Chapter 96: Unresigned (2)

Chapter 96: Unresigned (2) 

“They’re coming over,” Next Week Is Unlikely said.

The trio didn’t know what the siblings did over there, but when they returned, Dawn’s Twilight had a mournful look on his face. In contrast, Nutjob had a brilliant smile on her face. It looked as if the word “happiness” was scrawled all over her.

When they got closer, Next Week Is Unlikely said, “Nutty, we’ll be taking our leave first since you’ve gotten back safely.”

The reason why Quiet And Steadfast and co were standing guard in Redwood Forest was to protect their guild members who’d respawned. Sovereign's Descent had suffered a huge loss today. Based on their Guild Leader, Neverending Journey’s personality, he might just decide to bring some of his other guild members over to lie in wait and attack the members of Jade Sea Pavilion who’d respawned to vent his anger. This was even more likely since Slight Chill had mentioned how she’d seen Nine Ballads heading over.

Everyone knew of the grudge Nine Ballads held against Shen Jingbin. To top it off, Nine Ballads herself was had a very vindictive personality. Ever since Nine Ballads had cornered Shen Jingbin and killed her in the PVP field, everyone could tell that Nine Ballads was ever going to let her off.

Among the four of them, one was Nutjob’s husband, the other her elder brother. Of the remaining two, one was an executive within the guild while the other was a veteran member. As such, it was only natural for them to wait in Redwood Forest for Nutjob to respawn.

“Mm, you guys go about your business. Everything’s fine on my end,” Shen Jingbin said as she thanked Slight Chill and Next Week Is Unlikely for their help.

“I have something to take care off too, so I’ll be heading off first,” Shen Jingchen said.

“Sure, big bro.” Since she’d just cheated him of his money, this was one of the rare occasions where she’d spoken to him in an amicable manner.

Shen Jingchen: ...

He really felt like going onto Tianya[1] and gossip about this shameless younger sister of his!

Shen Jingbin watched as Slight Chill and the rest left before she returned her gaze to Quiet And Steadfast.

“Don’t you need to discuss today’s incident with the Guild Leaders of Imperial City and Memelord?”

“I’m not good at communicating. Next Week is usually the one in charge of dealing with diplomatic affairs.”

“You seem to be pretty carefree for a Guild Leader.”

Quiet And Steadfast chuckled, “I don’t know about me being carefree, but the members of Jade Sea Pavilion are all pretty good people. I’m very happy being the guild leader and that’s what’s important…  Now, I’ll accompany you to White Cloud Temple.”


The duo summoned their mounts at the same time and flew towards White Cloud Temple.

Going back to Reckless East Emperor, after hearing the system notification, he immediately got caught up in a bundle of excitement.

After the latest update, the game’s administrators revealed the means of joining the Demonic Sect. But based on how they did things, the information they revealed would be completely useless, and instead tasking players to find out on their own.

Many players were moved by the BUG like levels of offence and defence that the Shinra Sect had, and Reckless East Emperor amongst those players.

However, there was no news of any player being accepted into the Shinra Sect till now.

Of course, there was always the chance of someone withholding it. After all, the Shinra Sect was at odds with the six great sects. At present, the Shinra Sect wasn’t strong enough. If they were to reveal themselves, there’d be a high chance of everyone gang up on them

Reckless East Emperor’s moral standing and luck in the game were both extremely average. Up till now, he hadn’t received any hidden quests. When fighting against BOSSes and taking part in events, the chances of him obtaining an uncommon item them was very average too. This time around, however, one could say that him triggering the conditions to enter Shinra Sect highlight of his entire gaming career.

“Accept.” He accepted without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“You have been admitted into the Shinra Sect.”

After the normal system notification went away, the sinister voice from before rang out once more.

“Youngster, welcome to my Shinra Sect. Come, open your eyes and take a look at the world that is my Shinra Sect.”

Reckless East Emperor heard these words and opened his eyes. When he did so, he was no longer in Hell.

The sky above and the ground below was even darker than before. Not even a blade of grass was able to grow on the endless desert plains. Everything before his eyes was incomparably desolate.

“The Shinra Sect is supposed to enjoy the pleasures of changing the weather with our boundless magic power and live a glorious life where people of the world revere us. But that wasn’t so because the six great, self-proclaimed righteous sects sealed us away in this desolate place.  Young man, you understand this feeling of unfairness, right? Come, let us overrule this world and rebuild a world that completely belongs to us - a world that belongs to the Shinra Sect!”

A fire was suddenly ignited in Reckless East Emperor’s heart.

That’s right, he knew of such discontentment.

Even though Reckless East Emperor wasn’t the most impressive member in Sovereign’s Descent, he was still much better than his guild leader, Neverending Journey. Other than applying to establish Sovereign’s Descent as a guild, Neverending Journey hadn’t made a single contribution to the guild. The vice-Leader, Pure Crane, would usually be the one in charge of managing the guild. Furthermore, Neverending Journey never considered the consequences of his actions. Oftentimes, when a new idea sprang up in his mind, he would send his guild members off to their deaths in the spur of the moment, just like the chaotic warfare this time around.

Reckless East Emperor would go as far as to say that Sovereign's Descent would have long since disbanded if it weren’t for their Vice-Leader, Pure Crane.

Why couldn’t he replace a useless person like Neverending Journey? At the very least, he was smarter than Neverending Journey by a huge margin. He wouldn’t send his guild members to their deaths, and he even had Susu helping him.

He completely outstripped Neverending Journey in various aspects, so how could he be satisfied with his current status?

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