Chapter 77: A Matter Of Life Or Death (1)

Chapter 77: A Matter Of Life Or Death (1)As the three Demonic Sect dungeons were newly released, the development team included top quality weapons into the dungeon’s drop list to attract players. The Spiritual Fan dropped by the BOSS was a top quality refined weapon. Although National Treasures and Lingering White Clouds coveted it, the weapons they had were still slightly better. So, the two of the didn’t fight with Morning Glory Chime over possession of the Spiritual Fan and magnanimously gave it to her.

As for the Reverse Sword, the henpecked husband, Long Life, would naturally hand it over to his wife without a second thought.

Although the refined stats on Eternal Rest’s former sword were good, it’s original stats were a little lacking when compared to the Reverse Sword. Eternal Rest was so happy with her new weapon that she embraced Shen Jingbin and wanted to kiss her.

Of course, they didn’t actually kiss.

“Nutty really is our mascot!” I’m Really Not A Monster gripped his chin and sighed.

Everyone in Jade Sea Pavilion nodded their heads. “We’ll stick around you in the future, Nutty!”

“That’s right, stick with me. I’ll lead you guys to the summit of life!” Shen Jingbin said.

However, Morning Glory Chime, who’d received the guild’s favor in the form of her new weapon, was feeling a little unhappy. Pouting, she mumbled to herself, “Isn’t it just two weapons? What’s there to be so arrogant about. I on the other hand managed to pull out a fragment of Pangu’s Stone.”

After joining the game due to her looking like X Bingbing, being able to act coquettishly, as well as knowing how to get on the good side of others, Morning Glory Chime was always treated as if she was a precious treasure. She was used to having the world revolve around her. And now, she felt unhappy after her limelight was taken away by an ugly monster.   

No one knew about these schemes in her heart, but even if they did, no one would be willing to pay her any mind. After all, she was only someone they happened to pick up. At best, they’d treat her a little better because of her good looks.

Once they were done distributing the items, the ten man party set off once again and made their way towards the third floor.

The third floor was the final checkpoint for Sound Transmission Pavilion, and the floor BOSS was a nine-tailed fox. Its attack and defence were average, but it possessed many crowd control skills. Practically every single one of the BOSS’s skills came with some form of negative side effect, putting it on the same level as a Daoist.

As the nine-tailed fox’s attack wasn’t high, there was no need for Shen Jingbin and Morning Glory Chime to hide. Alongside her party, Shen Jingbin maintained a DPS on the nine-tailed fox while she sized it up.

In truth, this nine-tailed fox looked beautiful. Its pelt had a watery sheen and its nine thick tails swayed about recklessly in the air, giving it an especially imposing presence. A black vein could be seen running across its forehead, adding a touch of evil to its divine appearance.

One had to know that the nine-tailed fox was a divine creature in the eyes of the ancestors.

The nine-tailed fox’s vitality was represented by the number of tails it had left. As its health decreased, the number of tails it had would gradually decrease till it was left with only one tail.

As the BOSS of the third floor, the nine-tailed fox would naturally be better in some aspects than the other two BOSSes. Those who had entered Sound Transmission Pavilion before, all knew that two small foxes would split off from the nine-tailed fox once it was left with a single tail. These two small foxes would self-destruct, and their self-destruct timers were randomised. They could either explode at different times, or at the same time.

Regardless of how high a player’s levels and health were, or how good their equipment was, death was assured if they were caught in the blast radius. When the dungeon was first released, countless experts were done in by the explosions caused by these two small foxes.

When the two small foxes appeared, I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me shouted out, “Spread out! Nutty, make sure the foxes don’t get close to you. They’ll self-destruct!”  

Everyone heard what he said and leapt into action, scattering in all directions just a moment later.

Once the small foxes appeared, the nine-tailed fox would randomly target players. However, as it was nearing death, it wasn’t all that quick. Players would be able to dodge its attacks as long as they were alert.

However, no one would’ve expected the nine-tailed fox’s very first target to be the player who stood a distance away from the BOSS, Morning Glory Chime. With a twist of its body, the nine-tailed fox turned around and pounced towards her.

After I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me’s warning, all of Morning Glory Chime’s attention was focused on the small foxes. She was someone who’d been to Sound Transmission Pavilion before, so she naturally knew about the destructive prowess of the small foxes. Seeing the nine-tailed fox unexpectedly leap towards her, she cried out and dragged Shen Jingbin who was nearby to use as a shield.  

Shen Jingbin didn’t expect her to be so strong, so she was caught completely off guard and dragged over by her.

As the nine-tailed fox’s claws were about to reach her chest, Shen Jingbin struggled with all her might and broke free of Morning Glory Chime’s clutches. Shen Jingbin then fell to her knees and slid forward, appearing under the the nine-tailed fox’s belly in the blink of an eye. Gripping the tip of her horsetail whisk she pointed its handle at the nine-tailed fox’s belly, before she then viciously thrust upwards and stabbed at it.


A blood-curdling scream could be heard as the nine-tailed fox landed on the ground with a bang.

As it fell, it’s front claws scratched against Morning Glory Chime’s back, causing her face to pale.

The moment the nine-tailed fox hit the ground, the two small foxes issued a shriek and exploded.

Once the dust settled, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion hurried over to help Shen Jingbin, dragging her out from under the corpse of the nine-tailed fox that she was being crushed by.

The nine-tailed fox looked beautiful, but in reality, it was extremely heavy; being crushed by its corpse had led to Shen Jingbin losing a large amount of health. The moment they pulled her out, Lingering White Clouds took the opportunity to toss some healing spells her way.

“Nutty, are you alright?!” National Treasures and Eternal Rest anxiously asked.

Shen Jingbin managed to stand up with the help of the others and wiped her face. Luckily for her, the game’s developers had taken the tolerance levels of players into consideration and there had been no spurting of blood when she stabbed the nine-tailed fox. Things would have been a lot different for her if that wasn’t the case. “I’m alright. I’m just feeling a little breathless due to being crushed.”

Long Life sighed in admiration. “Nutty, you looked so cool just now! You reacted so quickly that you could even give Leader a run for his money!”

“It’s nothing much, I just did it without thinking,” Shen Jingbin said as she patted her chest that was still feeling a little suffocated.

I’m Not A Monster was also stunned by her breathtaking performance. “Nutty! Nutty! Can you teach me that move of yours when we’re done?!”

National Treasures shot him a disdainful look. “With your IQ, you wouldn’t be able to understand even if she did try to teach you.”

“Hmph, I’m going to learn it!”

At this moment, Morning Glory Chime shifted her pale, beautiful face and glanced miserably at Shen Jingbin. Looking as if she was wronged and on the verge of crying, she said, “I’m sorry big sis! I didn’t mean to do it just now… I… I just panicked and pulled you over.”

Seeing as how she kept beating herself up, Shen Jingbin felt that it’d be too inhuman for her to continue picking a fight with her over the incident. Feeling a little annoyed, Shen Jingbin waved her hand and said, “I don’t mind. Just stand a little further from me next time.”

She wasn’t the Virgin Mary. She wasn’t going to shine the light of god down on Morning Glory Chime and console her after what she had done.

“Big sis are you angry with me? I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose. Look, I’m injured as well, so please forgive me!” Shen Jingbin’s cold reply caused Morning Glory Chime’s eyes to fog up.

Shen Jingbin couldn’t stand girls who cried the most, and was left feeling helpless the moment Morning Glory Chime started to cry.

Girl, I’m the one getting screwed here. Why the hell are you crying?!

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