Chapter 8: Entering A Sect

Chapter 8: Entering A SectPeople who had unique appearances were always the center of attention wherever they went.

With the good fortune that Shen Jingbin’s face ushered in, Shen Jingchen was faced with an unprecedented amount of attention as he led Shen Jingbin over to the reception hall.

“Which sect are you planning to enter?” Standing at the entrance, Shen Jingchen surveyed the bustling reception hall before turning to ask her.  

Shen Jingbin replied without the slightest bit of hesitation, “White Cloud Temple.”

Having heard what she said, Shen Jingchen immediately wore an expression on his face that seemed to say “I knew it” as he looked at Shen Jingbin.

Shen Jingbin glared back at him before she walked past him and made her way towards White Cloud Temple’s reception hall.

Shen Jingchen couldn’t hold himself back any longer and a cold shiver ran through his body.

That expression of hers truly gave him a feeling of ecstasy.

As a Daoist temple, White Cloud Temple required its disciples to don its signature green Daoist robe. Although it looked a lot better than its real life counterpart, it was a little lacking when compared to the attire of the other sects.

This, coupled with the fact that their weapon was a horsetail whisk, meant that the average person had trouble coming to terms with swishing around what was basically a chicken feather duster in battle.

Because of this, the number of people who were willing to join White Cloud Temple was much less than the other sects.  

But the reason why she felt that White Cloud Temple wasn’t as popular as the other sects, was because it walked the path of crowd control-based support.

White Cloud Temple held a position of mediocrity in the game. In an era where everyone wanted to manifest their personality, being mediocre clearly wasn’t welcomed by the younger generation.

However, there are benefits to having less people as well.

Shen Jingbin silently queued at the back of the line. Her turn came a short while later.

“Young hero, are you planning to join White Cloud Temple? Please take out your wooden recommendation plaque.”

In accordance with the NPC’s instructions, Shen Jingbin took out the wooden plaque given by the Village Chief. When she handed it over, she heard the Daoist wearing a green robe exclaim with astonishment, “Eh, is this is a recommendation plaque personally made by senior Bai Hua!? Senior Bai Hua was the last disciple of the Swordmaster Pavilion’s founder, but he unfortunately disappeared during the great war between the Celestials and Demons. Swordmaster Pavilion and my White Cloud Temple have spent many years looking, but were unable to find any trace of him. However, today young hero has come with his wooden recommendation plaque in hand and likely bears news of him as well. Since this is a serious matter, can young hero wait here for a moment while I consult the temple for instructions before I give you an answer?”

Shen Jingbin gave an expressionless nod of her head, but inwardly she was in a daze after hearing what this Daoist said: The Village Chief had such an impressive background? If I’d known earlier I would’ve tried to curry favor with him!   

After leaving for a short while, the Daoist hurriedly returned with two elderly men in tow. The appearance of the two elderly men immediately caused the bustling reception hall to become even more lively.

“Look at White Cloud Temple’s side! The Sect Leaders from White Cloud Temple and Swordmaster Pavilion have both appeared!”

“What the hell? Is that a hidden quest?”

“What the f*ck, where did the attending disciple from my Demon race run off to! Why the hell did he run off after Sect Leaders from the other sects showed up! Does the Demon race even have any solidarity left!!”

“The Sect Leader from the Swordmaster Pavilion looks more handsome than the one from White Cloud temple!”

“These two are BOSS level existences amongst humans, is it alright for them to just run out like this?”

Shen Jingbin didn’t care for the chatter of the surrounding players. All of her attention was focused on the two elders in front of her. The slightly younger of the two urgently asked, “Young hero, might I ask where my disciple is now? This is a matter of grave importance, I hope young hero will be able to provide all the details.”

This elder was probably the Swordmaster Pavilion’s Sect Leader. Shen Jingbin looked at him and didn’t keep him in suspense, “This wooden recommendation plaque was given to me by the village elder of Evening Sun Village.”

