Chapter 92: Returning To Hell (2)

Chapter 92: Returning To Hell (2) 

When she reopened her eyes, Shen Jingbin found herself in Hell once again.

Different from the scene of Hell she was presented with last time, Hell was much livelier this time around. She gave the area a cursory glance and found that most of the players were the ones who’d participated in the current battle. These players shared a tacit understanding with one another and stuck to their own guilds as they observed the other parties, none of them bothering to look for the correct Door of Rebirth.

“Nutty, over here!”

Someone from Jade Sea Pavilion spotted her and waved her over. Following the sound of the voice, Shen Jingbin made her way to her guildmates.

Jade Sea Pavilion had the least casualties amongst all of the guilds with roughly eighteen deaths. They weren’t as panicked as the members from other guilds either, casually grouping up with the rest of the members from Jade Sea Pavilion.

Seeing Shen Jingbin walk over, a female Mara spoke up, “Big sis Nutty, how much Sin do you have?”

Players who activated their PK mode and attacked other players would have their Sin increased, turning their names red in the process. Attacking other players would add 5 points of Sin, while killing them would add 10. A higher Sin value meant that said player had committed many instances of murder. Shen Jingbin had finished off no small amount of players in the previous battle, causing her Sin to rise in increments of 10, leading her to have a rather impressive Sin value.

“90 points.”

“What the f*ck, you have even more Sin than me! That’s amazing!”

“When I was level 89, all I did in free for alls was get beaten up. Don’t even talk about PKing other people, not getting PKed by them was good enough for me.”

“I didn’t do much. I just hid myself and finished off players with low health,” Shen Jingbin said as she rubbed her nose.

The members of Jade Sea Pavilion were stunned into silence for a few seconds before they started to roar with laughter.

“Hahahaha! You’re way too cool!”

“Big sis Nutty, let me come along with you the next time you do it!”

“Alright, all of you can come along. I’ll lead you guys to the summit of last hitting.”

Jade Sea Pavilion was filled with laughter and cheerful banter while the atmosphere around the other three guilds: Sovereign’s Descent, Imperial Court, and Memelord was clearly more downcast in comparison.

Reckless East Emperor, Lil Rose, and Susu had noticed Shen Jingbin the moment she stepped into hell. The scene of Shen Jingbin casually entering the ranks of Jade Sea Pavilion and joking around with its members pissed Lil Rose off so much; she nearly broke her teeth from gritting them so hard in frustration.

“That thief! Brother Reckless, quickly! Help me take revenge!”

Susu was far more rational and calmer than Lil Rose. She glanced at the people from Jade Sea Pavilion before she said, “Don’t be so rash Lil Rose. Although the pros from Jade Sea Pavilion aren’t around, we shouldn’t provoke the ones over there.”

She then gestured for them to look over at Imperial City and Memelord. “Although Imperial City and Memelord are currently at war with Jade Sea Pavilion, they’d realise that we were the ones who dragged them into it this time. When that time comes, we’d end up becoming the target of everyone’s ire.”

Reckless East Emperor, Lil Rose, and Susu were all from Sovereign’s Descent, and this time’s free for all was a scheme orchestrated by their Guild Leader. It was done with the intent of giving others the false impression that ‘members of Jade Sea Pavilion were bullying Sovereign’s Descent’. Imperial City and Memelord were the other two large scale guilds within the game, and to increase the number of enemies Jade Sea Pavilion had, the leader of Sovereign’s Descent had intentionally stirred up the members of the other two guilds.

Susu was one of the veteran members in the guild, so she knew these little tidbits of information that weren’t made public. This also gave her a more complete picture of the situation as compared to Lil Rose and Reckless East Emperor.

“Then are we going to let her go just like that? She’s been getting on my nerves for a long time!” Lil Rose said in a huff, her tone unresigned.

Susu’s eyebrows furrowed at the sight of Lil Rose’s stubborn outburst.

She and Reckless East Emperor had been together and supported one another since they were newbies. Susu had even helped him farm half of the top quality equipment that he was currently wearing. On top of that, she was also the one who got him into Sovereign’s Descent. She’d originally thought that she was someone special to him, but Reckless East Emperor had ultimately ended up throwing himself at the feet of the delicate little princess, Lil Rose.

Susu was a prideful person, so she couldn’t bring herself to do something like fight over a man. Although she still held some lingering affection for Reckless East Emperor, she’d done her best to shift her mindset towards that of just a friend. Originally, she was supposed to join the Guild Leader’s party in this war against Jade Sea Pavilion, but she’d suggested to join Reckless East Emperor’s party instead. She knew Reckless East Emperor through and through. Not only was he brash, he didn’t think things through either. Seeing as Lil Rose was someone who loved shit stirring, Susu feared that Lil Rose might coax him into doing something stupid, bringing harm not only to himself, but also to the guild. Knowing their Guild Leader’s personality, their Leader would definitely mark him for his incompetence.

“So, what grievances do you have with that woman?”

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