Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Mascot’s Evolution (1) “Congratulations, your pet has successfully ranked up.”

Mascot, who’d been dormant for a long time, finally awoke and Shen Jingbin happily summoned him out.

Compared to before, Mascot’s appearance wasn’t all that different. His coat of white fur remained as spotless as it was before and shone a faint gold under the light of the sun’s rays.

Wait, gold?

Shen Jingbin blinked at Mascot and looked him over once again. Indeed, Mascot’s coat of fur wasn’t as clear and sparkling like it was in the past. Instead, it had a faint golden glow about it, as if fragments of gold were floating about its entire body.

Apart from the layer of gold on its body, Mascot had also grown in size, appearing far more awe-inspiring than it did before.

“Look, Mascot’s woken up!” Shen Jingbin pointed at Mascot as she spoke to Quiet And Steadfast.

Quiet And Steadfast obviously hadn’t expected Mascot to wake up now and was at a loss for words. His stunned silence continued for awhile more, before he finally said, “...Then let’s go. I’ll accompany you back here once we’re done.”

Summoning his Sheng Huang, Quiet And Steadfast was just about to issue a mount sharing invitation to Shen Jingbin when she realised that the words ‘beginner rank’ beside Mascot’s portrait in her pet window had turned into an ‘intermediate rank’. Below it, an icon with wings was lit up.

“Hold up, it looks like Mascot can fly.”

She tried issuing a mental command to Mascot. As the word “Fly” flashed through her mind, Mascot raised its head to the heavens and issued a roar.

“ROAR!” A long, guttural sound could be heard that shocked the gatekeeping disciples of White Cloud Temple and nearby players into hurriedly running over with their weapons raised.

“What the f*ck, isn’t this part of the safe zone?! Why was there a tiger’s roar? Is there a tiger monster around?!”

“The hell, that roar came without any warning at all. This big bro was so terrified my hands were trembling and I almost dropped the glass hairpin I bought to placate my wife!”

“I don’t think it’s a monster. It’s probably another player’s pet running wild.”

“Pui, have you ever heard of a player’s pet causing such a ruckus?!”

“Eh, don’t be so sure of yourself, it might be a possibility. Isn’t this White Cloud Temple’s territory? Have you guys forgotten that the ugly monster of White Cloud Temple tamed the Divine Beast, White Tiger? It might be because of her.”

“The f*ck? The Divine Beast, White Tiger? I’ve been playing for so f*cking long and I haven’t even seen what a Divine Beast looks like! Go, go, go! Let’s have a look!”


After issuing a roar, Mascot lowered the front of its and raised the latter half of its body up high. A burst of golden light shone out of its body, engulfing Mascot in the process. A short while later, a crash was heard and the breeze blown up by an enormous creature caressed the cheeks of onlookers. However, in spite of its gentle nature, a very subtle aura of ferociousness could be felt within this light breeze.

As the golden light started to subside, everyone looked on with rapt attention and found that Mascot had actually grown out a pair of enormous white wings! Mascot’s wings were raised high into the air as they basked in the sunlight. Be it Mascot or its wings, everyone was utterly captivated by their beauty.

In the midst of their awe, someone muttered “What the f*ck!”, causing everyone everyone else to silently nod their heads in their hearts.

It really was f*cking unbelievable! Those were the only three words they could think of!

Since Shen Jingbin was also caught off guard by Mascot’s evolution, it didn’t manage to garner the praise of its Master. Feeling wronged, it turned its head to her and gave her a pitiful look, as if its poor little heart had been broken.

Shen Jingbin inched closer to Mascot and slowly stretched out her hand, her slightly trembling fingertips feeling up its furry ears. Sensing its Master’s touch, Mascot let out an adorable cry before nuzzling its head against the hollow of her palm.

“Mascot is definitely more impressive than it was last time,” Shen Jingbin said to Quiet And Steadfast as she rubbed its head.

Quiet And Steadfast had a complicated look in his eyes as he looked back and forth between Shen Jingbin and Mascot, before finally nodding his head.

“Then let’s go.”

“Mascot, it’s time to set off!” Shen Jingbin shouted as she did a flip and sat on Mascot’s back.

Mascot excitedly roared out in return, “Gao!”

And just like that, their group of four majestically rose into the sky before the wide-eyed gazes of everyone present.

“Beauty and the Beast has come to life,” Someone muttered from within the crowd of people with upturned heads.

It truly was a tale of Beauty and the Beast.

However, the beast was Shen Jingbin while the beauty was...Mascot.

Mascot and Sheng Huang were both top quality mounts that were rarely seen. As such, their traveling speed would naturally be faster than the other mounts. Shortly after arriving, a shadow appeared over the heads of Next Week Is Unlikely and Dawn’s Twilight.

Looking up, they saw an awe-inspiring White Tiger with its enormous wings outstretched as it hovered in the sky.

So cool!

This was what Next Week Is Unlikely and Dawn’s Twilight were thinking in their hearts.

But why did that tiger look so familiar…?

“It’s Steady!” Tearing his eyes away from the White Tiger, Next Week Is Unlikely’s gaze shifted to the silhouette beside it and instantly recognised who it was.

Pui, Shen Jingchen finally knew who the other person was! It was his own troll of a little sister!

Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast leapt off their mounts and landed on the ground before they briskly walked over to the other two. The four of them stood at the edge of the battlefield, which was roughly ten meters in size.

“So what happened?” Quiet and Steadfast asked.

“It’s a free for all between Sovereign’s Descent, Imperial City, Memelord, and several unaffiliated players,” Next Week Is Unlikely stated.

“What about the healers from our guild? Tell all of them to drop whatever they’re doing and come over here to provide support,” Quiet And Steadfast said.

“All of our high leveled healers are here already. They let the remaining low leveled healers return to the safe zone so they wouldn’t be involved in the crossfire,” Shen Jingchen answered.

“There’s not much to talk about since it’s a free for all. Wipe them out,” Quiet And Steadfast ordered.

“Alright,” Next Week Is Unlikely and Shen Jingchen replied together.

Quiet And Steadfast glanced at Shen Jingbin and said, “Do you still have Shen Nong’s secret medicine with you?”

Shen Jingbin nodded her head. She still hadn’t used the two bottles of medicine that she’d previously bought.

“That’s good. Just take care of yourself and run away if things take a turn for the worse. No one will be able to catch up to Mascot.”

Shen Jingbin continued nodding her head.

After that, Quiet And Steadfast and Next Week Is Unlikely drew their weapons and activated all their buffs before they jumped into the fray.

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