Transmigration: Of Mysteries and Songs

Translated by: Rakumon

Author: Qingyu Anfou (青玉案否 )

Team Members: Littlebigwhale (Translator), Rakumon (Translator), Yuna (Translator), Yuchaoz (Translator)[Previous], Fractal (Editor)[Previous]

Littlebigwhale's Note: Heyyyyy there! This novel is set in the world of Xuan Dynasty, a spinoff from the Tang Dynasty of our times. There’s a pretty heavy focus on the clothes/accessories worn by the characters, so yay for those of you that like that kinda stuff! As you read on, poems pop up several times in the novel, especially when the MC plays her songs. These are written by littlebigwhale(me!) and Rakumon drawing inspiration from the lyrics of the modern songs quoted by the author! This is my first time TLing, and hence please give any feedback you deem necessary, or good to know!
Let’s all have a whaleeeee of a time~