Chapter 75: Sound Transmission Pavilion (1)

Chapter 75: Sound Transmission Pavilion (1) Morning Glory Chime being able to remember her was pretty amazing.

“Do you know our Nutty?” Morning Glory Chime’s reaction surprised the members of Jade Sea Pavilion. I’m Not A Monster eyed the two of them suspiciously. He never expected Nutty to know a beauty like Morning Glory Chime.

“I met her when I first entered the game. I have a pretty deep impression of her,” Morning Glory Chime explained.

“I have a pretty deep impression of you too,” Shen Jingbin quietly said to herself.

Being the idiot that he was, the moment he heard they knew each other, I’m Not A Monster immediately waved his hand and said, “That makes things easy since you guys know each other. Just ride your mount and follow us closely from behind, lil sis. Let us handle everything.”  

Shen Jingbin eyed him disdainfully. You’re an idiot!

Morning Glory Chime had a look of confusion on her face. “Are you sure I can just slack off?”

“No problem, no problem. Don’t mind all these things since everyone knows one another,” I’m Really Not A Monster assured her.

Shen Jingbin felt like she was about to blow her top: I only said I met her before! How the hell did it suddenly turn into me knowing her!? Can you not lose your minds whenever you see a pretty lady?! And, I didn’t say anything about knowing her!!!

Luckily for her, Actually, I Am A Monster, and I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me, weren’t befuddled by the beauty in front of them. Actually, I Am A Monster indifferently swept a glance at Morning Glory Chime and said, “Let’s go, it’s time to hunt.”

The levels of monsters within the three Demonic Sect dungeons were based on the average level of the party. Shen Jingbin and Morning Glory Chime were both just over level 80. With the two of them present, the difficulty of the dungeon was greatly reduced.

Sound Transmission Pavilion had three floors in total. The BOSS of the first floor was a married couple. The husband was originally a disciple of Swordmaster Pavilion, while his wife was a disciple of Dragonkin Tower. However, the two of them became followers of the Demonic Sect after they were exposed to its influence.

After joining the Demonic Sect, the attack and defence stats of the husband and wife pair were leagues apart from regular disciples of their former respective sects. This was especially so for the wife. When her husband’s health dropped below 20%, she would go berserk and release her ultimate attack. A Dragonkins’ ultimate attack already did a horrifying amount of damage before they were tainted by the Demonic Sect, so if players weren’t careful, they could be wiped out in an instant.

And, death was a very troublesome affair in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>.

Shen Jingbin and Morning Glory Chime had to be protected by the group, so the two of them did their best to stand at the edge of the BOSS’ attack range. That way, they’d still get the contribution for killing the BOSS, and they’d be able to escape from the BOSS’ attack range.

National Treasures and Lingering White Clouds were both excellent healers, and their coordination was first-rate. Although fighting two BOSSes posed a challenge, the health levels of the main tank and DPSers within the party remained stable.

As Dragonkins were casters, they possessed very little defence. Even this BOSS, with her relatively higher defence, was still just as brittle when compared to a Swordmaster. However, due to their setting as husband and wife, the two of them held a “shared life” ability, where the Swordmaster could share his health with the Dragonkin, forcing players to eliminate the Swordmaster first.

When the Four Monsters lowered the Swordmaster’s health to 21%, they allowed the husband and wife pair of Long Life and Eternal Rest to draw aggro, and turned to focus on the Dragonkin. National Treasures’ healing abilities were slightly stronger than Lingering White Clouds’, so she was in charge of taking care of the Four Monsters, while Lingering White Clouds took charge of healing Long Life and Eternal Rest.

Under their skillful coordination, the Swordmaster and Dragonkin were both taken down.

“Whoa, you guy’s are awesome!” Once the BOSSes were defeated, Morning Glory Chime brought her hands together and walked towards the Four Monsters, her bright and intelligent eyes filled with adoration.

The “Definitely Not A Monster” duo of the Four Monsters suddenly felt as if they were on cloud nine, causing the rest of the guild’s members to eye them with disdain.

“So who’s gonna loot the body?” Eternal Rest asked.

Looting required skill; those who were lucky would be able to get lots of good stuff. Take for instance the items Shen Jingbin managed to get from Landlord Yang last time. On the other hand, those who who were unlucky would end up with all sorts of weird things instead, like the belly band for a Dragonkin that I’m Not A Monster looted last time.

Once she said this, everyone apart from Morning Glory Chime turned to face Shen Jingbin as one.

Everyone’s collective gaze caused Morning Glory Chime, who was standing beside Shen Jingbin, to blush. Before Shen Jingbin could react, Morning Glory Chime walked over to the BOSS’ corpse and bashfully said, “Oh my, you guys want to let me loot the corpse? How could I possibly claim such an honor? That being said though, everyone please don’t blame me if I get unlucky!”

What the f*ck! Let go! No one’s letting you loot the corpse!” Everyone in Jade Sea pavilion cried out in their hearts. Unfortunately for them, they were far too late.

“Oh, I got a fragment of Pangu’s Stone!” Morning Glory Chime cried out happily the moment she touched the corpse.

To lure players into entering the three Demonic Sect dungeons, the game’s developers gave the BOSSes a very attractive loot table. Apart from some equipment with very good stats and Life Skill materials, they also dropped fragments of Pangu’s Stone.

Pangu’s Stone was an item used for refining equipment in <<Legend of Celestials and Demons>> that were only dropped by world BOSSes. To top it off, they had a very low drop rate. Aside from complete Pangu’s Stones, there was the fragmented version that was dropped by very few dungeon BOSSes within the game. Ten of these fragments could be exchanged for a complete Pangu’s Stone. However, their drop rates were abysmally low.

Looks like Morning Glory Chime was blessed with better luck as well.

In addition to the fragment of Pangu’s Stone, she managed to pull out a horsetail whisk with pretty good stats, and several materials for Life Skills. As Shen Jingbin was the only Daoist in the party, the whisk naturally went to her. However, she could see the glint of displeasure in Morning Glory Chime’s eyes when she received it.

Shen Jingbin is innocent. What’re you staring at me for, lil sis? Besides, you don’t even use whisks!

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