“Evening Sun Village…” Upon hearing this, the Sect Leader from the Swordmaster Pavilion repeated its name, appearing as if he were deep in thought.

“Evening Sun Village...I’ve lived for so many years but never have I heard of this place before. Does young hero know what’s so special about this place?” White Cloud Temple’s Sect Leader asked.

Shen Jingbin was speechless: You’re an NPC but you haven’t heard of a novice village? Are you making fun of me?

“All I know is that Evening Sun village is a small village, I don’t know what’s so special about it. I only heard the Village Chief say that the dwarf-eared rabbit specific to that place possesses an important medicinal ingredient for healing his injury.” The NPCs still held the greatest position in the game. Even if Shen Jingbin’s heart held incomparable ridicule for them, she had no choice but to reply to them.

After she said that, the Sect Leader from the Swordmaster Pavilion who was deep in thought suddenly clapped his hands and exclaimed, “That’s right! I once read in an ancient bamboo strip that the dwarf-eared rabbit was a spirit beast of the Celestial race. The flesh and blood of the dwarf-eared rabbit is extremely effective in restoring one’s meridians. However, this rabbit isn’t commonly seen in the Celestial realm, let alone the Human Realm. On top of that, finding one is a matter of destiny and one’s good fortune. In that case, if I’m not wrong, this Evening Sun Village that young hero is talking about should be sitting on the border between the Human and the Celestial realm.”

White Cloud Temple’s Sect Leader smiled as he patted the shoulder of his Swordmaster Pavilion counterpart and said, “Bai Hua isn’t someone who’s short on fortune. Older brother, you can rest easy knowing where he is now. That child has always been proud and arrogant, the reason why he hasn’t contacted you after so long is probably because his injury still hasn’t healed and he’s not willing to show his face. Now, with young hero’s help, his return should be just around the corner.”  

The Sect Leader from the Swordmaster Pavilion laughed as he stroked his beard and said, “Thanks for your auspicious words. Young hero, I, Lu Yinzhou, owe you a debt of gratitude as thanks for finding my disciple. In the future, as long as whatever you need doesn’t go against the morality of the world, don’t hesitate to speak to me about it. I, Lu Yinzhou, will use the full extent of my ability to assist you.”

After saying that, he took a blue coloured jade ornament out from his waist and handed it over to Shen Jingbin. Upon seeing this, the surrounding players, especially the disciples from Swordmaster Pavilion, immediately felt as if a hundred claws were ripping at their hearts. Their tempers flared and they couldn’t help but curse out.

What the f*ck, that’s the crest of the Swordmaster Pavilion’s Sect Leader! How’d that ugly monster manage to luck out?!

“Does young hero plan on entering my White Cloud Temple?” However, Shen Jingbin’s good fortune clearly wasn’t limited to just this. Once she kept Lu Yinzhou’s jade ornament, White Cloud Temple’s Sect Leader looked at her with a face full of smiles and said, “During the great war between the Celestials and Demons, Bai Hua saved countless disciples from my temple. My White Cloud Temple also owes him a debt of gratitude. Since young hero is planning on joining my temple, then this old man taking young hero in can be considered as returning his kindness back then. What does young hero think about this?”

What does she think about it!? Do you even need to ask! Only an idiot wouldn’t accept!

The surrounding players unceasingly roared in their hearts.

Why didn’t they have such good luck!

Although Shen Jingbin didn’t know all that much about games, the reaction from the other players should've hinted at just how lucky she was this time around.

She nodded her head and the smile on the Sect Leader’s face grew even wider. He called over a disciple and instructed him to lead Shen Jingbin to the temple.

Shen Jingbin didn’t ask any questions either. She bid her farewells to Shen Jingchen and, under the scorching looks of condemnation from the other players, she left the reception hall with the Daoist disciple. However, what she didn’t know was that her experiences today had sparked a flurry of discussion within the game’s forums.

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