Chapter 81: Godly Senior Sister! (1)

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Chapter 81: Godly Senior Sister! (1) 

With the help of the Lava Herb, Shen Jingbin and the others could go all out without worry against the Vermillion Bird.

The Vermillion Bird’s HP soon bottomed out. It craned its neck towards the sky and let out a long, shrill shriek, before falling to the ground with a bang.

“This is my first time fighting this BOSS in such a relaxed manner. It wasn’t this relaxing even when I came here with Leader and the rest of them,” I’m Not A Monster said.

Shen Jingbin retrieved the Lava Herb and was about to place it back into her backpack when she felt someone’s heated gaze. She looked over and found that it was Morning Glory Chime who was trying to bore a hole through her with her glare.

It was either that, or Morning Glory Chime was staring at the Lava Herb in her hands.

“This was all thanks to Nutty’s herb!” Eternal Rest proclaimed.

National Treasures pounced at Shen Jingbin and hugged her. “Nutty, bring me along next time! Dungeons, quests, hunting monsters, anything’s fine! Just bring me along! Bring me along!”

Shen Jingbin smiled and patted National Treasure’s head. “Alright.”

Looting corpses was still Shen Jingbin’s job. She walked up to the Vermillion Bird’s corpse and knelt beside it. The corpse still held some residual warmth. When she came into contact with it, she found that its fur was extremely smooth and soft to the touch as she set about her task.

Shen Jingbin stood up after looting a weapon, several pieces of equipment, and an assortment of materials. She was about to ask I’m Not A Monster to exit the dungeon when a chime rang in her ear.

“There seems to be something in the Vermilion Bird’s chest. Try checking it again.”

What the f*ck? System, you’re being really considerate!

“Wait, don’t leave the dungeon just yet. It looks like there’s still something here,” Shen Jingbin suddenly shouted over to I’m Not A Monster.

“Hmm? What?” Everyone eyed her curiously.

Morning Glory Chime spoke up, “Elder Sister Nutty, have you found something again?” As she spoke, she jogged to Shen Jingbin’s side and squatted by her side. She then stretched out her hand and tried looting the Vermillion Bird’s corpse.

In general, the task of looting a corpse could be accomplished by a single person. Anyone who used their heads could see that Morning Glory Chime was trying to steal the limelight from Shen Jingbin. Even if the looted items would be ultimately be distributed to the party, it still wasn’t a pleasant sight.

Items dropped from BOSSes would automatically be transferred to the party’s inventory in dungeons. The party leader would then distribute the equipment to players who needed them, as long as there wasn’t any conflict of interest. If conflicts arose, members would roll for items they wanted.

Shen Jingbin glanced at Morning Glory Chime, but didn’t obstruct her. After all, the corpse didn’t belong to her alone. There was no reason for her to stop other people from looting it either.

After retracting her hand, Shen Jingbin eyed Morning Glory Chime coldly. She had noticed how Morning Glory Chime had glanced at her from the corner of her eye while she laid her hands on the Vermillion Bird’s corpse.

Morning Glory Chime wasn’t able to loot anything after fumbling around for a bit. She raised her head and said with a slightly embarrassed look on her face, “There’s nothing here. Elder Sister Nutty, it’s best if you do it.”

She obediently took one step back as she spoke and silently looked at Shen Jingbin.

Seeing her relent, Shen Jingbin didn’t stand on ceremony and stretched her hand straight towards the Vermillion Bird’s chest.

She heard the system’s notification the moment she came in contact with the Vermillion bird’s warm chest.

“Congratulations, you obtained the Vermillion Bird’s Blood.” Strangely, the item she acquired this time around didn’t enter the party’s inventory. Instead, it fell straight into her hands.

Vermillion Bird’s Blood? What kind of item is that?

An orange teardrop shaped crystal could be seen lying on her palm when Shen Jingbin withdrew her hand from the corpse.

Everyone immediately surrounded her.

“Eh, what’s this thing?” I’m Not A Monster asked.

“It looks like a drop of water,” I’m Really Not A Monster said as he reached out his hand to take it away.

Actually, I Am A Monster slapped his hand away and chided, “Don’t go around groping things!”

“Nutty, take a look at the description and see what it says,” I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me added.


“The Vermillion Bird’s Blood. This blood contains the remains of a species of Vermilion Bird that the Shinra Sect subdued. Players are requested to find out this item’s use on their own.”

What the f*ck!

“The system didn’t mention anything. It only asked players to find out about it on their own.”

Lingering White Clouds: “In that case, keep it safe and pay Hundred Daybreaks a visit tonight to see if he knows anything.”

Eternal Rest: “But Hundred Daybreaks’ whereabouts are unknown. And on top of that, he charges a fee for divulging information.”

Shen Jingbin: “He charges a fee? Then I’m not going anymore!”

Eternal Rest: “It’s worth it!”

National Treasures: “I recall Leader being pretty close to Hundred Daybreaks. You can ask him to help you contact Hundred Daybreaks later on.”

Shen Jingbin: “Alright!”

Morning Glory Chime interjected, “Are we just going to give this item to Elder Sister Nutty without rolling for it?”

Everyone turned to face her and she blushed, stammering a little as she continued, “This is a drop from the BOSS. It’s different from the Lava Herb because Elder Sister Nutty dug it up by herself. I think we should roll for this item.”

National Treasures: “We don’t need this item. It’s fine if we just give it to Nutty.”

“But… I want it too,” Morning Glory Chime said a little embarrassedly.

I Am A Monster, Dare To Hit Me: “What’re you going to use it for?”

Morning Glory Chime: “I think it’s rather beautiful. I want to embroider it onto my clothes when I Weave.”

There was a Life Skill called Weave in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>. Players who learned Weave could make fashionable clothes for themselves once their skill level was high enough. They could also embroider a few attractive, but ultimately useless, gems that they found onto their clothes for decoration.

Everyone was speechless.

Shen Jingbin suddenly laughed and said, “That probably won’t happen. The item has already been added into my inventory on its own.”

I’m Not A Monster quickly checked the party’s inventory when he heard this.

Sure enough, the Vermillion Bird’s Blood wasn’t present.

“It’s true, it really isn’t there.”

Morning Glory Chime had a look on her face that said she didn’t believe it. “How can that be? It’s clearly a BOSS drop item. How can it not be in the team rucksack? This is definitely a bug. I want to report this to the Game Master!”

Shen Jingbin eyed her indifferently and said, “Do you really want it that badly?”

Morning Glory Chime paused for a moment before she replied, “No, I just think that this isn’t fair.”

Everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion immediately declared, “No! We think it’s very fair!”

Morning Glory Chime: …

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