Chapter 78: A Matter Of Life Or Death (2)

Chapter 78: A Matter Of Life Or Death (2) 

“That’s enough. Don’t cry, I’ve already said that I don’t mind.”

However, Morning Glory Chime still looked like she’d been wronged.

National Treasures couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Alright, don’t cry lil sis, Nutty herself said she doesn’t mind as well… Nutty, why don’t you go loot the corpse?”

It was only after someone else had chimed in, that Morning Glory Chime cheered up.

Shen Jingbin’s luck was just as prevalent as ever, and her looting attempt resulted in quite a few top quality items.

And with that, they completed the first dungeon. A system notification popped up in front of I’m Not A Monster, and he selected “yes”. Everyone’s vision blurred for a second and the next thing they knew, they were standing in front of the entrance to the second dungeon.  

The second dungeon, Soul Locking Tower, had two BOSSes in total. However, there were plenty of trash mobs within it. To top it off, these mobs were all casters and their spells hit really hard. Most of the players didn’t die by the hands of the dungeon’s BOSS, rather, they were done in by the mobs instead.

Before entering the dungeon, Eternal Rest tugged at Shen Jingbin and said, “I have this feeling that she holds some inexplicable hostility towards you. You should be a little more careful. We’ve already gone through the first dungeon, so it wouldn’t be nice if we kicked her.”

“No problem. I’ll just keep my distance from her.”

Probably because she knew that she’d gone a little overboard in the first dungeon, Morning Glory Chime was especially well behaved in the second one. Soul Locking Tower was a fair bit tougher than Sound Transmission Pavilion, but this increase in difficulty didn’t mean much to their party.

Just over forty minutes later, and the ten man party had completed Soul Locking Tower.

Shen Jingbin gave a sigh and said, “Am I lucky because I came here with you guys, or are these dungeons just that easy?”

I’m Not A Monster heard her lament and immediately spoke out, “It’s hard! These three dungeons are very difficult! We almost flipped our tables when we first entered them!”

“That’s right, that’s right. You don’t know it, but many of the initial wave of experts were done in by these dungeons!” I’m Really Not A Monster parroted.

Eternal Rest suddenly jumped into the conversation. “You guys are just bullying Nutty because she hasn’t been on for the past few days, right?”

Lingering White Clouds eyed Shen Jingbin who had a doubtful look on her face and said, “Due to the numerous people complaining about the dungeon’s difficulty, coupled with the fact that a party had already nabbed the first clear, the game company decided to lower the difficulty a little. Now, going through the dungeon isn’t as strenuous as before.”

The “Definitely Not A Monster” pair of the Four Monsters teared up. “Hmph, can’t you let us pretend to be heroes for a bit?”

The third dungeon was now open to the group. And thus, they entered the dungeon, holding hope in their hearts that they could finish as soon as possible so that everyone could go their own ways.

[Guild] Guild Leader Quiet And Steadfast has logged on.

[Guild] Vice-leader Dawn’s Twilight has logged on.

The moment they stepped into the dungeon, Shen Jingbin saw two notifications pop up in the guild chat.

[Guild] Big Buddhist Nun: Ooh, our Vice-leader logged on the moment Leader appeared. What kind of development is this?

[Guild] Little Monk: Let’s go fellow gays!

[Guild] Syrup Time: Let me give you guys a piece of bad news: Nutty might be watching.

[Guild] Big Buddhist Nun: F*ck! I wasn’t the one who said it just now! Nutty, I definitely wasn’t making fun of your husband or your big bro! I swear!

[Guild] Little Monk: Neither was I!

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: ??? What’s going on?

Shen Jingbin suddenly heard Morning Glory Chime call out to her while she was staring at the chat. “Big sis, we’re starting!”

When she came around, Shen Jingbin jogged over to the rest of the group and marched forwards with them.

The third dungeon, Blood Soaked Hell, was leagues ahead of the other two in terms of difficulty. The bloodiness of this dungeon’s surroundings completely eclipsed the other two as well.

A narrow wooden bridge was suspended over a bubbling pool of lava. The red hot bubbling lava beneath them was reminiscent of a pool of blood, giving others the shivers the moment they looked at it. Shen Jingbin was overjoyed by the fact that she wasn’t afraid of heights, otherwise, her legs might have already turned to jelly.

After crossing the wooden bridge, the party was faced with a narrow and winding road. A ball of fire could be seen moving a few meters away from the meandering road. This was the legendary Karmic Blaze Lotus; anything it touched would be burned to a crisp in an instant.

The BOSSes of Blood Soaked Hell were two enormous birds. The game’s administrators introduced them as the legendary Vermilion Bird and Azure Luan.

Vermilion Bird? She wasn’t sure whether this creature had anything to do with the Divine Beast, Vermilion Bird, that she was supposed to look for.

The hardest part about Blood Soaked Hell was that the Karmic Blaze Lotus could appear anywhere within the dungeon. Players not only had to give their all when fighting the Vermilion Bird and Azure Luan; both of which boasted high attacks, they also had to look out for the Karmic Blaze Lotus which could respawn at their feet at any time.

Apart from the Karmic Blaze Lotus, there were no other monsters in Blood Soaked Hell. Due to the presence of the Karmic Blaze Lotus, there wasn’t even a blade of grass on the narrow winding road they walked on, giving it a feeling of desolation.

Shen Jingbin was rendered speechless when she laid eyes on the dungeon. While advancing with the group, she looked around and sized the dungeon up.

Suddenly, something flashed past her and she unconsciously shut her eyes.

In that moment, she heard a cry of alarm. “Look out Nutty!”

The Karmic Blaze Lotus had suddenly spawned at her feet.

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