Chapter 93: Entering The Shinra Sect (1)

Chapter 93: Entering The Shinra Sect (1) “What grievances do you have with that woman?” Susu asked.

Lil Rose was momentarily stunned before she angrily raised her head and snorted, “I don’t have any past grievances with her, she just ticks me off.”

“Don’t be so quick to take revenge. Imperial City and Memelord are observing the situation, so we can’t be the first to make a move.”

“But I can’t just let it go like this! Brother Reckless~ Help me out, please?~” Lil Rose coyly called out to Reckless East Emperor.

Although he had a thing for Lil Rose, Reckless East Emperor trusted Susu and was very receptive to what she said. “Don’t be in a rush Lil Rose, she can’t run from us since we’re already in Hell. Just wait till we find the Door of Rebirth, then we’ll take care of her.”

“Brother Reckless!” Lil Rose cried out, unwilling to back down.

“Lil Rose, listen,” Reckless East Emperor raised his voice.

“Hmph,” Unable to change Reckless East Emperor’s mind, Lil Rose let out a cold snort before she shot a glare at Susu, and then turned the other cheek.

Susu ignored Lil Rose’s dissatisfaction and distracted herself by surveying the current situation in Hell.

The unseen happenings between the rest of the guilds were of no concern to the members of Jade Sea Pavilion. Shen Jingbin glanced at her surroundings and asked, “Are all of our people here?”

“Mm, everyone’s here. We didn’t have many casualties on our side,” said Sunset, the Mara who’d spotted her earlier.

“Then why aren’t you guys looking for the Door of Rebirth?”

“Have a look for yourself. None of the people over there have budged a muscle yet. We have no intention of doing all the dirty work by helping them find the Door of Rebirth.”

Shen Jingbin suddenly thought of Marco Polo Bun. “Did you happen to see a wretched looking man nearby when you guys spawned here?”

“Nope. All of the various guilds were already grouping up when I appeared. I didn’t see any innocent passersby,” said Tanabata Evening, the first Dragonkin to enter Hell from Jade Sea Pavilion.

It looks like that idiot didn’t come down to Hell to strike it rich today. What a shame, he would’ve made a killing.

Shen Jingbin really felt sorry for Marco Polo Bun, but it wouldn’t matter much even if he wasn’t around. In any case, she knew exactly where the Door of Rebirth was for this part of Hell.

“Guys, check the guild chat. The walls have ears and some things can’t be said out loud.”

“Oh? Big sis Nutty, do you know some kind of secret?”

“Mm, just look at the guild chat and you’ll know.”

[Guild] Nutjob: I happened to run into a certain person when I was previously sent to Hell. He gave me some information about the Door of Rebirth.

[Guild] Sunset: What kind of information?

[Guild] Syrup Time: Eh, big sis Nutty, is it that person called Marco something?

[Guild] Nutjob: Mm, have you met him before too?

[Guild] A Mouthful Of Little Steamed Buns: I ran into him when I died in the past too, but I ignored him. Could he really have any information of worth?

[Guild] A Cockroach With Every Swipe: You’re probably talking about Marco Polo Bun. I’ve met him in the past when I was sent to Hell. He seemed to know which Door was for which race. He brought me to the Door of Rebirth for Humans after I gave him 5 taels, but he didn’t say a single thing to me.

[Guild] Nutjob: Oh that’s probably because my appearance was too much for him to handle.

The rest of the guild’s main forces were probably still fighting bravely in the world of the living and didn’t have time to concern themselves with the guild chat. The only ones talking within the channel were the guild’s lowbies; whom Next Week Is Unlikely had ordered back to the safe zone.

Jade Sea Pavilion had its own share of lowbies, but they weren’t your run of the mill lowbies. They were all Grandmaster Life Skill players who were placed on the Life Skill leaderboards.

[Guild] Nutjob: I’ll teach you guys how to tell the difference betweens the Doors of Rebirth first. Find the right time to search and figure out which door is which after that.

[Guild] Sunset: What should I do? I’m suddenly feeling very anxious! Why do I feel like I’m uncovering a huge secret!

[Guild] Tanabata Evening: Go on big sis Nutty, I’ve got my popcorn ready.

[Guild] Nutjob: The peach tree with white spots beside the Door of Rebirth belongs to the Celestials. The one with yellowish tipped leaves is for Demons and the remaining one is for Humans.

[Guild] A Mouthful Of Little Steamed Buns: What the f*ck, that’s insane! How observant do you need to be just to spot all of that!

[Guild] A Cockroach With Every Swipe: This is the experience of someone who’s died countless times before.

[Guild] Sunset: Thanks for telling us all of this, big sister Nutty, but I think we should wait till the battle up top is over before going back. We’ll just be going back to Redwood Forest if we respawn now. If we aren’t lucky, we might be killed the moment we spawn. Either way, Hell has a different kind of scenery for us to enjoy.

[Guild] Tanabata Evening: I agree.

[Guild] Syrup Time: I agree too.

Even if they knew how to tell the Doors of Rebirth apart, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion were in no hurry to revive. Instead, they remained where they were and chatted as they waited for the battle to conclude.

The living members of Jade Sea Pavilion were clearly giving it their all. As time went on, the number of players in Hell from the other three guilds continued to increase, but Jade Sea Pavilion had only seen another two people appear.

Finally, the executives of the other three guilds were also sent down to Hell, marking the end of the battle and Jade Sea Pavilion’s victory.

[Realm] Neverending Dreams: Executives of Jade Sea Pavilion, how about a truce? I apologise on behalf of my guild for accidentally injuring your members. As for you guys from Sovereign’s Descent, well played.

[Realm] Morally Grey: Memelord wishes for a truce. Sovereign's Descent, please provide us with an explanation.

Just after the executives from Imperial City and Memelord died, two strips of dazzling golden realm messages came rolling through the sky.

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