Chapter 88: The Return Of Mascot (2)

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Chapter 88: The Return Of Mascot (2) 

Poison Toad glared at her for a moment before he continued, “Even if you manage to find the Black Tortoise, it wouldn’t be the primordial Black Turtle. I hope that when the time comes, you’ll leave some of the Black Tortoise's inheritance for us. I plan to offer up this inheritance to the Black Tortoise’s statue in the temple, so that it may protect and allow us Liches to prosper for generations to come.”

“Congratulations on triggering the hidden quest ‘The Lich’s Inheritance’. Will you accept this quest? Yes/No. (Trigger condition: Continue conversing with Poison Toad after obtaining Mu Ge’s seal.)”  

The moment Poison Toad finished speaking, the system’s voice rang out within Shen Jingbin’s mind.

Shen Jingbin was briefly stunned before she recovered and accepted the quest.

“Quest: ‘The Lich’s Inheritance’ — Deliver the Black Tortoise’s inheritance to Poison Toad (0/1).”

Following that, a golden coloured quest suddenly appeared in her quest log.

After she’d accepted the quest, Poison Toad waved his hand to the two of them and said, “I’ve said everything there is to say. The two of you should be on your way. The appearance of the Shinra Sect this time around has affected far too many things. It isn’t something the two of you can resolve by relying on strength alone. Go look for several more companions to embark on this task together.”

“Alright. Thank you, Master.”

“Thank you.”

The two of them respectfully gave their thanks and followed the secret passage back to the main hall of the Lich Palace.

The moment they exited the room, Shen Jingbin scratched her head. Feeling a little depressed, she said, “Sigh, I’m feeling a little confused now. This game is way too complicated.”

“Which part of what happened don’t you understand?”

“Well, you’re the one who has the epic quest, but I received a gold coloured epic quest too. Why is that? Logically speaking, I shouldn’t be able to get the epic quest from this questline after you received it. But not only did I get it, I received another quest on top of it.”

Quiet And Steadfast pondered for a moment. “Poison Toad himself said it just now, this quest is too complicated and a single person wouldn’t be able to complete it on their own. So, the development team split the main questline into various segments to be handed out to others. Take yourself for instance, if you look closely at your quest window, the quest you have now should have something to do with the Four Divine Beasts, right?”

Shen Jingbin nodded her head.

“The main part of the quest probably revolves around dealing with the Shinra Sect, while the Four Divine Beasts make up one of a few important parts that’s needed to defeat them. You were the one who first caught the White Tiger, so the task of completing the quests related to the Four Divine Beasts naturally fell to you. The quest I received from the start was to search for the Six Lead Disciples, who are also the most important figures in the upcoming war. If I’m not wrong, the matter of managing the players will be handed to us.”

“Then, going by what you said, are you implying that there’s other factors involved apart from the Four Divine Beasts and players?”

“That’s right, Divine Weapons. We can estimate Shinra Sect’s strength based on Du the Unvanquished’s own strength. At present, the entire player bases’ combat ability is still incapable of matching up to the Shinra Sect’s. In that case, something needs to be done to increase the strength of the players. If I’m not wrong, there should be one other quest that involves obtaining Divine Weapons. The only thing is that we don’t know who received this quest. I’ve asked Hundred Daybreaks, and he’s said that no information relating to this has been known as of yet.”

By this point, Shen Jingbin’s eyes had become as wide as saucers.

Why was this game so complicated?!

Seeing the dumbstruck look on Shen Jingbin’s face, Quiet And Steadfast said, “What 002 said isn’t wrong, this is indeed very complex. However, it was designed to be a server wide epic quest where several chosen representatives would drive the quest along. After which, the rest of the players would be able to participate in it. This way, the developers would be able to deepen a player’s sense of belonging within the game and stimulate their interest.”

Shen Jingbin sighed. “The game company’s staff are all perverts.”

The two of them sat on Quiet And Steadfast’s mount and made their way towards White Cloud Temple as they outlined the main components of the epic quest. Upon reaching White Cloud Temple, a carrier pigeon suddenly appeared and landed on Quiet And Steadfast’s shoulder.

They stopped walking and Quiet And Steadfast pulled the letter out of the pigeon’s beak, revealing that it was sent by Next Week Is Unlikely.

“Where are you? Hurry over to Sichuan Redwood Forest! Imperial Sister and Buddhist Nun are fighting with players from Sovereign’s Descent!”

“Why would they be fighting with Sovereign’s Descent?”

“I don’t know, and one of my friends that happened to pass by told me that they might have seen the executives from Imperial City and Memelord there as well. Either way, things are a mess over there right now.”

“Alright, you head on over with Dawn first, I’m on my way.”

“Dawn and I are both rushing there now.”

Shen Jingbin saw Quiet And Steadfast’s expression turn grave when he opened the letter. “What happened?” She asked.

“Our guild members got into a battle with another group in Redwood Forest. I need to go over and take a look. Why don’t you… enter by yourself?”

“I’ll go with you. I should be present if it’s a matter related to the guild.”

“You’re only Level 89, you’re too weak. Furthermore, Mascot still hasn’t woken up. It’s far too dangerous for you.”

Hearing him mention Mascot, Shen Jingbin thought of her own Divine Beast and hurriedly opened her pet window.

“Congratulations, your pet has successfully ranked up.”

A notification suddenly popped up after opening the window!

Shen Jingbin was ecstatic, “Mascot, you woke up at just the right time!”

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