’t want to give up. They just wanted to prove that Shangguan Yan had the opportunity to commit the crime.

“It is true.”

Situ’s tone was calm, “Not only is the leader of the Xiaoyao Sect staying in the yamen, Lu Buping, who was accused as the murderer, is also locked up in prison. Seems like they didn’t commit the crime.”

The Kun Lun Sect Leader was not convinced and wanted to say something, but the friendly and casual voice of the First Prince came from behind the crowd.

“You are right, Duke of Anping. After all, I was the one the asked Shangguan leader to be my guide to bring me to 15 different counties.”

Everyone turned around. The First Prince was wearing clothes that befitted his status. Beside him was the beautiful Shangguan Yan. She had also changed into a decent set of clothes. The civilians exclaimed at how noble and easygoing the First Prince was. Also, they were surprised that the leader of the Xiaoyao Sect was such a beautiful and young lady. Look at how innocent she looked. How can someone like her kill Governor Tian’s concubine?

Shangguan Yan’s beauty caused many people to suck in their breath but her gaze fell on Xue Yiqi the moment she appeared. Feng Luodi was suddenly curious about Xue Yiqi’s reaction. She turned around and looked at him. He was giving orders to the people beside him in a low voice and did not notice Shangguan Yan at all.

Is this a one-sided love?

Feng Luodi shook her head. She watched as those Jianghu people left the scene among the noises from the crowd.

When everyone returned to yamen again, Shangguan Yan pulled on her clothes uncomfortably. She said with some disdain, “What material is this made up of? It is so uncomfortable.”

Lu Buping, who managed to get of prison, immediately held up the clothes that Shangguan Yan liked and she stopped complaining. She chose a few and wanted Xue Yiqi to follow her to change. Xue Yiqi ran away to find Situ in fright. Shangguan Yan didn’t like and didn’t want to interact with was a man like Situ. Hence, she pouted and left with the clothes. Xue Yiqi heaved a sigh of relief.

Feng Luodi scratched her face helplessly. There was nothing she could do about this. Lu Buping looked at Situ and then at the First Prince. He asked curiously, “What is the use of doing this? It does clear my suspicion and let the civilians know about the Xiaoyao Sect, but those unreasonable people would not give up.”

Situ glanced at Feng Luodi. Feng Luodi understood and took on the role to explain.

“There are two good things that will arise from this.”

Feng Luodi guessed Situ’s intention. “Firstly, even if the Emperor send someone to investigate, there would only be the Xiaoyao Sect. As for the Demonic Sect, it is up to us to decide who it is.”

“Two, this scene today shows that everyone was used by the leader of the Qing Cheng Sect. If we guessed correctly, Governor Tian rushed off to find Sect Leader Xiao.

Lu Buping understood it. He looked at Situ who was nodding his head in satisfaction and pouted. Why does a lady need to be so smart? I still prefer ladies like Qi’er who is a bit blur.

Very soon, Six brought back good news for everyone. Six looked the most ordinary out of all the Covert Guards and was the most powerful. Also, his voice was similar to Situ. It was cold with no emotions.

“The moment Governor Tian left his house, he went to meet the leader of the Qing Cheng sect in a normal residence. The two of them had a fight. Governor Tian wanted to break off the deal because Sect Leader Tian killed his beloved concubine. However, Sect Leader Xiao threatened him. He said that they were on the same boat now and the plan must continue.”

Six’s tone was indifferent and said things blatantly. He had no talent in storytelling.

No one needed him to have the talent too.

Situ said coldly, “What agreement did they have?”

Six replied, “They didn’t talk about what Sect Leader Xiao wanted. Governor Tian wanted to use the power of the Qing Cheng Sect to control the people of the Jianghu in this area and keep his position as the Governor. At the same time, he will use the power of the Jianghu to gain some things for himself too.”

To use the power of Jianghu? Feng Luodi frowned. Doesn’t that mean he needed them to kill people for him? Seems like Governor Tian is a heartless person who didn’t care about the lives of people as well.

“What does Sect Leader Xiao gain from the agreement?” the First Prince was puzzled. Only ten days were left till the deadline.

Situ sneered, “Did you notice that even a simple disciple from the Qing Cheng Sect can instigate the leader of Kun Lun Sect?

The First Leader widened his eyes, “You are saying that…”

Obviously, the First Prince had guessed Sect Lader Xiao’s thinking. He sighed. Whether it was the imperial court of Jianghu, power and the interests of oneself are the two most important things. Everyone kept quiet. Now all they needed was to wait for someone to walk into the trap.

After some time, Governor Tian, who just came back to his residence to moan about his beloved concubine’s death, was brought in front of Situ before he could react.

Beside Situ stood Feng Luodi, the First Prince, Xue Yiqi, Shangguan Yan and Lu Buping. Governor Tian went pale and realised that he was tricked. His legs turned weak and he almost collapsed onto the floor.

A pair of soft hands caught him and said gently, “My dear husband, please take care of your body.”

Governor Tian turned around stiffly. Wasn’t this his gentle wife?

“Why are you here?” Governor Tian’s voice was hoarse. It sounded like the scratching between two pieces of wood.

Before his wife could reply, Xue Yiqi said righteously, “Lady Tian was worried that her youngest son would die because of his father’s stupidity and sought help from us.”

“Xing’er?” Governor Tian’s gaze turned focused. He grabbed his wife’s hand and stammered, “Tell me truthfully, what happened to Xing’er?”

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