Chapter 83: The Lich’s Secret Room (1)

Chapter 83: The Lich’s Secret Room (1) Quiet And Steadfast rode through the sky on his mount, Sheng Huang[1. I updated the older chapter with a pic of how it looks like. Here ya go! Click], and made his way towards them. Floating in the air, he overlooked the slightly chaotic scene beneath with a look of amusement on his face.  

Sheng Huang was the number one Celestial pet in the entire server. Just like Shen Jingchen’s dragon, these two pets were status symbols. Many players had only ever heard of Quiet And Steadfast’s title as the “number one” player in the game, but had never seen him in person. However, the presence of Sheng Huang allowed even those players to instantly recognise him.

“Quiet And Steadfast? What the f*ck! Great Senior Sister, is Quiet And Steadfast your husband?” I Forgot My Wallet tugged at Shen Jingbin’s sleeve and stared dumbly at Quiet And Steadfast as he silently gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Luckily for him, he hadn’t taken any action just now. Otherwise, even if he disregarded this woman’s identity as the disciple of White Cloud Temple’s Sect Leader, just Quiet And Steadfast alone would be enough to crush him like a bug.

Although their marriage had caused a huge stir, not all players were online when it took place. This, coupled with the fact that the two of them hadn’t logged in for quite a few days, meant that not everyone had heard of their marriage yet. After all, the game had an enormous player base.

Quiet And Steadfast leapt off his mount, shooting Morning Glory Chime a casual glance as he passed by her.

Morning Glory Chime felt as if she was being looked down on, and that didn’t sit right with her.

“How long do the four of you plan to stay in that position for?” Quiet And Steadfast stood in front of Shen Jingbin and asked. He was speaking to her, but his eyes were glued onto I Forgot My Wallet and his companions.

It was only then that I Forgot My Wallet realized the slightly unbecoming position he and his brothers were in. This was especially so when faced with someone else’s husband. It was an unbearable sight.

I Forgot My Wallet immediately leapt up and stood to the side. The two other Daoists could also tell what was going on and hurriedly hid themselves behind his back.

“You guys were saying something about the Sect Leader ordering all of you to help me out? What’s all that about?” It was said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but Shen Jingbin was even more concerned about something else.

I Forgot My Wallet carefully eyed Quiet And Steadfast before he said, “We just received a letter from our Sect Leader… Sigh, this is the first time we’ve received a letter from an NPC. We even thought that we’d stumbled onto a hidden quest. Who would’ve thought that it’d contain orders for us to cooperate with you during this period of time.”

I Forgot My Wallet rifled through his backpack and pulled out a wrinkled piece of paper. It was a good thing that he’d kept it as a memento of the first time he’d received a letter from an NPC. He handed the letter over to Shen Jingbin.

“I’ve asked the Daoists in my friends list and all of the Daoists in my guild. All of them received the same letter from the Sect Leader.”

Shen Jingbin quickly skimmed through Song Yuqing’s letter, but her look of concentration shattered in an instant when she reached the end of it.

Song Yuqing actually attached a picture of herself for all of White Cloud Temple’s players to see!!!

“What’s wrong?” Quiet And Steadfast saw the minute change in her expression and thought that something bad had happened. But just as he was about to grab the letter, Shen Jingbin rolled it into a ball and said, “It’s nothing.”

He decided not to press the matter since she wasn’t willing to show it to him. “Hundred Daybreaks told me that more than half of Shinra Sect’s map has already been explored. The battle between good and evil will take place soon. The NPCs have probably been informed as well.”

Shen Jingbin nodded her head. “Do you want to accompany me to White Cloud Temple when we’re done with Poison Toad?”


Shen Jingbin raised her head and swept a glance at Morning Glory Chime who was a few steps away from them. She then turned to I Forgot My Wallet and said, “I have something else to take care of, so I’ll be leaving first. Are you guys still intent on taking revenge for her?”

I Forgot My Wallet shook his head vigorously.

“Revenge? What revenge? Great Senior Sister, you should take your leave first since you’ve got things to do… Oh that’s right. Great Senior Sister, add me as your friend! Don’t hesitate to look for me if you need any help!”

As he said that, he sent a friend request over to Shen Jingbin. After accepting the friend request, she sat on Sheng Huang with Quiet And Steadfast and left.

Morning Glory Chime gazed at their shrinking figures till they finally disappeared, before she indignantly stomped towards her companions.

“Elder Brother Wallet, why’d you let her go?”

I Forgot My Wallet retracted the smile on his face and said, “Morning Glory, didn’t you see the person backing her?”

“Who’s that? Are you telling me they’re stronger than our guild, Sovereign’s Descent? Weren’t we going to form an alliance with Life At First sight? And when that happens, apart from having Life At First Sight as an enemy, can anyone else pose a threat to us?”

I Forgot My Wallet suddenly had the urge to smack her.

Morning Glory Chime was your typical pretty gamer girl. Everything she knew about the game pertained to the latest fashion, mounts, places with the nicest scenery, and how to flirt with guys. She didn’t care about raising her levels or grinding her skills at all, let alone knowing anything about the balance of power or the current situation within the game. Instead, her head was filled with delusions of fooling around with male gods. But even then, she wasn’t even aware of which male gods existed.

Even if Sovereign’s Descent and Life At First Sight were to form an alliance, they wouldn’t be able to completely crush Jade Sea Pavilion.

“But the guy from just now seemed pretty familiar. I remember seeing him from somewhere before,” Morning Glory Chime suddenly muttered to herself.

I Forgot My Wallet was speechless. He held his hand to his head in exasperation.

“Didn’t you say in the past that your target was the number one male god in the game? That was him,” A player behind Morning Glory Chime spoke up and reminded her.

Morning Glory Chime’s expression immediately turned unsightly.

I Forgot My Wallet continued to dig at her. “Morning Glory, although this is a game, you should still grow a bit of a conscience. If I’m not wrong, the people who carried you in the dungeon were from Jade Sea Pavilion. And that person from just now isn’t only the number one male god in the game, he’s also the Guild Leader of Jade Sea Pavilion. I shouldn’t need to explain our relations with Jade Sea Pavilion, right? Even though we might be enemies in the future, now isn’t the time to reveal this information.”


“In the past, we treated you as a newbie so we were willing to spoil you. The trouble you’ve previously caused was insignificant and harmless, so cleaning up after you wasn’t a problem. But, these are people you can’t provoke. That woman is not only the wife of Jade Sea Pavilion’s Guild Leader, she’s also the disciple of White Cloud Temple’s Sect Leader. She has Jade Sea Pavilion and the entirety of White Cloud Temple behind her. We can’t afford to provoke her.”

I Forgot My Wallet patted Morning Glory Chime’s shoulder and gave a profound sigh, before he then brought the rest of the members of his guild away.

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