Chapter 94: Entering The Shinra Sect (2)

Chapter 94: Entering The Shinra Sect (2) 

Players who were in Hell couldn’t receive mail, but they’d still be able to see realm messages.

Seeing the number of casualties steadily increase, the Guild Leaders of Imperial City and Memelord calmed themselves down and started pondering over why they’d joined in on the war.

Redwood Forest was a well-known leisure spot and also the most optimal place for gathering medicine. Imperial City and Memelord both had a fair number of Life Skill players amongst them, so there’d always be a steady stream of players gathering medicine here everyday.

Life Skill players didn’t have much in the way of offensive powers. This, coupled with the fact that there was always a small chance of monsters popping up when they were gathering medicine, meant that they would always need some hired hands to accompany them whenever they made their rounds.

These hired hands had very irritable personalities. Knowing this, Sovereign’s Descent took the lead to provoke the Jade Sea Pavilion’s members. When the fight between them started to break out, Sovereign’s Descent deliberately led the battle towards the area where the players from Imperial City and Memelord were hiding.

Even godly players had moments where they made mistakes. A split second of inattention had caused the skill from the side of Jade Sea Pavilion to go hurtling towards the players of Imperial City and Memelord.

Seeing the attack fly over, the hired hands immediately flew into a rage.

Oh hoh, so you dare to attack my charges even when I’m standing here as a bodyguard, eh? Looks like you’re looking down on me. F*ck, looks like I need to teach you guys a lesson!

And so, they brought out their weapons and jumped into the fray without asking a single question.

The members of Jade Sea Pavilion had long since heard of Sovereign’s Descent and Life At First Sight’s trickery.

Little guy, don’t think you’re the biggest fish in the ocean just because you’ve got the most people. Quality over quantity! Let big brother over here teach you how to be a proper person.

Eh, what’s the meaning of this? Looks like Imperial City and Memelord are actually working together with Sovereign’s Descent! My god, it turns out all of you were in cahoots! F*ck. Alright then, I’ll cut all of you down!

All men are hot blooded creatures. They’d only be able to reflect upon the situation and calmly analyze things after regaining their composure. After thinking through everything once again, the Guild Leaders from Imperial City and Memelord realised that this was all orchestrated by Sovereign’s Descent.

Jade Sea Pavilion had always had a very good reputation, and would never use its strength to oppress the weak.

As such, after having a calm discussion amongst themselves, they decided to send out a realm message to announce their stand on the matter.

None of the people in Hell know about Redwood Forest’s current situation. However, after Imperial City and Memelord’s Realm Announcements appeared, the players from both guilds immediately let out a sigh of relief as they got up in succession and started looking for the right Door of Rebirth to revive themselves.

The players from Sovereign’s Descent got to their feet and eyed the players from Imperial City and Memelord as they revived themselves, afraid of moving a muscle.

Before carrying out the plan, the members of Sovereign’s Descent had been instructed by their Guild Leader to not blindly take action without the orders of their Leader.

Seeing the rest of the players in Hell starting to move about, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion slowly got to their feet. They wandered about, looking as if they had no objective in mind. But in reality, they were secretly looking for their own Door of Rebirth.

Shen Jingbin noticed Reckless East Emperor and Lil Rose staring at her with an odd look in their eyes, so she subconsciously decided to pay more attention to the two of them.

The number of players in Hell gradually began to decrease, however no one knew whether these players had found the right door, or whether they’d been transported to the eighteenth level of Hell.   

The members of Sovereign’s Descent finally received orders from their Guild Leader when almost all the other players had left.

[Guild] Neverending Journey: All of you; you can now revive and return to the guild.

The members of Sovereign’s Descent finally started to disperse, each player looking for their own Door of Rebirth.

To their surprise, Reckless East Emperor and Lil Rose found that Shen Jingbin hadn’t left Hell yet. They shared a glance between themselves and inwardly rejoiced before they broke away from the rest of Sovereign’s Descent, carefully making their way to Shen Jingbin’s back.

Shen Jingbin still had some things she wanted to ask Shentu and Yulü, but there were too many players in Hell. She had no intention of attracting attention, so she decided to wait till the rest of the players left Hell before she set out to look for them.

As she’d been wary of Reckless East Emperor and Lil Rose, she noticed them trying to sneak up on her. Shen Jingbin gave a cold laugh before she unhurriedly walked towards the Door of Rebirth for Humans.

Reckless East Emperor and Lil Rose; one was a Mara of the Demon race while the other was a Dragonkin of the Celestial race. Both of them making their way towards the Door of Rebirth for Humans was definitely wrong.

Time passed by till Hell was virtually devoid of players, except for one or two of them who had yet to find the right door. Reckless East Emperor felt that the time was about right to take action. Waiting any longer might allow Shen Jingbin to slip away, so he glanced at Lil Rose to signal her before the two of them revealed themselves.

Their objective was simple. Since they were already in Hell, they wouldn’t have to worry about dying again. In that case, they should use this opportunity to teach this woman a lesson and let her endure a bit of suffering.

“Excuse me, do the two of you have any business with me?”

Shen Jingbin calmly eyed the two people blocking her way.

“Ugly monster, you killed me just now, so I’ve come to repay my debt. But, I’d be willing to forgive you if you kneeled down and begged for forgiveness,” Lil Rose said.

Shen Jingbin looked as if she was staring at an idiot. “Looks like you didn’t raise your IQ at all. Why are you still so stupid?”

Lil Rose’s face flushed red in anger. “Ugly monster, you’re just delaying the inevitable! Brother Reckless!”

Following her delicate cry, Brother Reckless immediately leapt forward and attacked Shen Jingbin.

Shen Jingbin, who’d long since prepared herself for this, casually dodged his attack.

In Hell, players would face a severe stat reduction and be in a “weakened” state. But to someone who was innately strong like Shen Jingbin, this “weakened” state meant nothing to her.

After dodging Reckless East Emperor’s attack, she drew her weapon and viciously whipped it at him.

But something strange happened.

The instant her horsetail whisk connected with him, Reckless East Emperor let out a blood-curdling screech and disappeared into thin air!

Seeing what happened, Lil Rose turned tail and ran towards a random Door of Rebirth, paid a small fine for PKing, and fled for her life.

Everything happened in a blur and Shen Jingbin was left standing there dumbstruck.

Can someone who’s already dead die again?

But, this had nothing to do with her. At the very least, her enemies were all taken care of!

And so, Shen Jingbin stowed away her weapon and made her way towards the Human Door of Rebirth to have a chat with Shentu and Yulü.

Meanwhile, after being hit by Shen Jingbin’s attack, Reckless East Emperor’s vision went black and an enormous wave of pain assaulted his heart.

Before he even had the chance to compose himself, Reckless East Emperor suddenly heard the system’s notification ring by his ear. However, the sound of the system’s notification wasn’t pleasant sounding like it usually was. Instead, it sounded rather sinister.

“Congratulations on meeting the conditions for joining the Shinra Sect. Will you join the Shinra Sect? Yes/No. (Trigger Condition: Die at the hands of a player from one of the Six Great Sects in spirit form. Hint: Only the Lead Disciples of the Six Great Sects are able to kill players in their spirit forms.)”

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