Chapter 84: The Lich’s Secret Room (2)

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Chapter 84: The Lich’s Secret Room (2) 

Morning Glory Chime remained rooted where she was. She was so angry that she was practically huffing out steam.

During the character creation process, because she happened to land on the lucky number designated by the game company, she received more Luck than the average player. This, coupled with her above average looks and her ability to act in a coquettish manner, meant that she succeeded in receiving the full extent of care from the male players in the Novice Village. On top of that, she managed to enter the game’s biggest neutral guild in one go.

Whenever she logged on, she’d receive countless party requests from either members of her guild, or players from her friends list, to run dungeons or admire the scenery within the game.

She rarely went around on her own, but today was one such exception when she suddenly felt like roaming about the field by herself. However, she hadn’t expected to be treated in such a manner. And, when she wanted to get back at that ugly monster who stole the limelight from her, even her own guild members weren’t willing to stand on her side!

She thought back to the scene when she’d first met Shen Jingbin and everyone was at her beck and call. She inwardly grieved. Today was a reversal of fortune, but how could someone as proud and arrogant as her bear to live with that?

Morning Glory Chime viciously stomped her foot down onto the ground. She felt that this ugly monster was her second most hated person after Shen Jingbin from the Management Department!

Going back to Shen Jingbin, she and Quiet And Steadfast found themselves at the main hall of the Lich palace once again. This time around, Poison Toad was waiting for them with a look of joy on his face.

“The two of you are pretty quick… come with me. I’ll tell you guys about the Black Tortoise[2. Here’s a picture of it, pay close attention! It’s different from the other tortoise later on in that this one’s a cross between a tortoise and a snake!]once the forbidden art succeeds.”

Poison Toad didn’t waste any time on pointless chatter and got straight to the point as he led them towards the depths of the main hall.

As they walked further in, they found a partitioned room that looked like a rest area. This was likely where Poison Toad went to when he needed a break from handling the sect’s affairs. At the corner of the room, a camphor bookshelf could be seen that was about the height of two people.

Both ends of the bookshelf were engraved with ferocious looking animals. Upon closer inspection, Shen Jingbin found that there was a winged serpent on one side, while the other had a tortoise.

Quiet And Steadfast, who was walking beside her, noticed her gaze and said, “The Lich Palace has many areas that contain such carvings. Thinking about it, all of them have something to do with the Black Tortoise.”

“I think you Liches are meant to be the protectors of the Black Tortoise in the game.”

“That’s possible,” Quiet And Steadfast nodded.

Poison Toad, who walked in front of the duo, stopped at the bookshelf. He stretched out his hand and groped about the bookshelf for a bit before the center of the bookshelf suddenly started to gradually split open, creaking about as it did it.

A short while later, a black passage revealed itself to the three of them. Poison Toad fished out a strange looking candle from his left sleeve. He then raised his forefinger, and a black flame suddenly appeared on his fingertip. The flame gently pulsed as if it were a mischievous child playing about his fingertip.

“Eh?” Seeing a scene that came straight out of a xianxia production caused Shen Jingbin to issue a small cry of astonishment.

Poison Toad lit the candle with his black flame before he turned to face the two of them. “Keep up.”

He then strode forward and stepped into the dark passage.

Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast glanced at one another before Quiet And Steadfast gave her a gentle pat on the back. She’d be in the middle of the group while he brought up the rear.

The passageway wasn’t long. It only took around two minutes to travel through, but the two of them felt as if they’d walked through a wide open space.

“Stand here and wait,” Poison Toad instructed the two of them.

Poison Toad raised the candle in his hand and lit the four oil lamps sitting in the corners of the room they were in. A short while later, the entire room appeared before the two of them.

This room had an air of antiquity about it. It wasn’t very big, but it still felt complete. A small desk, a soft couch, and everything else that was necessary in such a room was available. There was also a painting hanging at the back of the room.

Although the four corners of the room were only lit with oil lamps, the entire room was especially bright. Even Shen Jingbin, who was standing by the entrance, could clearly make out what was on the painting.

It was a painting of the Four Divine Beasts!

The Black Tortoise was at located near the bottom of the picture, and the winged serpent stood high on the tortoise’s back, coiling itself around the White Tiger that seemed to be snarling at it. The Vermillion Bird was facing the White Tiger with it’s wings outstretched, while the Azure Dragon used its body to encircle the other three Divine Beasts.

Poison Toad blew out the candle in his hand and strolled towards the desk, then swept his robe to the side before sitting down. He then raised his head to look at the two of them and casually said, “Strip off your clothes and get on the bed.”

Shen Jingbin: ...

Quiet And Steadfast: ...

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