Chapter 90

Note: Brother Mao's name has been changed to Brother Reckless

Chapter 90: Mascot’s Evolution (2) 

Sichuan Redwood Forest was an area that leaned more towards providing players with a relaxing scenery. It was a place filled with maple trees that had entire branches covered in red leaves, the sight of which was truly a thing of beauty. Moreover, the ground itself was flat and expansive. Players who didn’t have anything to do enjoyed coming here to chat and enjoy the scenery.

However at present, the state of the area had devolved into an all-out free for all. The flashes of dazzling skills flew out in succession. Amongst the players, flashes of white light could occasionally be seen, signifying the death of a player.

“Stay away from the heart of the battle, we’ll incur far too many losses. Skirt around the edge of the battle and mount sneak attacks instead, focus on finishing off players with low health instead,” Shen Jingchen said.

Seeing Shen Jingbin nod her head, Shen Jingchen spoke once again, “Then let’s go!”

With that, the two of them glanced at one another and went their separate ways.

Shen Jingchen was one of the pillars of strength in Jade Sea Pavilion, so he’d naturally charge towards the heart of the battle to aid Quiet and Steadfast and Next Week Is Unlikely in the reaping of players’ lives. Shen Jingbin complied with Shen Jingchen’s suggestion and carefully roamed around the edge of the battlefield with her White Tiger by her side. She was searching for either lone players, or those from other guilds who hadn’t taken notice of her presence so she could take them down with one fell swoop of her horsetail whisk.

Relying on her agile movements to weave around the battlefield, Shen Jingbin wasn’t the least bit injured as she moved about.

While Shen Jingbin was carefully concealing herself and making preparations to select her next target, all of the fur on Mascot’s body suddenly stood on end and it started snarling at the space behind her.

Shen Jingbin whirled around to face the silhouette that gradually revealed itself in the face of Mascot’s threatening snarls.

It turned out to a Lich who was concealing themselves.

“Brother Reckless, Susu’s been found!” The slightly shrill voice of a woman rang out.

Shen Jingbin’s gaze drifted to the corner of her eyes, revealing the figure of Lil Rose whom she’d met before.

After she spoke, a Mara wielding a broadsword suddenly appeared from Shen Jingbin’s left and attacked her, while the Lich that Mascot revealed took the opportunity to charge at her once again.

“Mascot, you take care of the one in front of you,” Shen Jingbin said as she took a deep breath.

Mascot gave a howl in reply before it shot forward like a bullet, obstructing the Lich who was charging towards Shen Jingbin. At the same time, Shen Jingbin adroitly dodged Brother Reckless’ broadsword.

Seeing his attack dodged, Reckless East Emperor roared out, “Don’t run!”

Don't run? Bruh, you think you’re filming a drama?

Shen Jingbin silently ridiculed Reckless East Emperor. At the same time, she strode to his back and swung her horsetail whisk, gently wrapping it around his neck. She then gave a tug and Reckless East Emperor, who was caught off guard, stumbled from the sudden force.

In the end, Reckless East Emperor was a robust and vigorous man. With the weight of his body anchoring him in place, Shen Jingbin wouldn’t have been able to drag him down in one fell swoop even if she were stronger.

To his credit, Reckless East Emperor reacted very quickly. His many years of gaming experience allowed him to instantly come up with a countermeasure. He flipped his hand and brandished his broadsword, using his sharp blade to chop her horsetail whisk in half in the blink of an eye.

The f*ck? It was cut that easily?!

Seeing her horsetail whisk destroyed, Reckless East Emperor gave a few smug chuckles and said, “Your weapon is gone. Let’s see you’ll do now!”

“Nutty! Catch!” Suddenly, a fellow Jade Sea Pavilion Daoist noticed Shen Jingbin’s plight from a few meters away and tossed their own horsetail whisk at her. The other Daoist was already at death’s door and with this moment of inattentiveness, it resulted in them being cut down by their opponent. Turning into a beam of light, they returned from whence they came.

Shen Jingbin and Reckless East Emperor threw themselves at the horsetail whisk as it made its way over.

However, Shen Jingbin was just a little faster and managed to grab ahold of the whisk.

“Regardless of whether you have a weapon or not, I refuse to believe that I can’t beat a level 89 scrub like you!”

“Brother Reckless! I’m here to help!”

Lil Rose probably thought of joining in the fray because Reckless East Emperor wasn’t able to dispose of Shen Jingbin as easily as she had thought.

Reckless East Emperor was distinctly aware of Lil Rose’s strength. If she came over, not only was there a chance of her not being able to help, she might even turn out to be a burden instead! So he hurriedly shouted, “Lil Rose, find a place to hide!”

Was she an idiot? Wasn’t she revealing herself by shouting out at a time like this?!

Due to the difference in strength between men and women, Shen Jingbin wordlessly changed her target to Lil Rose instead. Bounding forward, Shen Jingbin immediately closed the distance between her and Lil Rose, arriving by her side in a flash. Shen Jingbin then raised her hand and struck her.


The horsetail whisk in Shen Jingbin’s hand struck Lil Rose right in the center of her chest. She let out a miserable shriek before Mascot, having taken care of the Lich and swiftly returning to Shen Jingbin’s side, raised a claw at Lil Rose who was about to breath her last and slashed at her.

Lil Rose immediately turned into a beam of white light and disappeared before Reckless East Emperor’s eyes.

“Lil Rose!” Reckless East Emperor cried out in fury.

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