Chapter 80: Lava Herb (2)

Chapter 80: Lava Herb (2)

Before this, there was no mention at all of being able to find Lava Herb in a dungeon. The appearance of one now was definitely due to Shen Jingbin! After all, her Luck was ridiculously high!

However, regardless of what she truly thought, Morning Glory Chime still maintained an adorable expression on her face.

The party continued advancing towards the depths of Blood Soaked Hell.

As they continued walking, a messenger pigeon appeared out nowhere and landed on Shen Jingbin’s shoulder, instantly drawing everyone’s attention to it.

Shen Jingbin reached out and retrieved the letter from the pigeon’s beak. She opened the letter and found that it was from Quiet And Steadfast.

“Are you in a dungeon? Let me know when you’re out. I’ll come look for you and we can pay Poison Toad a visit.”


After replying, Shen Jingbin raised her head to find that everyone was staring at her. “What’s wrong?”

“Was that a letter from Leader?” Long Life asked.

Shen Jingbin nodded and all of a sudden Eternal Rest, along with the Four Monsters, started to celebrate.

“I knew it was from Leader. Both Nutty and Leader haven’t been online for several days. They definitely miss each other.”

“Bullshit! Isn’t looking for his little sister the first thing that siscon, Dawn, does whenever he logs in?! Why didn’t he follow his usual routine this time around?!” National Treasures retorted.

Shen Jingbin was at a bit of a loss, so she could only summon up her courage and cast Morning Glory Chime a glance. “What’re they talking about?”

“Oh, they were trying to guess who the letter was from when you were reading it. Sister Eternal Rest and the Four Monsters all guessed that it was from your Guild Leader. Brother Long Life, Sister National Treasures, and Sister White Clouds, guessed that it from your brother instead… Big Sister Nutty, you have a brother? Are you guys twins? Do you look alike?”

“I do have a brother. We aren’t twins, but we do look alike,” Shen Jingbin eyed the hint of mockery that was hidden under Morning Glory Chime’s facade as she maliciously replied.

The members of Jade Sea Pavillion who happened to overhear her broke out into laughter.

Pft! Congratulations, Dawn! You’ve just lost yourself a potential girlfriend!

They took quite a few stops along the way, but they finally reached the nest of the Vermillion Bird and Azure Luan.

At the end of the road peppered with Karmic Blaze Lotuses, there was an Ancient Heavenly Tree. The ancient tree had numerous branches filled with luxurious leaves. The enormous tree stood tall like a skyscraper and its branches extended so far along that, with its countless lush leaves, made the tree seem like a giant umbrella.

The Vermillion Bird and Azure Luan resided within the Ancient Heavenly Tree.

No one in the party dared to lower their guard against the BOSS of the third dungeon, regardless of how weakened it might be. The Four Monsters threw on all of their buffs, while National Treasures and Lingering White Clouds buffed the entire party. Long Life and Eternal Rest switched their equipment to ones that were specialized for Maras to use in dungeons.

“Morning Glory, Nutty, go all out. DPSing is very important for these two BOSSes. We might get wiped out if we don’t put out enough DPS.”

Shen Jingbin and Morning Glory Chime nodded in acknowledgement.

Although they were liches, each of the Four Monsters ran a different build. When it came to clearing dungeons, Actually, I’m A Monster, and I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me were slightly more suitable. Thus, both of them activated their invisibility and slowly crept up to the two BOSSes, while the other two functioned as support.

The Vermillion Bird and Azure Luan were both worthy of their titles as Divine Birds. Before Actually, I’m A Monster and I’m A Monster, Dare Hit Me managed to get close enough to strike, the birds simultaneously shrieked and took to the skies.

Two beams of light, one red and one blue, shot out from the treetop. Everyone’s expression remained stoic as they drew out their weapons and stood ready to fight.

Realizing their ambush had failed, the Four Monsters beat a hasty retreat back to the rest of the party. With the group back together, they stood as one as their hands moved blindingly fast, releasing wave after wave of skills at the two BOSSes in the sky.

The Vermillion Bird raised its head to the heavens and cried out after being hit by the barrage of skills. Seeing this, Actually, I’m A Monster yelled out, “Careful! The Vermillion Bird is summoning Karmic Blaze Lotuses!”

Upon hearing the words “Karmic Blaze Lotuses”, everybody’s faces grew even more serious and their skills flew out even faster.

Sure enough, several more Karmic Blaze Lotuses suddenly appeared around the party of ten after the Vermillion Bird cried out.

The flames of the dazzling Karmic Blaze Lotuses swayed about for a bit before they started to roam about, incinerating everything that they touched.

Everybody began to split their attention between the Karmic Blaze Lotuses that could close in on them at any moment, while also increasing the strength of their attacks.

The members of Jade Sea Pavilion were extremely skilled and dodged the Karmic Blaze Lotuses that came at them with ease. This was in stark contrast to Morning Glory Chime who cut a sorry figure.

The Azure Luan was first to fall, crying out in defeat as it fell into one of the Karmic Blaze Lotuses and turned to ash in the blink of an eye. The Vermillion Bird saw this from high above and let out an ear-piercing shriek.

“The Vermillion Bird is enraged, go all out!” Lingering White Clouds reminded everyone.

The next moment, the amount of Karmic Blaze Lotuses on the ground multiplied, raising the temperature of the dungeon.

When Shen Jingbin shot a glance at her party members, she realised that while they were covered in sweat, she didn’t feel the least bit hot.

Shen Jingbin suddenly had a flash of inspiration and pulled out the lava herb from her backpack. She then started to walk towards the closest of the karmic flames.

Sure enough, when she neared the karmic flames, the lava herb began to flash and the temperature of the area around her dropped.

Shen Jingbin placed the lava herb on the ground and shouted at the others, “Everybody, come to me!”

Even though they didn’t know what was going on, everybody cooperated and went to her side.

“It looks like this lava herb can protect us from the karmic flames.”

“What the f*ck?! Is this plaything really that amazing?!” I’m Not A Monster cursed out loud.

Seemingly to prove Shen Jingbin’s theory, a Karmic Blaze Lotus suddenly appeared in front of the group. And yet, even though the dazzling karmic flames drifted over them, none of them felt a single thing. So not only did none of them get incinerated by the flames, they didn’t even receive a single point of damage!

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