Chapter 95: Unresigned (1)

Chapter 95: Unresigned (1)

“Why hath thou come hither?” Shentu opened his eyes and asked Shen Jingbin as she walked towards the Door of Rebirth.

Shen Jingbin surprise came from the fact that he didn’t say his usual scripted lines. Instead, he jumped straight to the main topic at hand.

“I’ve obtained the whereabouts of the Black Tortoise, but I don’t have the specifics, so I thought of asking you guys about it.”

Even though Poison Toad told Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast about the Black Tortoise’s whereabouts, the Beiming Sea was incomparably large. In addition to that, Beiming Sea’s map wasn’t completely explored. Merely relying on the information that “the Black Tortoise is in the Beiming Sea” to look for it was undoubtedly trying to find a needle in a haystack.

“The four divine beasts have their own respective reasons for existing in this world. They represent different things too. Everything in this world is preordained. Thou hast to be mindful of thy surroundings for things to go smoothly.” Shentu rambled on, spouting a bunch of platitudes that had no real meaning.

As expected, trying to decipher the words of an NPC words wasn’t easy.

“Alright. Well, thanks… I want to pass through the Door of Rebirth. Can you open the door for me?”

Yulü who was standing to the side also opened his eyes, “The malicious Qi around you is too strong. You definitely can’t pass the Door of Rebirth like this.”

Shen Jingbin recalled the fine one had to pay when dying with a red name.

“How much is my fine?”

“90 taels,” came Yulü’s reply.

F*ck! Boss, I’m broke! I barely have any money left for myself!

Shen Jingbin felt like crying whenever the topic of money was brought up. Honestly speaking, she was this close to becoming a bankrupt, alright? She was already scraping to make ends meet, so why did everything she do require money? She was really living a dog’s life.

No, this won’t do. After she respawned, she definitely had to cheat that manservant Shen Jingchen of a few taels.

She wore a pitiful expression on her face, but objectively speaking, it looked less “pitiful” and more “terrifying”.

“I don’t have any money on me. Can you guys bend the rules a bit for me?”

There was a moment of enigmatic silence between Shentu and Yulü. After quite some time, Shentu heaved a long sigh and said, “Fine, fine. We made a mistake yet are still counting on thou to make up for our shortcomings. What’s this small fine in comparison to that? … Yulü, open the door.”

With downcast eyes, Yulü silently turned around and opened the Door of Rebirth for her. Shen Jingbin strode forwards with her small bandy legs and stepped through the Door of Rebirth without glancing back.

A short while later, she emerged from the door and was faced with Redwood Forest’s beautiful scenery. The chaotic free for all was no longer present and was instead replaced by the original tranquility that permeated the forest.

“Little Jingjing!” All of a sudden, she heard Shen Jingchen’s voice sound out from behind her.

She turned around and she saw Shen Jingchen, Quiet And Steadfast, Next Week Is Unlikely and Slight Chill standing behind her.

Quiet And Steadfast was the first to walk towards her.

“Which guild did this?”

“Nine Ballads from Life At First Sight,” Shen Jingbin succinctly replied.  

Once Slight Chill heard that it was Nine Ballads’ doing, she said, “Didn’t I say I saw Nine Ballads? But you guys weren’t willing to believe me, were you? From my point of view, today’s mess was jointly orchestrated by Quarrelsome Fish and Neverending Journey. That Nine Ballads is really petty. This is the first time I’ve seen someone hold a grudge like she does.”

“Neverending Journey and Crying Fish are really two peas in a pod. It’s no wonder they banded together to form an alliance. Your elder brother is gonna settle things with that Nine Ballads if she insists on bullying you over and over again!” Shen Jingchen said.

“But they’re pretty brainless. I bet Imperial City and Memelord are going to hate them after today’s incident,” Next Week Is Unlikely said.

Slight Chill interjected, “Quarrelsome Fish is better than anyone else at putting up a front. I don’t think Imperial City and Memelord are going to do anything to her. I can’t be sure about Sovereign’s Descent… Heck, one’s a spiteful woman whilst the other is an idiot. They really are a perfect match for one another.”

Shen Jingbin silently glanced at Slight Chill, feeling a little out of sorts.

Honestly speaking, she still couldn’t connect Jiang Weiwei and her online persona together! Just look at her, Jiang Weiwei was such an upright and honest girl, while Slight Chill...

Ah, could it be that everyone was secretly had a split personality?

It might have been due to her brazen gaze, but Slight Chill narrowed her eyes and said, “What’re you staring at me for?”

Shen Jingbin hurriedly shook her head, making her look like a rattle-drum as she replied, “No, it’s nothing! Nothing at all!”

Slight Chill threw her a look of disdain and said, “You still owe me twenty taels! I haven’t forgotten!”

When the matter was brought, a stern expression immediately formed on Shen Jingbin face, “I haven’t forgotten. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give it back to you… Dawn, come over for a moment.”

Shen Jingchen had a bewildered look on his face when he heard his name being mentioned, “What’s up?”

“You’ll know once you come over.”

“Oh.” He grunted in assent and obediently walked over to her side.

Quiet And Steadfast had a subtle look in his eyes as he looked at them from the back. Slight Chill caught a glimpse of that look as she stood beside him.

“Hey, what’s with that look in your eye? You look like you’re looking at your wife who cheated on you.”

“What kind of bullshit analogy is that?  Has your studies as a graduate student been for naught?”

“Bah. Zhao Chengning do you think I won’t tell Beauty Shen about you playing games? At the same time, I’ll even tell her about you marrying an ugly girl here!”

“...can't you be a little more creative? Do you think there’s any meaning to it if you always use the same excuse to threaten me?”

Next Week Is Unlikely interrupted, “Can the two of you stop arguing? Slight Chill, didn’t we agree not to address other people by their real names?”

“I forgot. Who asked him to take a dig at me?” Slight Chill said as she pursed her lips.

Next Week Is Unlikely: “I really have to hand it to the both of you.”

Quiet And Steadfast felt that if he stayed by these two any longer, his identity would probably be exposed a century earlier. Hence, he decisively chased them away, “What’re two still doing here? Hurry up and go. Do what you have to do.”

Slight Chill: “I’m here to collect some herbs. Humph, I’m not leaving.”

“... Next Week, what about you?”

Next Week Is Unlikely rubbed his nose, “I’m just here to take observe the situation. Nutty’s the last to spawn, so I’ll leave after she appears… Stop glaring at me. I’ll leave, alright? Oh right, do you want me to help you take Dawn away too? Honestly speaking, I think that Dawn is the biggest lightbulb between Nutty and you. He’s more or less a siscon.”

“What lightbulb? Who knows what kind of mental illness this manservant contracted… getting married just like that,” Slight Chill softly muttered under her breath.

Quiet And Steadfast stroked his forehead, “Slight Chill, I really feel like giving you a beating.”

Slight Chill: …

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