Chapter 79: Lava Herb (1)

Chapter 79: Lava Herb (1) 

Shen Jingbin reacted instantly and stepped to the side when she heard the warning. The next moment, a beautiful Karmic Blaze Lotus appeared where she had stood just a moment ago.

She heaved out a sigh of relief, before running back to the center of the party.

“There’s fire all over the place. Be careful and don’t get distracted, Nutty!” I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me said.

Shen Jingbin nodded her head in embarrassment and said, “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

Speaking of distractions, she suddenly thought of that beam of light that flashed by her from before. So, she subconsciously turned around and started surveying the area.

National Treasures noticed this and curiously asked, “Nutty, what’re you looking for?”

“Something flew by me just a moment ago.”

Suddenly, another flash of light swept past her again.

Shen Jingbin trained her eyes on the beam of light. Around seven to eight steps away from where she was, she saw a Karmic Blaze Lotus that was even more beautiful than the previous ones she’d seen. Something within its core seemed to be burning as flames pulsated from time to time and released crackling sounds.

“I’ll go over and take a look,” Shen Jingbin squinted and pointed to the Karmic Blaze Lotus as she spoke to the others.

“Be careful,” Lingering White Clouds reminded her, her heart filled with worry.

Shen Jingbin nodded at her and made her way towards the Karmic Blaze Lotus. Morning Glory Chime stood at the very edge of the party. Due to the distance, she wasn’t able to hear what Shen Jingbin said clearly. She only saw Shen Jingbin say something before she left the party by herself.

“Sister White Clouds, where is Sister Nutty going?” With the exception of a few of the guys within the party, only Lingering White Clouds treated her slightly better than the rest, so that was who she posed her question to.

“It looks like Nutty found something and is going over to take a look.”

“That’s dangerous! There’s karmic fire everywhere, what’ll we do if Nutty gets burned?!”

I’m Really Not A Monster reassured her when he heard her cry out. “Don’t worry, Nutty’s really lucky. She’ll be alright. Didn’t you see that the karmic fire ball didn’t burn Nutty?”

Morning Glory Chime’s performance in the Soul Locking Tower made the members of the Jade Sea Pavilion temporarily forget about her previous misdeeds. Of course, there were still some who felt that she was just another random player and weren’t willing to get too close to her. But in the end, after entering Blood Soaked Hell, everyone’s attitude towards her had seemingly returned to what it had been like initially.

When Shen Jingbin approached the unusual Karmic Blaze Lotus, it flashed several times and drifted over to the side. In its wake, a strange, sparkling crystalline herb appeared before her eyes.

Shen Jingbin crouched down and cautiously reached for the unusual herb.

When she came into contact with the tip of the crystalline herb, she heard the sound of the system notification ring out. “Congratulations, you have obtained a Lava Herb.”

After receiving the system notification, Shen Jingbin made sure the herb wasn’t dangerous before she grabbed it by its two roots and pulled it up.

“Lava Herb: Grown within the Karmic Blaze Lotus, it’s capable of resurrection and reshaping one’s physique into the Great Golden Luo physique. Ten year old herbs take on the properties of copper, hundred year old herbs are silvery, and thousand year old herbs are crystalline.” After checking the description of the crystalline herb, Shen Jingbin threw it into her backpack and returned to the party.

Members of the party with sharper eyes had obviously noticed her pulling something out of the ground, and curiously approached her when she returned.

“Nutty, what’d you pick up?” National Treasures asked.

“It looked like it was something that grew out of the Karmic Blaze Lotus. Quickly, show us what it is!” Eternal Rest chimed in.

Shen Jingbin went along with their request and pulled out the Lava Herb. This caused everybody to became stupefied as they stared at the sight of the sparkling crystalline herb.

“Nutty, I really wonder how you’ll fare in PK. This is the first time I’ve heard of someone digging up a herb in a dungeon,” I’m Not A Monster said.

“Same here. We should probably bring Nutty along for a round of PKing once we’re out of the dungeon,” I’m Really Not A Monster added on.

It was rare to see the “Definitely Not A Monster” pair stand on the same side.

Actually, I’m A Monster: “Add me in for PKing.”

I’m A Monster, Dare Hit Me: “Me too.”

Long Life: “I’m sorry wifey, but I can’t hold myself back any longer! Take me with you!”

Eternal Rest: “... Don’t say that. But truthfully… I wanna go too.”

Shen Jingbin: “What the f*ck? Calm down guys!”

Lingering White Clouds: “Don’t worry Nutty, I’ll heal you!”

At this moment, Morning Glory Chime suddenly spoke out, “Big Sister Nutty, can you give me this herb? I’m thinking of becoming an apothecary.”

Shen Jingbin glanced over at her. When she saw how sincere Morning Glory Chime looked as she stared at her, Shen Jingbin’s pockmarked face unexpectedly revealed a look of guilt. “Sorry, I can’t give you this herb, because I’m an apothecary too.”

Morning Glory Chime’s expression immediately drooped and revealed a look of disappointment. She then carefully shifted her gaze to the Four Monsters and cast her eyes downwards. “Oh, then forget about it.”

Shen Jingbin revealed a smile and unhurriedly returned the Lava Herb to her backpack under Morning Glory Chime’s resentful gaze.

Watching Shen Jingbin’s leisurely attitude incited Morning Glory Chime’s rage, causing her to grit her teeth and curse in her heart.

Damn it! This ugly monster was definitely doing it on purpose!

She refused to believe that Shen Jingbin also took up being an apothecary. She was certain that Shen Jingbin still bore a grudge over her being used as a shield and was merely using this as an excuse to prevent her from getting the herb!

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