Chapter 76: Sound Transmission Pavilion (2)

Chapter 76: Sound Transmission Pavilion (2) 

Shen Jingbin still wasn’t able to use Pangu’s Stone, so she passed on it. Thus, it fell into the hands of the person with the highest roll, and the group continued on towards the second floor.

Along the way, Lingering White Clouds gave Morning Glory Chime a small compliment. “Looks like you’re pretty lucky lil sis.”

“Ah, I’m not that lucky. This was my first time getting a fragment of Pangu’s Stone from looting a corpse. This must be a sign that I’m fated to be with you guys,” Morning Glory Chime was clearly someone who knew how to butter others up. She’d been praising all the notable figures within the party ever since she joined.

However, Eternal Rest didn’t fancy this sort of person. Hearing Morning Glory Chime incessantly going around and referring to everyone as “older brother and sister” irked her. “How old are you, lil sis? Haven’t you ever thought about what might happen if you turned out to be older than one of us?”

A look of embarrassment floated up onto Morning Glory Chime’s face. She turned to the guys of the party, Long Life and the Four Monsters, before giving them a pair of puppy dog eyes.

Long Life always went along with his wife’s views. So when Morning Glory Chime cast her gaze at him, he immediately tilted his head to the side and pretended not to have seen her.

Although the “Definitely Not A Monster” duo of the Four Monsters liked beautiful women, they wouldn’t stupidly stick their heads out for a girl they’d just met. The other two of the Four Monsters were clearly a cut above in IQ than their counterparts, so there was even less reason for them to stick up for her.

And just like that, the guys in the party chose to ignore Morning Glory Chime’s plight.

“Lalalala, look the scenery here is pretty good!”

“Yup yup, I wonder why I didn’t notice it before.”

“Are the two of you blind? The f*ck is there to look at down here?”

“...You’re really an idiot.”

Seeing as no one was willing to stick up for her, Morning Glory Chime withdrew her sorrowful gaze and said, “Sigh, that’s because I’m only a first year university student… and I felt that you guys were lot more awesome than I am, so you should be more talented than me too. I won’t call you guys “older brothers and sisters” any more if you dislike it…” She almost looked as if she was about to cry after saying that.

Shen Jingbin was truly astonished by her display. She really deserved the best actress award!

Truth be told, she might have even felt sorry for her if she hadn’t seen how rude and unreasonable Morning Glory Chime was in real life.

Eternal Rest was actually a nice person. On top of that, she wasn’t intentionally trying to make things difficult for Morning Glory Chime either. She just wasn’t used to people who tried to curry favor with others. Seeing her cry, Eternal Rest abashedly said, “I wasn’t trying to make things difficult for you. Don’t cry, I was only asking.”

“Sniff. I know you weren’t trying to make things difficult for me, big sis… I just felt that I being thoughtless… so I... so I…”

Tsk tsk tsk, she was running out of things to say.

“Alright, we’re at the second floor. Let’s get ready to hunt,” I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me suddenly announced.

Morning Glory Chime immediately retracted that wronged look of hers and pulled out a fan. She then added, “Big brothers and sisters, you guys can take care of the monsters. I’ll look after Nutjob.”

Her face had “I’m totally fine. You guys don’t need to worry about me” written all over it, as if she was trying to put up a strong front. Eternal Rest suddenly felt that it’d be a huge waste if this girl didn’t take up acting.

What the f*ck, she’s amazingly talented!

The BOSS of Sound Transmission Pavilion’s second floor was a gigantic bat that used sound waves to attack them from a distance.

This time around, Shen Jingbin and Morning Glory Chime would be affected no matter how far away they stood from the battle. To remain alive, the party would have to assign a healer to them. Luckily, Morning Glory Chime volunteered to shoulder this heavy burden.

She wanted to support the Four Monsters, however, the small amount of healing that she could do clearly wasn’t enough. But, it was enough to keep Shen Jingbin alive.

The bat monster wasn’t all that difficult to beat. What made the fight challenging was its long distance attacks. So, their party went all out against the BOSS and brought it down to the ground with a loud “bang” a short while later.

Morning Glory Chime was completely blown away by Jade Sea Pavilion’s efficiency. While they were taking the time to heal, she quietly said to Shen Jingbin, “Hey, your friends are really amazing! The last time I came here, it took my guild a long time before we were finally able to beat it down.”

In <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, players weren’t able to tell which guild others were from, and aside from the occasional system announcements that mentioned them, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion kept a rather low profile. In addition, they rarely revealed themselves in public, which led to not many people knowing what they looked like. Take for instance the person beside Shen Jingbin who only knew about “this and that” of Jade Sea Pavilion, but had no concrete information on who its members were.

This was why Morning Glory Chime only knew that these people were experts, but didn’t know that they were actually the cream of the crop.

Of course, Shen Jingbin was no such expert.

“Mm, they’re pretty good,” Shen Jingbin replied.

“Do you know them in real life?”

Shen Jingbin was about to reply when National Treasures called out to her. “Nutty, come over and loot the corpse!”

“Okay,” Shen Jingbin then turned to Morning Glory Chime and said, “I’ll head out first to loot the corpse.”

“Tch, what the hell. They themselves know how lucky I am, so why did they let that ugly monster do the looting instead of me?” Morning Glory Chime indignantly muttered to herself.

The proof was in the pudding, and Shen Jingbin’s luck was laughably good.

There was a very low chance for weapons to drop in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>. In most cases, only one weapon would drop, while the rest of the drops either be defensive items or equipment.

However, Shen Jingbin managed to pull out two weapons the moment she touched the corpse, pulling out a Reverse Sword for Maras, and a Spiritual Fan for Nymphs. Most amazing of all, was the fact that the Spiritual Fan had all of its stat slots filled!

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